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Thread: Long overdue rant: I hate modern technology and appliances

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    Default Re: Long overdue rant: I hate modern technology and appliances

    Quote Posted by Valerie Villars (here)

    My dream car is an old mustang from the sixties.
    I "sort of" had that with the "almost" wife. She had the prototype, it was a 64 1/2. Wherever we went, someone tried to get the girl and the car.

    It was fun except one time, on the highway to the first Lollapalooza, it lost a spring that pulls the throttle back down. So when you released the gas pedal, it kept going full speed. We had to downshift and cut it off. Then I gave up almost a whole paycheck getting it towed back to what the tower called "land of the dinosaurs".

    Old cars had plenty of problems, but could be fixed with a small spring instead of a computer.

    The mod I would do is a Brown's Gas generator, around $40 worth of junk to increase gas mileage considerably. It won't work on a computerized vehicle without a diode array to tell the oxygen sensors to shut up.

    The original Ford Mustang was the P-51 fighter, which was a clod. One friend I knew who put Brown's Gas in a car also told me about how they fixed the Mustang: adding water to the fuel intake. This boosts acceleration and tightens the turning radius and made them able to defeat the Mitsubishi Zero. That's how the U. S. achieved Pacific air supremacy in World War Two. Water.

    You can do great things for an engine simply by pouring water in the carburetor, but if it does not have this, you can't. Remember, we don't have this because the E. P. A. thought computerized injection would "save a little gas".

    Internal combustion as originally designed by Daimler ran on Brown's Gas. Since this leaves us without any need for an oil well, it's a no-go. Then, General Motors destroyed the American trolley system, to force you to buy a car, which was forced to run on gasoline. The whole thing is on purpose, more dependence and servitude, and, add insurance. Considering Detroit and the off-shoring of companies to shelters like Isle of Man, I don't think they've come up with a working plan yet.

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