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Thread: The seven Stages of Life (and Ages of Soul) Archetypes

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    Thumbs up The seven Stages of Life (and Ages of Soul) Archetypes

    I have to recognize that this article is very good and well done. The Shakespeare's poem (bellow) values this work, but I suspect the root source of content is a well-knowned channeling book called "Archetypes of the Soul" by V.Hasselmann, a great book, where one of the seven elements that compose a Soul (from 7 x 7 Matrix Archetypes), its the Age of Soul.

    If you think about symbolic analogies between micro and macro cosmos, the Human Life and the Soul Life match this hermetic conceptualization, and so, follow the link to The Seven Stages of Life

    I think the use of " Monada " as name for the stages, don't sounds me good, and I prefer use Archetype, but the name of the Stage (or Age) doesn't matter to understand the processes.
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    Default Re: The seven Stages of Life (and Ages of Soul) Archetypes

    Thanks for this Rogparan.
    The Michael Teachings are extremely useful.
    I especially like the "original" writings, by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro.


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