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Thread: Chase Kloetzke on UFOs

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    Default Chase Kloetzke on UFOs

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    Default Re: Chase Kloetzke on UFOs

    “who exactly are they and what do they want”?

    I suspect that the answer are well knowed, and the problem its broke the whole paradigm, that the powerful people created for themselves don't lose their power, and so, if this currently paradigm be broken, they dont know how much will they lose. For example, they will lose the position of power ones, because will be clear that they are controled ones too, like everyone else are.

    The difference between their currency power and wealth is irrelevant under the new paradigm that humanity (at least in part) deserves and Will entitled, if not consent to surrender the new kind of wealth in the hands of this few powered, whom don't want to evolve for the new paradigm, because the life as it they are currently living, is very good and generous to them, their friends and their families, but absolutely not to everyone else.

    Then, I look for this questions and see a politically correct asking, which although correct, does not answer or commit to the cause of the question. Besides, I'm already tired of knowing the answer for both questions. I don't want to write a book here, because objectively, the answers has no limit to be achieved only using concrete words to explain everything. It's complicated ..

    I will write the answers that I guess everyone knows as simply as possible, and that way, I assume they will be answered every time the same questions are asked:

    who exactly are they?" -- they are us in the future

    "what do they want?" -- they want to warn (and maybe change) our decision to accept having an owner who doesn't want to evolve as much as we want.

    This decision can compromises everything we are and everything we came here to do, ie, compromises the Future of this humanity, in a Evolutionary Cosmic Point of View.

    As long as this decision isn't consolidated, pirates and predators will loot everything they can from this planet. This is also a good deal, until the new paradigm break free.

    I hope this thread develop a good and long discussion, because if it doesn't happen here, it will start in another subject, more soon or more later.
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    Default Re: Chase Kloetzke on UFOs

    This person, it appears, does not have English as his or her first language and deserves thanks for the effort at attempting to tackle such a difficult subject. The idea that those holding the reigns of power are from our distant future has been expressed elsewhere as being the Greys. Whoever they are pulling our strings, it is clear our system of election and control through payoffs is highly unsatisfactory and a further addition to the system is required to deeply involve the voters, the people, in the knowledge and control of the everyday running of the various government levels. We are presently under the pyramid system which snatches power from the people; and it is easy to pay off those higher in the pyramid to do the will of those above, leaving those below as slaves with neither knowledge of civics nor control of anything.

    Even English has been seriously distorted by confusing the Subject with the Object, ending sentences with prepositions, and many other horrible mistakes such as using the word TO in place of TOO. This makes it almost impossible to learn another language as one must first master the grammar of English in order to compare it with that of the other language. In addition, communication is seriously hampered by removing touch typing access from computer systems by substituting poorly placed keyboards, touch screens and eventually nothing with which to express and defend yourself. The spoken word cannot replace the written word, starting with the law and other requirements of academia. This is all part of the Dumbing Down of America and elsewhere.

    The Elite employ brilliant, academically trained minds to plot our demise in Think Tanks. What chance do poor, uninformed, doped-up folks have? These people have no skills with which to hold a job. They are imprisoned in a hand-to-mouth economic existence which does not allow them to save for anything, certainly not retirement; and the thieving setup of the banking system progressively robs them through yearly inflation which is now accelerating faster than anyone's earning power to catch up with it. The result is slowing the economy to a halt called stagflation in which the cost of the barest necessities plus the maximum allowable debt repayments for things like cars to get to work and mortgages or rents for accommodation max out any continuation.

    Eventually, even with the most draconian methods employed by the bankers against the people, the whole system crashes. Therefore, they have arrived at putting mind controlling implants into the human body and employing satellite monitoring, mind control and even death rays to force humans to work as slaves and/or to kill them from above when they have outlived their usefulness to these elite or greys. Hence, we have 5G and its sisters about to be rolled out on us. Kiss your loved ones goodbye and prepare to die.
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    Default Re: Chase Kloetzke on UFOs

    amor, quite chilling assessment, cannot say I disagree with you. as for us from the future visiting us? , hey I don't know, but seems there would be a more efficient way to set our course straight, if we from the future wanted to do so.

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    Default Re: Chase Kloetzke on UFOs

    Maybe they are us from the future because they sure aren’t very organized at getting their point across!

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