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Thread: Richard Dolan & Grant Cameron discussion

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    Default Richard Dolan & Grant Cameron discussion

    Published on Aug 11, 2019

    Manchester Awakening Conference -
    This is an unedited, off the cuff discussion about the Tom Wilson leaked documents and the Alien Autopsy documents between Richard Dolan and Grant Cameron at the Manchester Awakening UFO conference July 2019.
    Kit Green's response, Hal Puthoff, Colm Kelleher, Eric Davis, John Alexander... TTSA, Edgar Mitchell
    "not made by man, not by human hands"
    T. Scott Crain, Richard Doty, Aviary, Bill Moore, John Burroughs, Jim Semivan, Tom Delonge, the Advanced Theoretical Physics Group/UFO working Group, mj-12, Stanton Friedman, Ron Blackburn, Chris Mellon, Luis Elizondo, UNIDENTIFIED Tv show.
    Grant's new book: The Alien Documents - out soon!
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