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Thread: Your Most Meaningful Movies/Short Films/Documentaries/YouTube Videos?

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    Default Re: Your Most Meaningful Movies/Short Films/Documentaries/YouTube Videos?

    I tried to watch at least a little bit of all that's been posted!

    Star Mariner - JFK to 911This was really cool! I love conspiracies and this was full of it. It was super interesting and one I plan on finishing.

    Franny - How Big Oil... I only began to watch the first one but it had me hooked. I had numerous real life events distract me but I kept coming back to it. It drops some well known names I never knew the connections. Very informative, and another one I plan on going back to finish! (Along with the second one you posted!)

    Cara - The Spider's Web This one went a bit past me. I don't think I understood the subject matter fully, which made it a bit difficult to engage. But I'd love to give it another try and feel like a truly dumb American for not getting it the first go around.

    Strat - Amongst White Clouds Thank you for posting this! I'm at an especially tumultuous time in my life, and that documentary reminded me to relax, take it slow, breath and meditate. All of those are so important and I let myself forget. Thank you again for reminding me.

    Kotch - Mark Zuckerberg and Yuval Noah Harari This mostly went over my head. I tried to pay attention but my eyes glazed over. I think that compliments you for being smart enough to keep up, while I just fell behind. What I did grasp I found super interesting and do agree with you about. I had some recommend videos by Yuval pop-up that I would like to check out.

    rogparan - Nature's Great Events Nature movies are especially meaningful to me because I used to take LSD and watch them all of the time. They are still so beautiful and amazing while not high as well.

    Star Mariner - Conspiracy Crimes of the Illuminati This is my introduction to David Icke. I have seen his name around countless times, but have never really dove that deep into him. He's very knowledgeable and often hilarious. I am eager to continue to watch this.

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