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Thread: The War on Amazon - Farc's leader annouces resumption of arms in Colombia

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    Exclamation The War on Amazon - Farc's leader annouces resumption of arms in Colombia

    Iván Márquez, former second FARC leader, released video this morning:

    We announce to the world that the second Marquetalia began, "says Marquez, in the video, referring to the place where the FARC was born in 1964. He adds that the group was not ideologically defeated," so the fight goes on. History will record in its pages that we were forced to take back the weapons.

    The former guerrilla leader said disarmament was in vain "for nothing" as the state would not have fulfilled its part of the agreement to protect the former guerrillas - there are already over 150 murdered by guerrilla enemies ever since.

    Marquez also announced that contacts and talks are being held with the ELN (National Liberation Army), which is still active and committing attacks, to act together in some operations.

    Dictator Nicolás Maduro has welcomed these fighters, as well as members of the ELN, with whom current Colombian President Iván Duque has suspended peace talks.

    Colombian authorities located the point where the video was recorded: the Inirida River region, in the Amazon region of Colombia, near the borders with Venezuela and Brazil.

    Folha de São Paulo (portuguese)
    El País (spanish)


    What can happen with the FARC's return to armed struggle?

    “The return of the FARC implies that they will enter territories that were recently occupied by dozens of criminal groups. The FARC will then have to make deals with them or liquidate them, which should trigger a bloody struggle for the territory with serious consequences for rural, indigenous and black communities, ”says sociologist Ricardo Meza.



    One-third of FARC members have taken up arms after peace deal, report says

    About a third of fighters from the former rebel group Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) took up arms again after the 2016 peace deal, posing a growing security risk to the Andean country, according to a confidential military intelligence report seen by Reuters.

    The report said there were 31 FARC dissident groups operating in coca-growing regions - the raw material of cocaine - and in areas of illegal gold mining. Colombia is the world's largest cocaine producer.

    If you look at where these organized armed groups are or where they came from, it's associated with crime: where there is a large presence of drug trafficking or illegal mining, or in border areas, especially near Venezuela, "said Gen. Luis Fernando Navarro, commander of the Colombian military forces.
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