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Thread: How to (un)trap a soul

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    Default Re: How to (un)trap a soul

    Quote Posted by Michi (here)

    Isn't btw. 5G and AI and VR not a contemporary effective method to lock down a spiritual being?

    One of the things I stumbled across for myself has to do with one's own attention. A "static type being", namely ourselves, has to either remember that one can or does connect up to the various forces of this universe by one's own consideration. If one's attention is on the body and the consideration that one is closely related with a body is well established, one probably can become aware of and become an effect to undesirable things such as whatever technology , be it modern or ancient, and whatever energy one is carrying with one that has the possibility of being re stimulated throughout one's life from such technology. One has the possibility to not be connected to such energies that effect the body for one's own personal desire.

    If you do not remember your past existences in bodies or whatever you may have been up to in this universe, that's ok, because old energy deposits that are formed from past events for the current body viewing this post, typing this post, etc. can be addressed and cleaned up if having an ill effect.

    You always can when you want to do so, look at old energies from so-called past lives that may still be sticking around your vicinity and acquire the info you need. You may even find something before such soul-trappings and know how to avoid all of this all-together. There is also the possibility to look not only at your own past lives, but an ability to pervade and essentially know by direct connection to whatever you need to know . One could use that to access the memories long gone faster as well if one chooses, or just go straight for the source.

    At the moment I assume that you are not trapped, by some sort of device, so at this time you have a very good chance to make sure you'll never be trapped again, by the remembrance of your own personal ability to handle it all. I can not say what your own personal abilities are or anyone else, but I am sure they will have a uniqueness to them when seen. You may even come across some manifestations to be used in this universe that you haven't even read or heard of!

    As the old Fourth Way materials state, one has to learn from him who knows, so hope you find someone who knows more, if that is what you want to pursue.

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