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Thread: Soul, Consciousness and Spirit concepts useful for common sense

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    Talking Soul, Consciousness and Spirit concepts useful for common sense

    I'm opening this thread as an attempt to create a common sense about Soul, Conscienciousness and Spirit concepts. The approaches bellow not take into account any religious doctrine or philosophical current, so is relatively free of bias and not intended to present here the ultimate words on the subject.

    Also, isn't intended to promote personally who write the words, but what is writed that can be useful as a common sense to support the general understandment about the subjects.

    post #8 from another thread
    The first aspect is your soul. Your soul is not a being in and of itself, but rather the blueprint for the person you are. It starts off as a "program", with a set of built-in polarities - inclinations toward certain things, aversion toward other things. It then gathers more information as you progress through life, or in the event of reincarnation - which I personally believe to be a voluntary choice, rather than a rule - as you progress through your many lives. But the soul itself is not alive. It is merely information, and because of that, it is actually a filter for consciousness, like a colored lens that you look though.
    I (personally) agree with this description about the "Energetic Body", with a " set of built-in polarities, inclinations ", that match with Energy fields and flux descriptions.

    Also, " is not a being in and of itself ", remarks the Energy nature as the more simple matter of the Universe, which form everything, lifeless and lifeness, including a Soul (a lifeless form with a set of built-in polarities)

    Going On, another (energy) Magnetic Function of the Soul " It then gathers more information as you progress through life, or in the event of reincarnation " , that means the Soul can experience consecutive lives in adverse conditions, while memories are magnetically recorded in It.

    How the energy and magnetism record Memories (pieces of information) is another fascinant subject, that must be researched timely, but for now, I would like to repeat the phrase " the soul itself is not alive. It is merely information, and because of that, it is actually a filter for consciousness ".

    This argue its much more accurate than it appears, because everything there exists, have a consciential principle behind It, and So, " the Soul its a energetic filter to serve the consciousness " .. a good catch to Next topic !

    If the choice is made by Creator or by the (individual) consciousness don't matters here, But I advance that the Creator dispose originally a range of options to set the choice of each Soul creation, maybe "to the soul group" creation.
    The second aspect is your consciousness. Many people equate this to the soul, but this is wrong too. Your consciousness is life - it is that which animates all things and makes them be what they were meant to be, just like the electrons coming out of the wall power socket are passing through your refrigerator and make it be a refrigerator, and then they pass through your ceiling light, and they make it be a ceiling light, and so on. Without those electrons, the objects mentioned here are only dead weight. They are meaningless. A refrigerator that isn't working isn't a refrigerator anymore. A light that isn't working isn't a light.

    However, like those electrons that pass through all of your electrical appliances, consciousness is a field. See, you don't actually have consciousness, but instead, consciousness has you. You, and I, and everyone else, we are all merely figments of the imagination of this one consciousness field that animates each and every one of us, and, by looking through our soul as if it were a lens - here's that word again - it gives us that first-person perspective that allows us to say "This is me. This is who I am. I am the Self, and you are the Other."

    I Said " everything there exists, have a consciential principle behind It " and Aragorn said " it is that which animates all things and makes them be what they were meant to be ".

    The issue of electrons, is the soul that does the energetic work, but according our reasoning, it is the Consciousness that controls the Soul (and everything else).

    Then, I simple repeat the phrase " See, you don't actually have consciousness, but instead, consciousness has you. " , endorsing, that the consciousness has everything, everywhere, including, you, me, we, indeed ... this original approach can be incredibly real and reasonable.
    " the third aspect - that which I personally like calling the spirit - which is the being that you are, the first-person perspective to yourself and the second- or third-person perspective in the eyes of someone else - or otherwise put, the individual, the soul that was animated by the consciousness field. "
    We can say the Spirit are a set of Subtil Bodies (mental, psych, magnetic) that its analog the (energetic) Soul but are made of respective subtle matter. This (spirit) bodies can change form, field, color, intensity, according our state of health, mood, wills and other interests, and can be perceived by the sensitives.

    The indigenous sage people (like shaman) often said about the Great Spirit. This thread "The Question of God and the Nature of God" deals with this subject.

    I had open another (nice mistic) thread about Great Spirit How God Talks To You (ancient US indigenous pray and commandments)

    About Soul and Conscienciousness, I also posted "here" the following words:
    Soul and Conscienciousness can be considered the same Being in two stages of evolution. (starting and ending, for reference). That way, the Soul after being choose to be an "individual being", goes through an entire evolutionary process to grow from a naive state (soul) to a utterly free individual aware about who I'm, what I'm, where I came from and where I'm going to. All this awareness (or not) works in present (life) times, in a very cohesive and coherent way.

    (note - when this cohesive and coherent way breaks, distort or deviates, the Soul suffers the consequences)

    Then, the difference between a newborn Soul and a utterly Free Conscienciousness It's a long learning and growing process, inside the universe where the Soul borns (born here it's a metaphor .. ok?)
    It's not much, but I think the content gathered here serves as a starting point for fostering a useful common sense about the concepts covered.

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    Default Re: Soul, Consciousness and Spirit concepts useful for common sense

    Rogparan , will look aver later, and "a common sense" is the key for me. thanks!!

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    Default Re: Soul, Consciousness and Spirit concepts useful for common sense

    I guess, the contents of this post can show the importance of concepts covered by this thread. The percentage estimatives described at each evolutionary stage below, as a Conscientiometry, are merely for associative references.

    The rates can be used to work with Rá Material and similar (Service to Self - STS, or Service to Others - STO). The reference of 51% STO for whom are the Good Ones and the idea of Desperticity begins above 50% of evolutionary rate, I don't think be a coincidence.

    Also, the 95% STS for whom are the Evil Ones, match inside the transmigration risky rate (5% STO), and these people albeit is more evolved, they are pathological and tend to form power (insane) small (elite) groups to explore (energeticaly) the less developed. Any similarity which we could see in current pyramidal society of planet Earth may no coincidental.

    because of the untouchable law of Free Will, the only ethically correct way to circumvent this evil powerful influence, is to reach a significant number of Desperticity (target to individuals be Awake at 50% of the evolutionary human stages), which becomes the point where the prey becomes utterly immune to the predator, reversing the logic of the hidden game, which explore the natural ignorance of the less developed beings.

    A wise hint that can be helpful - the demons are more astute than us not because they have more inteligence, but because they are more old.

    (10%) - transmigration
    huge change of planetary orbe, when several souls-consciences are enforced to change the place where they live.

    Interplanetary transmigration is the process of evolutionary compatibilization promoted by evolutionists through the displacement and consequent compulsory rebirth of consciousnesses on evolutionary consciousness-level planets more akin to their disturbances, parapatologies, and anti-cosmo-ethic entropies.

    The goal of interplanetary transmigration of maladjusted consciousness is to defend and expand their conditions of care in an Earth-type Mega-Hospital-School.

    Living with other less evolved souls-consciences enforces the individuals to learn certain lessons again and help others in earlier stages to evolve more better and faster.

    Transmigration can be seen as the biblical Fall of Angels, or the Chapel Exiles

    (20%) - reurbanization
    is directly linked to education process of reincarnation, the existence of the threshold, purgatory, interdimensional region of scarce resources, or the called Baratrosphere, are the names given to the pathological extraphysical dimensions of the terrestrial para-troposphere, where disturbed consciousnesses and negative energies are found.

    the reincanation process applied to souls reurbanization types, aims to teach them be more civilized and less beligerant in all senses.

    outer of baratrosfere, there are dimensional regions like astral planes, or mental planes, that may seems more Schools than Hospitals, and many who lives there also go through the process of reincarnation voluntarily.

    According to the evolutionary stage, you find more or less presence of the following normal soul-conscience types

    (25%) - pre-serenon (vulgaris)
    Applied to all soul-consciousness of evolutionary level lower than the serenon stage, whom are evolving to develop 100% of knowledge and skills about the host planetary system where he (now) lives.

    the pre serenon don't have complicated pathologies, while not knowing and not understanding the whole process of evolution. The ego itself is not yet well formed, and so, the character and personality oscillates between half product of the middle and half produced by itself.

    (30%) - Unconscious Bait
    It is the evolutionary stage or vulgar condition of consciousness in which it functions as an unconscious attractor of sick or consensual consciousness, becoming pathologically assimilated or harassed, but even so, promote assistance in removing negative influences from environments and people.

    (35%) - Conscious Projector
    able to lucidly and discerningly experience the phenomenon of conscious projection through one's own decided will, promoting self-awareness out of the body, through the direct use of the psych-body or mental-body, either spontaneously or assisted.

    (40%) -Conscientiologist
    Both Projectiologist and Conscientiologist, advocate the existence of multiple lives, energies and extraphysical dimensions, out-of-body experiences as well the process of evolution along reincarnations. A Conscientiologist however, holds that such concepts do not originate in religious beliefs, but in the realization of their veracity through own individual investigation and experimentation.

    (50%) - Awake
    Meaning a soul-conscience capable of remaining permanently unattended without suffering from interconscious harassment. Works like a Lucid Parapsychic Bait and have Experienced Parapsychic skills to work fine in own pourposes, to help the bellow staged ones, and cooperate with the above ones to learn more sophisticated evolutionary lessons.

    It's virtually impossible take anything from an Awake that he doesn't want to give. The ego reached its peak, but from this stage forward, he must placate the ego's own strength, consciously transforming it into creative energy original forms (love, art, science, medicin, childs, etc).

    (75%) - Evoluciologist
    The basic characteristic is the mastery techs and the use of knowledge as guides of the conscious evolution of large groups of consciousness, working under the direction of Serenons, in coordinating the whole planetary willings.

    (100%) - Serenon
    It is the soul-consciousness in its last evolutionary stages in this intraphysical dimension, close to becoming Free Consciousness, presenting a high degree of balance and health of its manifestation vehicles, but still needing to reincarnate to participate in the cycles of existencialism.

    Through bioenergetic techniques and healthy thoughts it's possible to access the thoughful of Serenons. Conscious laboratories are optimized environments that facilitate this rapport.

    What about those apparently versed in these techniques who keep quiet about it?

    There are close to seven billion incarnated humans in this time frame. At least five thousand - not publicly recognized - possess what might be called unbelievable skills.

    This number is further reduced, leaving us with 500~600 incarnated people right now who can secretly do anything unimaginable and many others we don't even imagine. I think you might have found one, but Where are?

    We would ask ourselves. What are they doing? How are they utilizing their skills? They must have good reason to keep themselves so well hidden. What reasons? And why are they walking around us like ordinary humans? These are unanswered questions each one can do when meditate !
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    Default Re: Soul, Consciousness and Spirit concepts useful for common sense

    Hi Rogparan,

    I recognize the cadence with which you fill the meaning of the words, it is full of content as a juice full of pure energy!

    The words that speak their name have the vital force and the magnitude of the true thought perceived intuitively and rendered naturally instant, undiluted by other thoughts or reactions.
        In the story in which we are immersed in the character of the human race we are part of, let us breathe
    clean the air of spring and hope because we have everything in front and at hand at the highest degree
    superlative of recognizing the common consciousness that connects us through everything that means
    Earth and the human race in the Universe.

    The syntagma in your expressions is complete informational, energetic and transposing into the signal we all receive. Thank you.

    Between an expression and a truth, I ask to be offered shelter where I can rest and celebrate the words of longing and from what I feel you are a cascade of creation that constantly happens for the human diary of our innate immortality sense.

    My person only embodies a figure while my spirit is fundamental while personality evokes freedom, intransigence, belief, philosophy, courage and love.
       Every being is strange in its own way, while each soul has its own individual foundation.
       In my case, I am a stranger derived from strangers in the formation amalgam, I am a chaos and I experience living spectacularly or reprobably fragmented sacrificing myself
    in a human life just like everyone else.

    Thank you for your effort, courage and inspiration in this thread!
    Every human is a question asked to the Spirit of the Universe,again and again,because every human is an endless row of humans and in all humans together dwelling the Great Human Spirit.

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