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Thread: Survey: Left or Right?

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    Default Survey: Left or Right?

    I notice on TV that most of the people are left-eye dominant (left bigger than the right, more personality coming through the left eye). That would be normal if they are left-handed. But I've known people who are right-handed but left-eye dominant and people who are left-handed but right-eyed. The right brain controls the left eye in right-handed people, and maybe in left-handed also, I don't know. The right brain is associated with intuition, images and creativity, while the left is associated with logic, symbols/words, etc.

    Are you:
    Right- or left-eyed?
    Right- or left-handed?
    (don't forget the mirror-image effect)

    Have there been changes over time? (Churchill was right-eyed, but in his 20s became left-eyed). Have there been personality or ability changes also? Possibly a switch from right brain dominant to left brain dominant?

    I'm right on both, but in a photo about age 3 or 4, I'm left-eyed...

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    Default Re: Survey: Left or Right?

    Right handed, but left-eyed, meaning always the left eye for a viewfinder, or eyepiece of a telescope. Although right-footed, as in I'd kick a football better with the right foot, I have a left-foot bias for things like mounting a kerb or climbing a stair (left foot first). Also left-eared, eg I'd give the left ear to listen for a sound far away, or to eavesdrop through a wall (not that I would of course). And almost exclusively I sleep on my left side.
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    Default Re: Survey: Left or Right?

    I am both right-handed and right-eyed.

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    Default Re: Survey: Left or Right?

    Interesting subject.

    I am right handed and left-eye dominant. My left leg is my jumping leg. The right the landing leg.
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