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Thread: UFOs -India - Pakistan

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    Default UFOs -India - Pakistan


    This looks Important. (only 20 minutes).

    It's available on Youtube - posted by ROBERT SALAS, 23 AUG 2019.
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    Default Re: UFOs -India - Pakistan

    I have commented on my belief that UFO's, apart from those flown by governments on the surface of the Earth would be coming from those whose existence on the planet would be damaged. I can think off hand of the Advanced Inner Earth Civilizations, those Aliens spying on Earth Governments while having undersea bases and Aliens coming from Dimensions of Space as close to us as our inner organs, whose worlds would be consumed by our ignorant foolishness in the form of Atomic Detonations. Additionally, may be the Anunnaki on the Moon and Mars who have their eyes on Earth would like to inherit something not incinerated one good day.
    It appears they have AI controlled UFO's which can remotely manipulate the weaponry of Earthlings. Listen up boys! They are giving you kindly warnings which you had better listen to pronto. They can wipe you out of the sky or off the land with something akin to the good old Death Ray.

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