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Thread: A Spontaneous Occurrence

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    Default A Spontaneous Occurrence

    Prior to the internet becoming a feature I had become aware of a past life in England in the early part of the 18th Century. The life itself was well documented but was only capable of being researched through historical records in books. There is a plus to that which will become evident.

    Almost everything that is well documented today can be found somewhere on the internet and that's a good thing however there may be important snippets or quirky things that haven't yet found their way into digital format and this is one of them

    The life I was researching had no esoteric, magical or occult leanings so you can imagine my surprise, almost shock, when the individual recounted an experience they had witnessed.

    The individual recounted that one day when gazing out of his window onto the surrounding village locality he noticed a couple of innocent lovers on a park type bench, nothing about this seemed untoward when................ in an instant both of them spontaneously combusted!

    Spontaneous human combustion was hardly known at that time and I'm only aware of one reported case in the preceding years in England that would hardly have been news.

    Whether this was spontaneous combustion or some other phenomenon I don't know. I suspect it has other explanations, possibly spontaneous combustion was the only frame of reference at that time for them vanishing.

    Looking back on this from a 21st Century perspective all kinds of things suggest themselves from interdimensionals popping in to shapeshifters and everything in-between all of which makes this an intriguing mystery.

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