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Thread: I'd rather be lucky than good

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    Default I'd rather be lucky than good

    Many famous singers, actors, sports stars and celebrities talk about getting a lucky break. Being at the right place at the right time. We know luck will always run out but sometimes luck can be better than being smart. So, I thought we could share our experiences when being lucky was better than being smart.

    Aged 7 my school had built a new classroom block. At the summer fete, there was a special prize for anyone who could guess how many bricks were used in construction. Hundreds of parents and school children entered the competition. I remember standing next to my Dad (twenty years in the building trade) as he scanned the dimension of the building before writing down his best guess! Well, I won! I got lucky!

    My mother only bet once a year on the horses and she won every year I could remember. She didnīt study form, or if the ground was soft or hard, it was just picking the name she liked the sound of and collect her winnings from the turf accountants! She always got lucky!

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    Default Re: I'd rather be lucky than good

    thru luck you can win, or gain a position. most everything is perception anyhow so people tend to anoint winners with the notion they are better than others.
    like being lucky to win an art contest and then people read into your art as being the best in the show.

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    Default Re: I'd rather be lucky than good

    luck is a human ego construct....itīs all law of attraction at work. When your desire (winning the horse race) and your belive (i am winning the horse race, no doubt or beliefs againt it) are the same it manifest. SOme people do this by default, but you can do deliberately by being happy. So i rather be happy than be right. Much love
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