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Thread: Dr Hal Puthoff's Letter to the Chief Justice of India

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    Default Dr Hal Puthoff's Letter to the Chief Justice of India

    As reported in the blog “TTSA, UFOs, India, Pakistan & Nuclear War,” SilvaRecord.com was able to confirm the statements released during Sabir Hussain’s YouTube video were indeed the words of Luis Elizondo and Dr. Hal Puthoff.

    Mr. Hussain’s effort has encountered setbacks, but Sabir hasn’t given up. Sabir Hussain and famed witness Robert Salas have continued to press the issue with the Chief Justice of India. Regardless of the outcome, the initiative is not only relevant to current events but is an interesting addition to the historic record of To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science.

    The following is Dr. Hal Puthoff’s letter to the Chief Justice of India, in full, published with the permission of Dr. Puthoff.


    To: The Honorable Chief Justice of India
    and His Companion Justice of the Supreme Court of India
    From: H. E. Puthoff, PhD
    President & CEO, EarthTech International, Inc.
    Date: 29 April 2019
    Re: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP)
    Your Honors:
    As Chief Executive Officer of EarthTech International, a high-technology R&D firm
    (see www.earthtech.org), I was invited by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD)
    to be a Senior Advisor and Contractor to the DoD’s AATIP program (Advanced
    Aerospace Threat Identification Program). Its purpose was to assess the threat
    potential of the incursion of unidentified aerial phenomena over the territory of
    the continental Unites States and adjoining seacoasts.
    This program, established by Congressional Mandate, was a result of observation
    of such phenomena in the vicinity of our military deployments, both static (e.g.,
    nuclear missile sites) and dynamic (e.g., U.S. aircraft carrier groups). As military
    detection equipment (e.g., radars) became more sophisticated, the more certain
    it was that the phenomenon under observation was extremely advanced in its
    apparent technological superiority and thus potentially of threat concern should
    hostile intent be there.
    During the ‘Cold War’ confrontations between the U.S. and the Soviet Union led
    to the realization that misidentification of such technology as representing a
    hostile adversarial attack could inadvertently trigger a devastating nuclear
    In light of the often tense relationship between India and Pakistan, it would appear
    that it would be in both India’s and Pakistan’s interests to establish an in-depth

    Program to address the UAP topic with sufficient resources so as to minimize the
    possibility of misidentification of UFO activities that could result in a conflict
    between the two nuclear armed states. Just such a policy has recently been
    inaugurated by the U.S. Navy as outlined in the attached article in Politico
    As someone who has spent more than 20 years studying the UAP/UFO
    phenomenon, I would humbly advise the Hon’ble Court to give due considerations
    to the petition of Mr. Sabir Hussain. If I can be of further assistance in supporting
    an UFO study initiative, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Link to earlier thread :- http://projectavalon.net/forum4/show...66#post1313966

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