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Thread: U.S. Corporate and State Prison System Charges Room and Board!

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    Default U.S. Corporate and State Prison System Charges Room and Board!

    Read it and Weep

    States, in the name of austerity, have stopped providing prisoners with essential items including shoes, extra blankets and even toilet paper, while starting to charge them for electricity and room and board.

    Most prisoners and the families that struggle to support them are chronically short of money. Prisons are company towns. Scrip, rather than money, was once paid to coal miners, and it could be used only at the company store.

    Prisoners are in a similar condition. When they go broke — and being broke is a frequent occurrence in prison — prisoners must take out prison loans to pay for medications, legal and medical fees and basic commissary items such as soap and deodorant. Debt peonage inside prison is as prevalent as it is outside prison.


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    Oh, and btw, the U.S incarcerates three times (per capita) more of it's citizens than China! But China's the bad guy, correct?

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