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Thread: Multi-eyed mythical monsters--the DMT experience

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    Default Multi-eyed mythical monsters--the DMT experience

    From The Daily Grail

    This story lies somewhere between the two, but it also takes on a new dimension that has urged me to depart momentarily from the fruits of science into the “foamy custard” of folklore and myth, cultural studies and related disciplines.

    Yet it seemingly has enough semblance of objectivity to warrant a whisper of truth – whatever that may be.

    On my last DMT session I was determined to return to the mystic bliss I had once known. I travelled to a secluded beach on the banks of the River Ganges.

    I prepared myself with an improvised ritual, hoping to gird against whatever lay beyond, and I inhaled a pipe-full of vapors from the foul plastic-tasting resin.

    Sucked into the space between the pipe and my brain, I found myself breaking through the veil like a gatecrasher into a party of swirling, smiling eyeballs all attached to snake bodies, which were as startled to see me as I was to be there.

    The whole ordered assortment of eyes and snakes acted as one being. In the brief moment before it reacted to my arrival, I managed to catch a glimpse over what might loosely be described as the ‘shoulder’ of this strange entity and instantly realized that I had seen something I should not have – a brief glance at the truly forbidden.


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