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Thread: UK RAF: Quick Reaction Alert

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    Default UK RAF: Quick Reaction Alert

    For some time now, I have been filing Freedom of Information Requests to the British Ministry of Defence relating to the Royal Air Force response to unidentified aircrafts approaching the Area of Interest (UK.s airspace). The benefit of this act is that it allows for a person to ask questions, which the United States FOI doesn't allow.

    They have provided a number of new information concerning these QRA:

    An Air Operation Order is the document used for QRAs, it incorporates Rules of Engagements within this document. It is 108 pages. Classified SECRET Discretion. The title is code worded. It has no declassification date. It has a distribution list.

    Mission reports are created after a QRA. This is classified SECRET UK EYES ONLY. It is mainly to do with tactics and techniques of the pilot and the aircraft attempted to intercept the aircraft.

    The rules of engagement only applies to aircraft that have been identified, it is the last action to be taken, after other methods have been applied.

    The MOD did eventual has of today in fact released a almost totally blacked out document of a Mission report (which took a lot of effort to get my hands on after the MOD refused to release it to me). All it states is "QRA", "were scrambled", "airborne", "RTB" "orders QRA". Other parts uncensored is the number of pages, classification marking, "summary", "narrative". The document has "Time (Zulu) on the left hand side of the document, "Event" on the right hand side, the title is partly blanked out the remaining is the date and "Sequence of Events". There is a distribution list only one of the three on the list is uncensored.

    It is possible so called Unidentified Aerial Phenomena or UFOs could be applied to a QRA. It seems has with the US Navy everything is classified when it comes to unidentified objects flying around.....what is there to hide I wonder?

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