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Thread: Energies Nov 7th 2019 on - Head's Up ;)

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    Default Energies Nov 7th 2019 on - Head's Up ;)

    Hey everyone,

    I haven't been amongst you a whole heap and respecting the posting efforts moderators investment as always.There aren't many places like this it feels.

    It has definitely being a very interesting year and an escalation of things. One to be proactive on healing for sure. I hope you have been riding it all well and going great in your lives.

    I operate with Andrew so do have a vested interest if you need discernment on that front for transparency sake. I am just wanting to offer you something to the community here he picked up coming soon. That might be pretty rare and undetected my the majority. Relative to some frequencies coming from (give or take as time not something to really lock into) Nov 7th 2019 on...

    Andrew Bartzis - November 7th 2019 - Solar Particles and Potential Affect

    It's a bit of an outlier of an event that perhaps few can really isolate. So, keep an eye out on technology / videos for some stuff that might despite all the craziness to some degree being captured or felt. This might go beyond those things.

    Those of you who are sensitive, intuitives, psychics, healers etc. There may be a shift increasing perception, sensitivities, the dreamtime etc...(obviously there have been many for a while over and over but again, perhaps something subtlely different).

    The 5 minute section above comes from a greater conversation relative to the events surrounding the Sept 14 Saudi Oil strike. That is below if you want to see the context it was offered.

    So, good luck guys. Keep holding your space and truth despite what anyone or thing around you does. Thanks to all involved in this great space. Be the energy anchor for that in your region.

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