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Thread: Are UFOs Made of Chocolate?

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    Default Re: Are UFOs Made of Chocolate?

    Quote Posted by Mashika (here)
    Quote Posted by Sunny-side-up (here)
    Hi Daedalus, I understood your point to the posting, and didn't really think you thought UFO's where chocolate

    But as for UFO's looking Hi tech?
    I think most are the opposite and look very low tech.
    Most look the same now as they possibly did back in ancient history art.
    Now Sci-fi films produce some very hi tech craft.
    The visitors craft, flying saucers do move in very hi tech ways for sure.
    I've seen all kinds in pictures, from the saucers to cigarette ones and all in between

    The only ones i think are real may be the balls of light, because those have been around all this time, right from early ages to when the Spanish reached the Americas and Foo Fighters in WW2 and possibly even in WW1 but no one really noticed or talked about it. And then it came the time with the fake saucer shaped UFOs because someone let his imagination fly, and yet we still see the balls of light all around these days, so i think that's been a constant all across human history and that says a lot

    I have seen the small balls of light or foo fighters, but i have never seen a saucer or anything like that. If ever, i think those are human made
    Hi Mashika, you know that the Spanish reported and tried to follow 'Giant flying cities of gold' so not just balls of light.

    Now if we think on the balls of light:
    Could they be materialised consciousness of some kind, a being?
    If so could such consciousness then look to us as like other objects, UFO's?
    Could those that affect our reality/vision and look like UFO's actually be the minority, failed out come?
    By failed out come I mean, they where meant to not be seen at all, but seen as normal every day items.
    How many the the thousands of commercial aircraft flying around our skies are actually UFO's which actually have working disguises.

    We are not in full knowledge or control of our minds or what we call our reality
    I'm a simple easy going guy that is very upset/sad with the worlds hidden controllers!
    We need LEADERS who bat from the HEART!
    Rise up above them Dark evil doers, not within anger but with LOVE

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    Default Re: Are UFOs Made of Chocolate?

    Quote Posted by Craig (here)
    One of the greatest Far Side comics fits in here quite nicely I feel.
    That's brilliant, I wish I had found that image before I created the thread :D

    ¤=[Post Update]=¤

    Indeed, the biggest deception of all could be reality itself - or at least how we biologically decode and translate it to make any sense to ourselves.

    If humans didn't exist, would the animals get abducted instead?

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    Default Re: Are UFOs Made of Chocolate?

    Quote Posted by toppy (here)
    It would be nice to live in the chocolate UFOs world (even if it's so hard to get your hands on one) (just the delicious thought).
    I was in a few weird worlds (in my imagination!)
    One particularly funny one was 'Stupid Ink World' where all the ink is stupid
    Don't go to Innuendo World or Plaid World! One is dangerous, and the other is just really ugly...

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