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Thread: Writers Bash Obama For Criticizing ‘Woke’ Social Justice Warriors

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    Lightbulb Writers Bash Obama For Criticizing ‘Woke’ Social Justice Warriors

    Writers Bash Obama For Criticizing ‘Woke’ Social Justice Warriors

    President Barack Obama criticizes the woke culture that is springing up at colleges across America.

    “The former president’s disdain for the kind of criticism that has become popular to dismiss as ‘Cancel Culture’ … is misguided,”

    Writers bashed former President Barack Obama after he criticized “Woke” Social Justice Warriors during a speech Tuesday.

    Obama spoke at the Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago and hit back at alleged activists who attack other people on the internet because of their “flaws,” according to the former president. His comments saw bipartisan support, but some liberals disagreed with his thought that this rhetoric is “not activism.”

    Journalist Ernest Owens wrote that he “gasped” when he heard Obama’s comments and called the former president’s views that of a “boomer” in an op-ed featured in The New York Times Friday.
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