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Thread: What Will Happen In 2020?

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    Default Re: What Will Happen In 2020?

    Quote Posted by onawah (here)
    The link https://encyclopedia.com/science/enc...ordon-michael doesn't appear to be working
    Quote Posted by Bill Ryan (here)
    Strange! It works for me. Here it is again! (But I actually copied and posted all there was about him on that page.)
    Quote Posted by Bill Ryan (here)
    Yes. From https://encyclopedia.com/science/enc...ordon-michael:[INDENT][INDENT][INDENT][INDENT]Gordon-Michael Scallion, a contemporary prophet known for his predictions of vast changes, began his

    Trouble Shoot Post - Why we get a 404 error message:
    You were able to copy the information but when you provided the link for us, a colon was included in the http: address. In your most recent post, the link works because the colon is no longer inside.
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    Default Re: What Will Happen In 2020?

    Terral Blackstar and Dutchsinse
    ( See: http://projectavalon.net/forum4/show...=1#post1322742 )
    ...are both keeping a close eye on unusual tectonic tensions which are building now, and encouraging people to be prepared.
    Terral Blackstar goes much further into survivalist philosophy (and predictions based on prophecy).
    I don't understand the scientific or mathematical aspects of his predictions, but I just have a feeling he is onto something in at least some of his predictions.
    Much of his work is based on theoretical existence of a "black star" in our solar system, which may be the same phenomena as the brown dwarf that others have claimed exists.
    He uses the Scallion map (starting at 14:45 ) to predict what the future will bring to the continental US.

    I once had a scary lucid dream once of a huge tsunami engulfing the US West Coast, and my feeling was that it would happen in my lifetime.
    I have had other premonitions/prophetic dreams which later came true, so I don't discount that one...
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: What Will Happen In 2020?

    Quote Posted by Bill Ryan (here)
    Quote Posted by greybeard (here)
    Quote Posted by wnlight (here)
    Somehow I missed in the video whether Scallion came to his conclusion via scientific study or via channeling.
    Scallion, to the best of my memory, was visited in hospital by two angels who gave him the information.
    Yes. From https://encyclopedia.com/science/enc...ordon-michael:
    Gordon-Michael Scallion, a contemporary prophet known for his predictions of vast changes, began his current career in 1979. As an electronic consultant, he had been meeting with a client when unexpectedly, he lost his voice. He checked into a hospital, and during his stay had an apparition of a woman who came into his room and hovered several feet above him.

    She began to tell him about his life, what was in store for the next month and then events that would occur over the next decades. Most importantly, she predicted major changes to the Earth that would begin at the end of the 1980s and increase annually through the 1990s.

    Immediately after the woman departed, Scallion's voice returned. It also appeared that he had experienced a psychic awakening. He began to see auras around people and emerged as a healer.

    He continued to receive visions of future events and through the 1980s had a series of successful predictions, including the 1984 Mexico City earthquake and George Bush's election as president in 1988. In 1984, inner guidance told him to move to a location within ten miles of the New Hampshire border at an elevation 300 feet above sea level. He settled in Chesterfield, New Hampshire.

    Then in 1991 he had a set of disturbing dreams that took place over 29 evenings. He wrote down the contents of the dreams and sent the transcript to a number of his friends. This report is now seen as the origin of what would become his periodical, The Earth Changes Report. The subject of his dreams was worldwide changes, many of a catastrophic nature.
    I was talking to Warren Light (wnlight) about Gordon-Michael Scallion, and I realized I really didn't know as much about him as I think I should. So here are some resources for anyone who's also interested:

    1) He was a guest several times with Art Bell on Coast to Coast. Here's his guest info page, and the shows are linked, still available for anyone who has an account to download them. (Scallion was born in 1942, and I've not been able to establish whether he's still with us or not. If he is, he'd be 77 now.)
    2) He wrote a book (Notes from the Cosmos: A Futurist's Insights into the World of Dream Prophecy & Intuition), which I can't find as a PDF. But here it is on Amazon:
    3) He made a rare conference presentation in 2008, here:

    4) His website, matrixinstitute.com, is no longer maintained (the domain is for sale), but it can be found on archive.org here. There are various versions, as one explores the timeline of the archives.
    5) And to balance all this, here's a critical article published on Jeff Rense's website. (There are many other critical pieces, as well, easily found.)

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    Default Re: What Will Happen In 2020?

    Not 2020 but very interesting none the less

    Edgar Cayce's New Age Prophecy Peter Woodbury
    n this talk, Peter Woodbury will tease out Edgar Cayceís prophecies for the New Age and what they might mean for each of us.

    Peter Woodbury received his undergraduate degree in psychology from Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass., and his masterís degree in social work from Boston University. He trained in hypnotherapy and past-life regression techniques with Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Allen Chips, and Dan Brown, PhD.

    A student of the Cayce readings for over 20 years, he is a popular presenter on key topics from the Cayce readings both at A.R.E. Headquarters and around the country. Fluent in three languages, he is also known for his outstanding leadership of A.R.E. Tours to South America, India, and Egypt.

    To see Peter in person, visit EdgarCayce.org/conferences.

    A charity to help African Children become self sufficient. :attention:


    Be kind to all life, including your own, no matter what!!

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    Default Re: What Will Happen In 2020?

    With regard to catastrophic floods, eventually, if youíre predicting a coastal-wiping event, youíre bound to be right.

    Our planetís history is much like the evolution of a species - a wildly punctuated, stair stepping, face planting, journey toward something more complicated and capable. This calm window of geological time we are comfortably sunning ourselves in is not to be expected to last forever. Far from it, in fact.

    I feel we are all dowsers to a degree. Itís how my grandparents used to find water - with a forked branch of a cherry tree.

    So I ask myself, in my lifetime, will we see geological upheaval. Iíve had a certain yes with each asking since I can remember. I ask myself also, since I do love this vessel Iím floating through the 21st century in, will I be buried by the events? I get just as strong of a no. Much like my body, my soul wouldnít board a burning car, though it would certainly board one with a slightly bent chassis

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