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Thread: Spiritual Warfare Prayers for Gang Stalking / Targeted Individuals / Tinnitus !

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    Talking Spiritual Warfare Prayers for Gang Stalking / Targeted Individuals / Tinnitus !

    Hello everyone.

    Please refer to me by my username if you would like to address me at anytime in a reply to this thread.

    I am quite new to this forum and this is my first thread that I have posted so please forgive me for any mistakes or grammatical errors I make in the process. I have been reading Project Avalon for a number of years now and I know it has fairly high standards in this regard.

    I am making this thread mostly for the benefit of Targeted Individuals, however knowing what I unfortunately know from personal experience I do think that these prayers may be useful to many others of you here on this forum too. Not necessarily today but in the not to distant future. So I do suggest that even Non Targeted Individuals on this forum take a few minutes to look into the extremely valuable prayer resources available for Spiritual Warfare on the Bridal Ministries website.

    Here is the link: https://www.bridemovement.com/prayer-resources-3/

    I did consider that this thread might be best posted under the Conspiracy Forum section however since it is a Spiritual Warfare Prayer resource thread I eventually decided after some consideration that it would be best to post it here.

    To Targeted Individuals who read this thread I would like to say that these Prayers are worth trying and utilizing even if you are not a Christian. I would suggest to All Targeted Individuals that you repeat these Prayers everyday aloud if you can ( only read them silently if you have no other choice) and you say them at least one time each daily NO MATTER HOW YOU FEEL.

    DO NOT STOP saying them until you SEE results ! DO NOT GIVE UP !

    "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."

    Now I will link the Spiritual Warfare Prayers I have been fortunate enough to come across to help me after maybe 10 years of being heavily Targeted. I have found that there is little help out there for we as Targeted Individuals so I feel very blessed too have come across these just recently.

    I intend to just post the links with a small exert from some of these prayers as I am not sure I am allowed to legally post them in full.

    All credit goes to Daniel Duval and Bride Ministries International for providing us with these extremely valuable prayer resources. Thanks very much on behalf of everyone here at Project Avalon who has had the GREAT misfortune of being selected for this program.

    Gang Stalking / Targeted Individual Prayer:

    Father in heaven, I come before you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ and I declare that your word says to come boldly before your throne of grace to find mercy and grace to help in time of need. Lord, I have been pursued by my enemies which lay claim to my life, and I am seeking a judgment in my favor that will empower me to walk out my mandates in Christ Jesus.

    More at link: https://www.bridemovement.com/breaki...gang-stalking/

    Targeted Individual Clause and Tinnitus Clause:

    I now pray that my brainwave signature would be blocked from all access by their technologies and changed by your frequencies King Jesus. I pray that there would be a disconnection of my brain and ears that is sealed off by the blood of Jesus. I pray for the establishment of a frequency alternating electro-magnetic sphere round about me that creates a barrier so that I cannot be found by technology or other targeted individuals searching for my signature.

    More at link : https://www.bridemovement.com/ear-ringing-prayer/

    All credit for the following prayer goes to Julie Whedbee. Thank you Julie for providing us with the following prayer resource :



    We come boldly before Your throne to ask for grace and Your strength in our time of desperate need. The enemy seeks to destroy us and he and his dark kingdom watch us from every angle. Those he controls have created horrific and deadly weapons that are used against us every day and we petition now for You to supernaturally protect us from this onslaught of evil. We know that You are our only Source of help, You are our Defense, and our Refuge in these last days, as everything in Your Word is being fulfilled at terrible speed now.

    More at Link below:


    If anyone else would like to add some more Spiritual Warfare Prayers of any kind to this thread now or in the future please feel free do so.

    Thank you everyone.

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    Default Re: Spiritual Warfare Prayers for Gang Stalking / Targeted Individuals / Tinnitus !

    A person can benefit from these prayers even if they don't believe in the Christian model. The power of millions, perhaps billions, who do believe in the Abrahamic story is immense. Christ Consciousness is powerful simply because those millions sincerely believe and are projecting that energy into the realm.

    In attempting to rid a bedroom of negative energy in our house we use the prayer, "In the name of Jesus Christ, only Love & Light is permitted in this house". We are not Christian, but along with a bit of burning sage the prayer does seem to work - if only for short periods of time.
    The quantum field responds not to what we want; but to who we are being. Dr. Joe Dispenza

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    Default Re: Spiritual Warfare Prayers for Gang Stalking / Targeted Individuals / Tinnitus !

    I certainly support the intent even if the method is a different tune to the one I sing. Like conk says - the numbers game is a force multiplier.

    @Shangri-la: I hope you get the results you are looking for.
    Those of the positive polarity are of service when by action or thought or even intention, another entity or the self is freer to seek his or her own path than before the intended service was performed. --L/Leema

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    Default Re: Spiritual Warfare Prayers for Gang Stalking / Targeted Individuals / Tinnitus !

    A word of caution regarding the "Bride Ministries" from Carolyn Hamlett on her long journey out of the trap where she found that "Good Things" were embedded with backdoors or Trojan horses:

    Welcome to My New Blog Site!

    For those who used to follow my old blog, “Beyond the Physical Realm,” I shut that blog down for several reasons.

    I will probably go into detail later on, but the main reason I shut that blog down is because through my affiliation with certain charismatic individuals who, unfortunately, I had trusted to disciple me, I had slowly become infected with the demonic doctrines they were teaching me, specifically in regards to ungodly spiritual warfare.

    In Fall of 2016, the Spirit of God began showing me where I had deviated, and so I began to divorce myself from everyone I knew who had been teaching, practicing, and promoting false doctrines, beginning with Dan Duval and Bride Ministries.

    The Spirit of God continued showing me the false doctrines that I had been indoctrinated with and had started to believe in and had been sharing with others, so I began going through old blog articles, trying to clean them up. I was shocked at the amount of false doctrines that were peppered throughout many of my blog articles and interviews I had done with others.

    It grieved me, and still does grieve me, to realize that I had been sharing things that weren’t lining up with God’s written Word. Much of it was very subtle, but the infection was plain to see.

    Furthermore, I had also shared some things from other people and other ministries that were very much contaminated with false doctrine.

    So, realizing that “cleaning up my blog” was proving to be more difficult than I had originally anticipated, I decided to shut that blog down and restart fresh.

    Featured ~ Carolyn Hamlett - Exposing Lucifer's Plan In The Last Days


    Check these threads for other and similar avenues:
    "La réalité est un rêve que l'on fait atterrir" San Antonio AKA F. Dard

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    Default Re: Spiritual Warfare Prayers for Gang Stalking / Targeted Individuals / Tinnitus !

    Matthew 9:29

    peace, joy, love, health and prosperity to you
    life is according to our Belief
    as within so outside, as above so below
    whatever the mind can conceive it can achieve

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