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Thread: Trump Secret Whistleblower

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    Default Re: Trump Secret Whistleblower

    Quote Posted by TomKat (here)
    An algorithm is not AI, it is a routine.
    For arithmetic thinkers, algebra is the closest sage, and algorithm may seems a Godness
    here I am, but I don't belong to this world
    So, nothing there are here belongs to me.

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    Default Re: Trump Secret Whistleblower

    I don't believe anything, but I have many suspicions. - Robert Anton Wilson

    The present as you think of it, and in practical working terms, is that point at which you select your physical experience from all those events that could be materialized. - Seth (The Nature of Personal Reality - Session 656, Page 293)

    (avatar image: Brocken spectre, a wonderful phenomenon of nature I have experienced and a symbol for my aspirations.) :)

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