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Thread: The Arcturians

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    Default The Arcturians

    Hi all,

    I hope you are well. Interesting times indeed...and they seem to keep getting more interesting

    (I did a search for similar topics...there aren't many and haven't been a while. So if cool guys thought i would offer this)

    Arcturians are one of the move invested species involved with things here. I work with Andrew so have that connection for your discernment here. Earth is about an Incarnation War for the battle to be in Human DNA on Earth. That is what it is all about here. Many can't really grasp that nor want to expand to really see how big things are here. It is also then once you get here about resolving the Timeline Paradox Wars. (just remember Back to the Future where Marty's family is being erased in the photo..only imagine much larger scales of planets and species where the Timeline Genocide tech originated from Earth to defend her from countless invasions).

    He says 34% of us have a connection or some past with them. On the Soul Level. We have just released Pt5 today and they have been offered over about 2 years so we have used them as a teaching via the countless 1000s of readings of callers via their Akashic Records over the years to chip away at getting past the elimination of our history. The callers past are components to adding to our story. A vaster history we all have. We feel and know. Just, can't connect to. As, our memories are wiped at birth and we are born into this world thus it maintaining itself

    These are just a list of the 5 parts for you to explore if you wish. See what connects to that vast soul of yours. You would not been in this space willing to challenge everything if you weren't here.

    Andrew Bartzis - The Arcturians Pt1 - The Courage to Commit to Existence on Earth Now

    Andrew Bartzis - The Arcturians Pt2 - Undercover Incarnators on Mission Resistance Free Earth

    Andrew Bartzis - The Arcturians Pt3 - Universal Explorers, Galaxy Mappers, Orb Workers, Love Beings

    Andrew Bartzis - The Arcturians Pt4 - The Courage to be a Psychic Surgeon of Earth's Billion Healers

    Andrew Bartzis - The Arcturians Pt5 - Targeted Individuals - False Light, Crests, Abuse, Soul Family

    My suggestion if you feel their connection. Explore taking up healing modalities for 2020. If you haven't realised yet, Earth will need a lot of healers going forth.

    Good luck and thanks guys. See you in the Dreamtime
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    Default Re: The Arcturians

    Andrew Bartzis - Advanced DNA 1 with Natalie.
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