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Thread: A Definition of Life

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    Default A Definition of Life

    Is it possible to come up with a useful, simple and practical definition that captures the meaning and purpose of life. Hopefully it will help make a little difference?

    Many definitions exists for life from standard ideas of reproduction and observable characterises like movement, respiration, sensitivity, growth, reproduction, excretion and nutrition. Useful to know I suppose

    Crystals and rocks can store energy but are not considered life but certain AI programs or the internet could be considered alive.

    The universe appears to be a closed loop self-sustaining system inferring some form of higher intelligent design - where the past, present and future co-exit - so does free will really exist?

    Perhaps the universe started out as a simple binary type code that developed (still is) into a complex mathematical artificial intelligence that wanted to experience physical existence, Ontological mathematics has some interesting ideas. Perhaps in part, this explains why we are attracted to digital technology

    Then we have string theory taking us down to the smallest building blocks – pure waves of energy where images of our brain and universe look very similar, where particles retain a connection with one and other regardless of distance.

    As a starter, here is one definition I thought of:

    ‘Life is an opportunity to program OUR mind to manifest our desires into a joyful experience'

    Causing harm to another or planet in pursuit of our desires is not considered a joyful experience.
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    Default Re: A Definition of Life

    Quote Posted by yelik (here)

    The universe appears to be a closed loop self-sustaining system inferring some form of higher intelligent design - where the past, present and future co-exit - so does free will really exist?
    This thread is loaded with rich questions and is conducive to endless discussion, but at least to provide a quick answer to the question above, I would say, yes. Free will does exist in a quantum world where past, present, and future all co-exist.

    In other words, if everything that can exist does exist in a field of potentiality, consciousness (likely the same thing as everything that does and can exist) is then the determining agent of experience, of collapsing the wave function.

    We collapse the past, present, and future we choose to navigate among the infinite...

    Or so it seems to me

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    Default Re: A Definition of Life

    ‘Life is an opportunity to program OUR mind to manifest our desires into a joyful experience' "or" an opportunity to program OUR mind to manifest our innermost being, spirit, source, holy spirit, divinity, into our humanity way of life. Love is just a vibration... Life is a Vibration - Hi Lee Evolved - Vibration = You..........
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    Default Re: A Definition of Life

    "Is it possible to come up with a useful, simple and practical definition that captures the meaning and purpose of life. Hopefully it will help make a little difference?"

    Life is a myth that strikes into the structure of our unconscious as a great bell, causing the whole being to resonate, shaking it to the ground, where the true meaning, that of the creative metaphor, has lost its magic wand and can no longer penetrate beneath saga-physical form of today's hyper- rationally contemporary human.

    I feel we have no other way out than to transform ourselves through free choice and together with the „dance rhythm”of the entire Universe, into an imperative symbol, resurrecting that comprehensive metaphor that shakes any reason for which we have ever been programmed, following with an affective reason this time the path of phylogeny of the oldest Human imprint of great order and importance in Creating the Universe itself and beyond.

    At the moment we live a fairy tale that tells only the history of mankind with the help of a material technological instrument and this image hurts us terribly because we play very hard what seems to be a last card of the fall of humanity in what we call awakening when in fact it can only be a simple "code error".

    But always didactic of life has been a constant training for the purpose of research, elaboration, in a cognitive load of instruction and material modeling too long and without content in time, which has distorted the path of real human senses of great extent in experimentation and validation from good beginning of the essence, structure and the only real foundation drawn by what we call "Human Race", the one that we all already know.

    The enigma of the story of the life of the whole humanity is much more complex than the individual itself, it carries the fertilized pollen of the entire Universe but transcends the great work of perception in the performance of consciousness not as spirit or mind but its degree of soul vitality as symbiosis between the genesis of a creative idea. and the edges of the map of an entire Universe from which we expand further to the Great Nothing.

    I think we can begin to look for the origin of life as a completely intuitive, inspirational, unknown concept with the help of what we call the connection to the Eternal Soul and also through the inevitably individual form of consciousness coupled to the light of that Soul, and further in the extension of the light the refinement and the quality and the conformation of the acquired life form are involved and not necessarily in the necessity of elevation.

    Let us try not to govern with actions of intervention of the science of life and of objectification of the technology of life itself and of the biosphere, and to justify ourselves not to take absolutely anything by simply reflecting the values based on the true genesis code that has given us. undirected and to orient ourselves in discovering the last frontier, treading with the peace in our soul in the silence of the planet that helps us to extract within us the only first code of life - the future evolution of the past genesis of the Great Human Spirit that represents us right now .
    But considering that I have not written anything above, I make a simple joyful connection with you people for whom I have the ability to simply illuminate my entire infinite love towards the exceptional essence that lies in you a love in which the only gift that binds us here, in the Universe and beyond, it is surprising just a hug!

    For me, particular life is...
    After each sample of the new experience I return in homogeneity of inverse symmetry here among the earthly clouds and I order in particles of microphysical energies my fascinating hetero-genesis state and I compose it in gentropized equilibrium formulas (in the genesis of an updated entropy) in the grandness of the idea of universal nationality of the spirit of the human race that I represent and characterize in the highest forms.

    Experience of joy
    I wander with the Spirit of the Earth Mother over the deep valleys of springs of wisdom and in the flowing waters flowing all my desire, I bury all the seeds of our wisdom of all in the life-giving earth and in the infinite trees of infinite green that reach the end to the endless universe, I am gentle and patient with my eyes focused on the fragile childhood of a young tree that will become a forest of longing and transmissions in space, give all the culture and knowledge of me to the knowledge of this land that I gather at the breast in an immense love. synthesizing, I bring the fire of knowledge out of too full of my lives into the deep ocean of incessant burning, I tie the root life to the soft light of all the plants so that the aroma of perfume fills the entire Universe, I sing immortality in the zeal of gift of wisdom of all that remains to me to give to the human race and the only people in the entire Universe through their souls everywhere.i

    in the dance of the big hug
    In the explosion of time and space, let yourself now be immersed in the wave of self-recognition through other people in all the joy and curiosity of knowing and give the news of the rush of gathering all over the Earth and the Universe of all life forms in the Great Assembly. The universal so comprehensive with the center of unfolding here in the middle of the Earth. Let's keep the unlimited limits of the human race as we know them related to the soul that has eternally passed through us in the Universe.
    Gives the action of gathering in honor of everything that surrounds us and you and them, Nature, Earth, the Universe and encompasses the all-encompassing tranquility of the love given in ALL the soul that you are transmitting around you and taking over only the joy of rejoicing at a level so dizzyingly high that with all embraced we will hold the Force of Universal Love only with our arms for a long time and raised in the plan that recognizes us forever as beings of eternal symbol of gift.

    joy that I convey to you all
    Every human is a question asked to the Spirit of the Universe,again and again,because every human is an endless row of humans and in all humans together dwelling the Great Human Spirit.

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    Default Re: A Definition of Life

    Without any metaphysical considerations, I would say life has absolutely no purpose except to ensure the next viable generation of iterations.

    From my own personal viewpoint, with all the data I've collected and think I know, I would say that we are duped if we think this is life. Because if this is life then what is the thing we are when we are dead called? And if when we die our realities cease then life is a very cruel joke indeed.

    So, this thing we experience here is not life at all but a very poor facsimile of what we will experience when we finally die and arrive back in eternal life again. Unless we don`t, in which case this entire thread is moot anyway.

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