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Thread: More on Metamaterials

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    Default More on Metamaterials

    Posted today ( 16 Nov 2019)



    So much has been talked about Metamaterials. Metamaterials can be in the form of UFO pieces, UFO debris, technological hardware and theoretically not excluding even implants (in bodies) and whole craft. To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science (TTSA), Jacques Vallee and others claim to possess samples, or at the least, are testing samples to see if they are authentic and anomalous. Dr. Garry Nolan, who used to work with TTSA and also works with Jacques Vallee coined the term Metamaterials to be used in this regard. (There are other definitions of metamaterials that don’t have anything to do with the UFO phenomenon.) Dr. Nolan now says a more accurate term is Ultramaterials. However, the Metamaterials term seems to have stuck.

    Many people claim the government and/or contractors, Independent Research and Development activities (IRADs), Special Access Programs (SAPs), Unacknowledged Special Access Programs (USAPs) and other groups possess artifacts. With so many claims of this being the case, and now since the Army is interested in TTSA’s research, the legitimization of Metamaterials studies, and possibly even proof, could be right around the corner. Since TTSA has now entered a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the United States Army, they could be eligible for this list, however I will focus on others for now.

    Not everyone seems to agree about what kind of conclusions or breakthroughs have been achieved by the government and/or contractors who have the material, but according to the claims of the following people, the government and/or contractors may indeed possess samples. Let’s take a look:


    Dr Jacques Vallee speaking about this subject :-

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    The best presentations the subject are probably

    1) Linda Howe talking to John Greenewald (The Black Vault), just a few days ago:

    2) And Hal Puthoff's 2018 technical presentation here, frequently referenced by Richard Dolan (and yes, very important).
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