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Thread: Alternative Free Speech Websites and Uncensored Social Media

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    Default Alternative Free Speech Websites and Uncensored Social Media

    Since YouTube, Twitter and the rest of the mainstream social media
    are undergoing more and more extreme censorship,
    there are NEW places for people to meet and dialogue.

    Let's post them here.
    Both the free sites and paid membership sites,
    of people who are bailing out of MSM.

    ¤=[Post Update]=¤

    The old and very popular The_Donald subforum on Reddit was quarantined by the reddit cabal.

    A new site, started by a moderator (Or moderators) of that forum have started a new TheDonald website
    and it has taken off like a rocket!! People are saying "I have finally come home!"


    ¤=[Post Update]=¤

    Here is another new and popular website mostly for conservatives, I think
    It's a social media site where people can make friends, and read news that others post.


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    Thumbs up Re: Alternative Free Speech Websites and Uncensored Social Media


    Facebook Secretly Built Facial Recognition App As War On Privacy Expands - FULL SHOW - 11/26/2019

    They're not blocking 'hate speech'. They're blocking speech they hate.
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    ~no need2follow anyone only consider to broaden (y)our horizon of possibilities
    ~new: Stop5G.net & FB Groups/Stop5G

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    Default Re: Alternative Free Speech Websites and Uncensored Social Media

    I am not a member, but I visit several communities here daily via the links.


    Quote A social network that champions free speech, individual liberty and the free flow of information online. All are welcome.
    trends from same founders - also for conservatives, but definitely not controlled by MSM corps

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