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Thread: Can anyone find that segment?

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    Lightbulb Can anyone find that segment?

    Please excuse if this is not the correct format or category I've been off of PA for about a year and a little rusty.
    About a year ago I was (or have memory of) watching Simpson's in which trump walks down a hall or building and in one doorway or room there is signs that say impeachment and reasons etc. Pretty standard stuff.
    After talking to a friend I went to go back and show them as it was a while ago but framed what's happening now amazingly well. The only problem. I cant find that clip or episode anywhere.
    I'm not super tech savvy. So I figured if there is one place I could ask and find out if my memory is real or kinda like a deja vu? Idk. Anyone have a clue what I'm talking about. I'm not a simpsons fan. Just happened to be what was on. I know it was after 2017. So I'd guess seasons 28 29 or 30. It's a very clear memory. Not being able to find the clip is for whatever reason driving me nuts in the way when you know the answer but cant get it off the tip of your tongue. Best to all who reads. My appologies if this thread is in wrong place.

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