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Thread: The Rosicrucian Order

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    Default The Rosicrucian Order

    Bill, have you formed any opinions about the Rosicrucian Order, a mystery school?

    Back in the 70's I was a member for about a year until I developed some uncomfortable feelings about the school.

    When I joined, I started to see blinking pin points of light occasionally. I suspected someone or something checking up on me. Maybe a coincidence. Rarely do I see the pin points of light now.

    That was the only change that I noticed.
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    Default Re: The Rosicrucian Order

    Quote Posted by Ron Mauer Sr (here)
    Bill, have you formed any opinions about the Rosicrucian Order, a mystery school?
    Thanks for the question, but I know nothing at all, I'm afraid.

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    Default Re: The Rosicrucian Order

    Quote Posted by Bill Ryan (here)
    Quote Posted by Ron Mauer Sr (here)
    Bill, have you formed any opinions about the Rosicrucian Order, a mystery school?
    Thanks for the question, but I know nothing at all, I'm afraid.
    As best I remember, AMORC is a mail-order religion that sprang from the Mind of Spencer Lewis in the early 20th century, complete with an ancient and venerable "history." They have an unimpressive museum in San Jose, CA. Phony origins aside, they have rumoured links with the Jesuit/Illuminati/Freemasons mafia.

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    Default Re: The Rosicrucian Order

    Quote Posted by TomKat (here)
    Quote Posted by Bill Ryan (here)
    Quote Posted by Ron Mauer Sr (here)
    Bill, have you formed any opinions about the Rosicrucian Order, a mystery school?
    Thanks for the question, but I know nothing at all, I'm afraid.
    As best I remember, AMORC is a mail-order religion that sprang from the Mind of Spencer Lewis in the early 20th century, complete with an ancient and venerable "history." They have an unimpressive museum in San Jose, CA. Phony origins aside, they have rumoured links with the Jesuit/Illuminati/Freemasons mafia.

    Yes links to the Illuminati. Not much of a red flag for me in the late 70's as it is now. Some of the mail order lessons would include a separate page from the Illuminati.

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    Default Re: The Rosicrucian Order

    They have as far as I remember Degree 10 to 13 about the Illuminati and probably beyond. Somewhere I do have those lessons which I will post if I can find them.
    Here is The Rosicrucian Oder Degrees (1 to 9), 10 to 13 being Illuminati:

    The Rosicrucian Order

    System of Study
    The First Three Months
    The Rosicrucian curriculum is much more than a study course; it is a comprehensive and thorough system of spiritual discovery. Unlike many other organisations, the Rosicrucian Order does not promise instant enlightenment, for it knows this is not possible. It does however deliver tried and tested methods of inducing rapid and positive changes to people's lives. The first part of this system is a preparatory set of 12 lessons arranged over 3 months which will give you a short introduction to the Order and a brief overview of its teachings.

    The Next Twelve Months
    The second part is a more thorough preparatory stage consisting of 48 lessons with exercises that takes a further 12 months to complete. By the end of this, you will have a good idea whether or not the Rosicrucian Order is for you; or more generally, if personal spiritual discovery is after all worth your while.
    You may think it is a long time to wait, only to discover by the end of it that it really wasn't for you after all. But the same can be said about any endeavour in life. We can't fully know if we fit in with it until we have tried and tested its merits to our complete satisfaction. From our experience in dealing with hundreds of thousands of people in the past who have had relatively unformed urges to find "something deeper" in life, possibly something of a spiritual nature about themselves..., we have learnt that no amount of reading can supply anyone with this essential inner experience in much less time than this. Development of one's spiritual consciousness requires more emphasis on practical experience than on intellectual development, and that in turn takes time to develop and mature.

    The Next Four and a Half Years
    Should you choose to continue beyond the preparatory stage, you may be admitted to the main curriculum which will take a further 4½ years to complete. There are of course several milestones along the way, and each degree studied and internalised is a real achievement. Four and a half years may seem like a long time, but consider it in the same light as you would when learning to become an accomplished musician from scratch…, it takes years of practice and study…, and unlocking your deeper spiritual nature is as precise and demanding a task as learning to play any musical instrument.
    Whatever endeavour one embarks on in life, it is quite usual to gain proficiency and skill relatively quickly at first. But after that first flush of success, one needs to spend much more time consolidating one's gains before they become second nature and a subconscious part of one's being. The inner maturation process involved with any form of spiritual discovery can only happen as fast as we can cope with it..., no faster. No amount of wishing it were faster will work, and it is therefore incumbent upon us to exercise both patience and fortitude always. With the Rosicrucian system of development, virtually everyone sees beneficial changes taking place in a relatively short time to begin with, and these may go on for several years..., but the real work lies in making those changes permanent aspects of one's being and not leave them as temporarily interesting experiences that are quickly forgotten.
    The Rosicrucian teachings are brought to life through practical exercises (not physical exercises) designed to produce a genuine awakening and enhancement of one's consciousness and one's ability to use that precious consciousness more effectively. Rosicrucians do many such exercises over the years, and also conduct simple experiments to prove to themselves that the principles they are applying in their daily routines actually work. Of course knowing that a system works and is beneficial is relatively simple; but making it work permanently and under all conditions, as if it were a part of one's deeper self, requires sustained, motivated effort.
    Upon successful completion of this main section of study and development, you will have achieved a definite level of mastery over yourself and your environment. You will have changed for the better and will be able to look back and see how incredibly much your realisation of, and ability to competently deal with your innate deeper spirituality has matured since you became a Rosicrucian. The teachings are of course not static, and are updated regularly to reflect our changing world; so there is more, much more to learn beyond these four and a half years of study, and should you sincerely wish to move on to the deeper work of the Order, you will be invited to do so in due course.

    Lessons, Exercises & Study Periods
    Each month, you will receive an envelope of weekly lessons in the form of booklets or monographs to read in the privacy of your home. The lessons are from eight to 20 pages long, and introduce new ideas, exercises and experiments relating to the development and enhancement of your spiritual consciousness in a straightforward and simple manner. You need no special prior education to follow these lessons; nor do you need any high intellect or intelligence to keep up. However, you do need to apply yourself sincerely and to the best of your ability to the task of learning and accomplishing as much as you can each week. This especially concerns the various exercises and experiments that are given for you to try. They are almost all very simple and easy to do, but at the same time, they are designed to bring about specific beneficial results safely and in the most efficient manner possible.
    You will be asked to devote about two hours per week studying the week's lesson for the first time and performing any exercises or experiments given. For the remainder of the week, you will be expected to reflect on the ideas contained in the lesson, re-read them a few times to re-acquaint yourself with the principles discussed, but most importantly, to practice the exercises given. The lessons are more than a mere body of knowledge as you would find for example in a university or college. Slowly they introduce you to new ideas, but more importantly, they show you a new and better way of living. Although there is probably very little you enjoy in life that you would need to give up, your quest will require real dedication, a few changes to your personal habits perhaps, but most importantly to actively test, prod and probe the ideas, exercises and experiments you are given; for it is crucial that they be incorporated into your daily routine as quickly as possible, and converted through experience into part and parcel of your conscious awareness of the deep spiritual nature already within you. Gradually, theories will be replaced by direct experience, knowledge, skills, confidence, peace of mind, and the ability to create the kind of life you really want.
    The initial part of your affiliation with the Rosicrucian Order will have taken about 5½ years, and will have taken you through three sections called the Postulant, Neophyte and Initiate sections.

    Postulant Section
    Duration: 3 months
    In antiquity, if you wished to study the great mysteries, you would travel to a temple and petition for admittance as a student. If accepted, you would be known first as a Postulant, and would live, work and receive instruction in the first inner courtyard of the temple as you were carefully prepared for higher instruction, and observed for suitability for that higher instruction. If found worthy of continuing, you would be allowed into the next part of the temple, known as the Atrium or reception chamber. There you were known as a Neophyte and would receive preliminary instructions before being allowed to enter the main temple itself in order to study the higher teachings.
    Fortunately, we don't have to go to such lengths today, but your admission into the Postulant section of the Order's teachings symbolically admits you into the first inner courtyard of a Rosicrucian temple where you will be given your first basic lessons about the great abilities and powers you already possess within your being, though possibly still very difficult to access. As a Postulant, you will spend two to three months going through the material we send you and generally becoming aquainted with the Order, its method of instruction, and its system of using relatively simple exercises and experiements to accomplish an opening up of the channel of communication between your outer day-to-day self, and your much more accomplished and deeper inner self.

    Neophyte Section
    Following the analogy of an ancient initiatory temple, you have spent three months as a Postulant, learning the most basic principles of the so-called “Mysteries.” You have been observed and found deserving of being permitted to continue to the next part of the temple, namely, the Atrium, or outer chamber to the main temple itself. Here you are given the title of Neophyte, and spend a further 12 months in study and exercise in preparation for entry to the main temple.

    Atrium 1
    Duration: 4 months
    The first Atrium explores consciousness as the organising principle of matter and explains the composition and structure of matter and its vibratory nature. You will learn how the creative power of thought affects the material world. This power is demonstrated through exercises in the techniques of concentration, visualisation and mental creation. Topics include:
    • Composition of Matter
    • Structure of Matter
    • Role of the Brain
    • Power of Thought
    • Concentration
    • Symbolism and Alchemy of Fire
    • The Creative Power of Visualization
    • Mental Creation
    • Telepathy
    • Mental projection
    • Law of the triangle.
    • Exercises:
    Development of Mental Concentration
    Visualization Exercises
    Mental Projection Exercise

    Atrium 2
    Duration: 4 months
    Your understanding of the connection between mind and matter will now be expanded to include the connection between the mind and the physical body. The second Atrium explores how your thoughts influence your health, the role of proper breathing in psychic development, as well as health, vitality and various Rosicrucian healing techniques. As you develop your body's psychic centres, you gradually awaken your psychic faculties, such as the ability to perceive the aura. You will also experience the mystical effects of sounds. Topics include:
    • Vital Life Force
    • Role of the Blood
    • Origin of Diseases
    • Rhythm of the Body
    • Role of Pain
    • Nutrition
    • Sleep and Rest
    • Our Two Nervous Systems
    • Influence of Thoughts on Health
    • Mystical Art of Breathing
    • Rosicrucian Healing Treatments
    • Aura of Material Objects
    • Human Aura
    • Power and Symbolism of the Eye
    • Psychic Vision
    • Pineal and Pituitary Glands
    • Mystical Sounds
    • Exercises:
    Awakening the Psychic Consciousness
    Breathing Techniques
    Perception of the Aura

    Atrium 3
    Duration: 4 months
    The third Atrium moves beyond the physical body and the psychic faculties into the realm of the mystical. As you become more attuned with your inner source of wisdom, you will become more receptive to the subtle inner prompting of intuition, inspiration and illumination. These lessons also explore the nature of Soul and spiritual evolution, reincarnation and karma, and the cycles of the soul. Topics include;
    • The Great Religious Movements
    • The Nature of Soul
    • Purpose of our Spiritual Evolution
    • Reincarnation
    • Cycles of the Soul
    • Karma and Karmic law
    • Free Will
    • Good and Evil
    • Intuition
    • Inspiration
    • Illumination
    • Exercises:
    How to Harmonise with your Soul
    Physical/psychological Cycles of Humans
    How to Serve as an Instrument of Universal Love.

    Initiate Section

    Duration: 4 months
    The first Initiate degree introduces the concept of polarity and its relationship to the subatomic world and its vast range of vibratory rates. It introduces the full spectrum of physical and non-physical manifestations. An understanding of these subjects gives you an appreciation of the system and order of the universe, the interconnectedness of all nature and how everything is governed by natural law. Topics include:
    • Structure of Matter
    • The Vibratory Keyboard
    • Positive and Negative as Vibratory Polarities
    • Rosicrucian Definitions of Electricity, Magnetism, and Electromagnetism
    • Subatomic Particles
    • Rosicrucian Classification of Elements
    • Material Alchemy
    • Exercises relating to the topics.

    Degree 2
    Duration: 3 months
    The second Initiate degree explores the workings of the mind. You will learn how to use your mental faculties to strengthen your will, eliminate bad habits, establish good habits, tap into the levels of your subconscious, reason more effectively, think more logically, behave more fairly, and generally begin to integrate various principles of psychology and mysticism into your life in order to achieve your personal goals. Topics include:
    • Cosmic Consciousness
    • Our Objective Consciousness Sensory Illusions
    • Mental Illusions
    • Our Subjective Consciousness
    • Reflection
    • Objective Memory
    • Imagination
    • Deductive, Inductive, and Syllogistic Reasoning
    • Objective and Subjective World
    • Physical, Psychic, and Spiritual Influence of the Subconscious
    • Memory and Reasoning of the Subconscious
    • Will and Habit
    • Autosuggestion
    • Psychology and Mysticism
    • Exercises: Stimulating the Objective Memory, Stimulating the Imagination, Sensitising the Subconscious Memory, Autosuggestion

    Degree 3
    Duration: 3 months
    The third Initiate degree explores the meaning of life on many levels, including living and "non-living" matter, life on the cellular level, the mysteries of death and rebirth, and the eternal nature of the Soul. Topics include:
    • Cosmic Purpose of Life
    • Vital Life Force
    • Cellular Life
    • Rosicrucian Definitions of Living and Non-living Matter
    • Incarnation of the Soul
    • Transition of the Soul
    • Initiatic Aspects of Death
    • Exercises relating to the topics.

    Degree 4
    Duration: 3 months
    The fourth introduces Rosicrucian ontology (the study of the nature of being), and lays out a cosmological framework for all creation. It explores the meaning, understanding and use of symbols as the language of the subconscious. Topics include:
    • Vital Life Force and the Living Soul
    • Cycles of Life and Constant States of Flux
    • Time, Space, Infinity and Eternity
    • Noumena and Phenomena
    • Natural, Artificial and Mystical Symbols
    • Sacred Architecture
    • Exercises relating to the topics.

    Degree 5
    Duration: 3 months
    The fifth Initiate degree you will study excerpts from the works of classical philosophers. Your exploration of the ancient roots of Rosicrucian philosophy will demonstrate the timelessness of these principles. Thoughts of the following philosophers are presented: Thales, Solon, Pythagoras, Heraclitus, Democritus, Empedocles, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle,

    Degree 6
    Duration: 7 months
    The sixth Initiate degree presents the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components of health and disease. You will learn specific Rosicrucian healing techniques. Topics include:
    • Health and Illness
    • Physiological Evolution of Humans
    • The Skeleton
    • Digestion and Nutrition
    • Spiritual Dimension of Food
    • Breathing and Respiratory Health
    • Composition of Blood
    • Heart and Circulatory System
    • The Lymph and Lymphatic System
    • Liver, Spleen, kidneys
    • Importance of Water
    • Cell Consciousness and Cellular Health
    • Cerebro-spinal Nervous System
    • Autonomic Nervous System
    • Sympathetic Division of the Autonomic Nervous System
    • The Sympathetic Energy
    • Influence of Stress on Digestion and Breathing
    • Sympathetic Ganglions and their Connections
    • Rosicrucian Therapy
    • Disorders associated with the Cervical, Thoracic, and Lumbar Ganglions
    • Rosicrucian Treatments
    • Personal Treatment to Restore your Psychic Equilibrium
    • Self-healing
    • The Council of Solace
    • Influence of Thoughts and Emotions on Health
    • Physical and Mental Prevention of Disease
    • Emotional and Spiritual Prevention of Disease
    • Exercises: Numerous exercises in the art of self-healing are given throughout this degree.

    Degree 7
    Duration: 7 months
    The exercises and experiments of all the previous degrees have contributed to your gradual development, providing you with the necessary foundation for the advanced techniques of the seventh, eighth and ninth Initiate degrees. In the seventh degree you will learn how to accomplish psychic projection, how to develop your personal aura and perceive other people's auras, and how to further develop your psychic centres and abilities for enhanced perception. You will also receive a thorough explanation of the physiological, psychic and spiritual influence of specific mystical sounds. Topics include:
    • The Psychic Body
    • The Psychic Centres
    • Psychic Perception
    • Psychic Consciousness
    • Nature and Symbolism of Dreams
    • Nature of Human Aura
    • The Physical, Psychic, and Spiritual Aura
    • Colours of the Aura
    • Development of your Personal Aura
    • Mystical Power of Vowel Sounds and Mantras
    • Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Vowel Sounds
    • Physiological, Psychic, and Spiritual Influence of Vowel Sounds
    • Exercises: Accomplishing psychic projection (a) in general, (b) to a definite place, (c) to a specific person. Perception of auras of living creatures in general. Perception of the human aura

    Degree 8
    Duration: 9 months
    The eighth Initiate degree explores in depth the concept of immortality, including the mysteries of birth, life death, reincarnation, karma and the evolution of the soul personality. Topics include:
    • The Existence and Nature of God
    • Universal Soul and the Human Soul
    • The Immateriality, Immortality, and Perfection of the Human Soul
    • Cosmogony of the Universal Creation
    • Cosmic Evolution
    • Soul Personality
    • Divine Consciousness and Self Consciousness
    • The Soul and Intelligence of Animals
    • Spiritual Evolution of Humans
    • The State of Perfection
    • Spiritual Alchemy
    • Karmic and Non-Karmic Trials
    • Mastery of Karma
    • Collective Karma
    • Reincarnation of the Soul
    • Universal Cycles Memory of Past Incarnations
    • The Mystery of Birth
    • Incarnation of the Soul-personality in the Body
    • The Mystery of Death
    • Transition of the Soul-personality
    • The Stages of Transition
    • Cosmic Planes and the Levels of Cosmic Evolution
    • Help to the Dying, Before and After Death
    • Definition and Origins of Prayer
    • Three Kinds of Prayer: Intercession, Confession, and Thankfulness
    • The Rosicrucian Technique of Prayer
    • Rosicrucian Technique of Meditation
    • Exercises: How to recall past incarnations through manipulation of the subconscious. How to remember past incarnations through special meditation techniques.

    Degree 9
    Duration: 13 months
    By now these techniques will have become second nature and you will be well prepared to successfully undertake the advanced experiments of the ninth degree. This degree gives you the opportunity to utilise the highest metaphysical powers in practical ways to positively affect conditions in your environment and your life in accordance with the greatest good and highest principles you know. Topics include:
    • Macrocosm and Microcosm
    • The Classical Four Principles: Earth, Water, Air and Fire
    • Symbolism of the Cross, Triangle, Square, Circle, and Rosy Cross
    • Mental Alchemy
    • Exercises: Symbolism of Earth, Water, Air and Fire; Telepathy; Telekinesis; Vibroturgy; Radiesthesia; The Alchemical Cloud; Invisibility; Cosmic Protection; Mystical Regeneration; Spiritual Assumption; Attunement with Cosmic Consciousness


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    Default Re: The Rosicrucian Order

    Quote Posted by Ron Mauer Sr (here)
    Quote Posted by TomKat (here)
    Quote Posted by Bill Ryan (here)
    Quote Posted by Ron Mauer Sr (here)
    Bill, have you formed any opinions about the Rosicrucian Order, a mystery school?
    Thanks for the question, but I know nothing at all, I'm afraid.
    As best I remember, AMORC is a mail-order religion that sprang from the Mind of Spencer Lewis in the early 20th century, complete with an ancient and venerable "history." They have an unimpressive museum in San Jose, CA. Phony origins aside, they have rumoured links with the Jesuit/Illuminati/Freemasons mafia.

    Yes links to the Illuminati. Not much of a red flag for me in the late 70's as it is now. Some of the mail order lessons would include a separate page from the Illuminati.
    Illuminati section

    Tenth Temple Degree ("Illuminatus Minor")
    To learn to walk on the path of the Masters. Introduction to the religious doctrines which the Masters gave birth to and understanding the beliefs that have been available to us for centuries and how humanity is evolving towards a Universal Religion and the student part on it.
    • Introduction to Zoroastrism
    • The Tibet
    • Ancient Mystery Schools of Atlantis, Egypt and Essenes
    • Introducing Master Moria-El
    • The RigVeda
    • The Great White Brotherhood* Exercises of Materialization
    • Telepathy
    • Psychic Projection (advanced)
    • The esoteric concept of Sin
    • Reincarnation
    • The psychic senses
    • The ritual magic
    • Astrology
    • The human Aura
    • The Pineal Gland and the 4th dimension
    • The nature of the electrons of spirit
    • Sufi mysticism
    • Psychic Harmonization
    Eleventh Temple Degree ("Illuminatus Major")
    To learn the student’s journey through the great traditions those have marked the spiritual history of humanity. This journey began in Atlantis and completed this phase through the Martinist movement in France in the 19th Century. It is also the threshold for admission to the Ordo Summun Bonum (the Order of Highest Good). Subjects:
    • The heritage of CRC
    • The Khunrah method
    • The Dark Night of the soul
    • The Gateway Keeper
    • The Regeneration
    • The Invisible Fraternity
    • The Rosicrucian Inner Circle
    • The Holy Spirit* The Mystical Egypt
    • The Cosmic Harmonization
    • The Cosmic Consciousness
    • Development of the Third Eye* The signs of the psychic development
    • Mantras
    • The effects of the Cosmic Consciousness
    • The Cloak of Invisibility (advanced)
    • Esoteric foundation of the religions
    • Esoteric teachings of Jesus
    • The Christus* Programming the next incarnation
    • Esoteric formulae
    • Using the Water
    • The “Lost Word”
    • Contacting the Invisible Masters
    • The Rosicrucian Hierarchy
    Twelfth Temple Degree ("Illuminatus Exemptus")
    Those who have attained the Esoteric Hierarchy become, in fact, intermediaries between the Cosmic and the Imperator (…) placed in a position to periodically commune with the Cosmic and receives inspiration and illumination which one should pass to the Imperator for what he may make of the knowledge of the Order.
    To learn how to contact the sacred Esoteric Hierarchy to serve the Order as described above. Also to learn how to develop the Body of Light to be used to attain high states of divine communion.
    • Christian Rosenkreuz and the Rosicrucian teachings
    • Contact with the Masters (El Morya, Danius, Saint Germain)
    • Esoteric Hierarchy
    • Celestial Hierarchy
    • Mystical Silence
    • Cosmic Consciousness* The fundamental note or vibration tone
    • Cosmic Harmonization techniques
    • Planetary influences (Moon cycles, Sun cycles and the planets)
    • The Cosmic counter part
    • The Vibration spectrum
    • Rosicrucian Ethics
    • Alchemy of Water (Cagliostro)
    • Benefits of the Cosmic Harmonization (regeneration)
    • Master’s chambers
    • Alchemy of Fire
    • Cosmic Harmonization techniques
    • Astral projection
    • Principles of Cosmic Harmonization
    • Psychic currents
    • Assumption technique and its applications (distance healing)
    • Rosicrucian Manuscripts (Michael Maier and the Libber H)
    • Esoteric Principles
    • The Dark Night of the Soul and the Golden Dawn
    • Astrology* External influences
    • Procedure to recall past life experiences
    • Development of the Inner Voice
    • The Rosicrucian Method
    • Using the Cosmic Forces
    • The mystic life of Harvey Spencer Lewis
    • The Templars
    • Cagliostro and the Rose Cross
    • Developing the Body of Light (New)
    Ordo Svmmvm Bonvm section
    This section is considered by AMORC as a totally separate Order, but the student automatically starts to receive the monographs related to that degree or section as soon as they finished receiving the previous degree (the 12th).
    That section was conceived to go more in depth into philosophical questions about the deity, the Laws of Nature, moral and ethics applying the Summun Bonum principle; the principle of a common understanding of the basic experiences of human life. Each Plane represents a group of certain principles and experiences of life, which jointly, the student needs to study and understand.
    Plane 1 to 9 Degrees
    Metaphysical lectures related to the Rosicrucian ethics and how to achieve the summum bonum.

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    Default Re: The Rosicrucian Order

    I heard a guy on American Freedom Radio 10 years back. He was an African American who called himself Loooooong (6 o's). He said because he was the top drug dealer in his NY town, he was recruited by some Rosicrucians. After awhile they gave him a test. He was told to spit on a picture of Jesus. He said he had no problem with that and spat on the picture. He was told he passed the test and would advance to the inner circle. He was told that people who refuse to spit are also told they passed the test, but they proceed to the outer circle. Anyway, he got to snooping in their files, which revealed that the inner circle Rosicrucians report to the Jesuits. Sounds pretty clever to me. And probably how it works with the various intelligence agencies around the world.

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    Default Re: The Rosicrucian Order

    The Golden Dawn – of Mathers, Westcott, Crowley fame – has gone Web 2.0.

    Some of the most revealing posts on their blogs, are: The Golden and Rosy Cross Worn by International Golden Dawn Imperator, David Griffin; The Red and Golden Cross; and significantly, The Sabbatian Qabalah and its relation to the Golden Dawn.
    From Griffin:
    I wear a cross of pure 24k gold, enameled red, that derives directly from the 18th Century German Rosicrucian Order known as the Gold und Rosenkreutz. […] The Gold und Rosenkreutz Order, the Rosicrucian predecessor of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn is, in fact, the source of origin of entire grade system of the Golden Dawn, as well as the mystic numbers of the grades, mystic titles, symbols, etc.
    From “Sincerus Renatus”:
    […][W]hat we see here is a direct Rosicrucian lineage in the Golden Dawn descending from the Gold und Rosenkreutz order through the Asiatic Brethren and the Frankfurt-am-Main lodge Zur Aufghene Morg[e]nroethe, aka L’Aurore Naissante, aka Chevrah Zerach Bequr Aur in Germany.
    In my book over the Bavarian Illuminati it was established that the Gold- und Rosenkreutz [Golden and Rosy Cross] were the enemies of the Illuminati and vice versa. Why? 1) They were competitors for initiates; 2) Illuminati were rationalists and outright worshipers of reason, while the Rosicrucians pursued mysticism and theosophy and indulged in all manner of practical occultism (séances, theurgy, thaumaturgy, astrology, sorcery, kabbalistic magic and alchemy), which the Illuminati frowned upon, to say the least; 3) and the fact that the Rosicrucians were also aligned with the obscurantists of religious orthodoxy, the Jesuits, and recruited members from among its ranks.

    A short overview of the “esoteric transmission” from the Golden and Rosy Cross can be had here. The Golden Dawn’s grade system is identical to that of the earlier 18th century secret society, and they benefited from “the entire esoteric corpus of this essential Rosicrucian order.”

    The 18th Century Golden and Rosy Cross had a system of nine degrees – juniores, theoretici, oractici, philosophi, minores, majores, adepti, magestri, and magi:
    Elaborate initiation ceremonies were used to mark passage from one to another. The order met in circles (Zirkel) composed of a maximum of nine members; each circle included Rosicrucians of various rank, with the chairman (Zirkeldirektor) usually being an adeptus at least. … Several Zirkel were placed under the control of an Oberhauptdirektor. The highest officials were several Grosspriors, the Vizegeneral, the General, and the Magus, though nothing is definitely known about the mode of operation, or even the existence, of top echelons of the Rosicrucian Order (Klaus Epstein, The Genesis of German Conservatism, Princeton University Press, 1966, p. 107).
    I don’t think it’s likely that the Golden and Rosy Cross had a membership comparable to that of the Bavarian Illuminati (2,000 to 3,000), however, Epstein, in a note on the same page, mentions a membership estimate claimed for the Rosicrucian order (in 1777) of 909 juniores, 844 theoretici, 833 practici, 822 philosophi, 799 minores, 788 majores, 777 adepti, 77 magistri, and 7 magi.

    As mentioned in Illuminati Conspiracy Part Two: Sniffing out Jesuits and documented in my book Perfectibilists, “ex”-Jesuit Ignatius Franciscus Franck [Ignaz Franck] (1725-1795) was not only the persecuting hand against the Illuminati in Bavaria, but he was also the Zirkeldirektor of the Munich Golden and Rosy Cross. Franck, in a letter to his Superior (the Grossprior of the Golden and Rosy Cross of Southern Germany), brags about his successful efforts against the Illuminati – i.e., depriving them of their livelihood and taking pleasure in banishing them from the country, penniless, along with their wives and children. The letter was sent out as an official communiqué to various Zirkel, Sept. 1, 1786, with the following preface:
    On where we are currently in Bavaria with regard to the Illuminati, and what course to take, we now have a report from our Director of the Circle in Munich, who plays an important role in [the affairs of] that city … God bless his tough and perilous work; we have supported him as much as possible through our advice, our actions, all kinds of correspondences, and with our fervent prayers… (Perfectibilists, p. 36).
    The 18th Century Rosicrucians had established circles in Vienna, Prague, Frankfurt-am-Main, Marburg, Kassel, Hamburg, Sulzbach, Munich, Regensburg and Augsburg, among others. The latter city was also a stronghold of the Jesuits. When their order was nominally abolished in 1773, many of them took refuge in Augsburg and published pamphlets against the Freemasons, the Enlightenment and especially the Illuminati (see R.R. Palmer, The Age of Democratic Revolution: A Political History of Europe and America, 1760-1800 – II: The Struggle, Princeton University Press, 1970, pp. 452-53). Although documented membership in the Golden and Rosy Cross is fleeting and haphazard at best, the fact that the Jesuits and the Rosicrucians made Augsburg their home – both having pitted themselves against the rationalists and the Illuminati – is significant and warrants a thorough investigation.

    The credulousness of those attracted to Rosicrucianism during the 18th Century is well expressed by Johann Christoph Wöllner (1732-1800), an Oberhauptdirektor at the head of an expanse of 26 circles and 200 adepts (and a friend of Ignaz Franck’s). The magisters of the eight degree, Wöllner was convinced, “had the power to hatch chickens out of hard-boiled eggs” (Christopher McIntosh, The Rosicrucians: The History, Mythology, and Rituals of an Esoteric Order, Weiser, 1998, p. 72)!

    The highest adepts remained hidden from the rank and file; and the magestri and magi, in particular, were elevated to the level of demigods. “Our magi do not carry on ordinary magic,” Epstein quotes from the Golden and Rosy Cross’ statutes:
    Our magic is the truly divine magic, which allows us to talk personally with God, as Moses and Isaiah did of old, or to send our messages through spirits which have been purified by the fire of God. We possess the two main secrets of Jehovah, i.e., how to create and destroy all natural matter. We can transform water into blood, as did Moses; we can turn a flourishing city into debris by the sound of trumpets, as did Joshua. We can give commands to the sun, the moon, the stars and the wind, and we can raise men from the dead as did the prophets of old (Epstein, pp. 108-9).
    Needless to say, this is obviously the origin of the so-called Secret Chiefs of the Golden Dawn. The Strict Observance of the 18th Century had similar beliefs: they called their invisible masters, Unknown Superiors. And the Mahatmas and the Great White Brotherhood of Theosophy is but a continuance of the doctrine.
    In the last blog post mentioned at the beginning, the Sabbatean/Frankist influence upon the Golden Dawn is fleshed out considerably. “Sincerus Renatus” sets out to prove his initial statements, that:
    […] recent research has found that the origins of the Qabalistic tradition of the Golden Dawn has strong Sabbatian connections which probably derives from the Asiatic Brethren, which in turn received its Qabalistic transmission from the peculiar version of Jacob Frank’s Sabbatian Qabalah, centered in Poland. One can easily see a development or lineage here from Isaac Luria, through Sabbatai Zevi (and his prophet Nathan of Gaza) to Jacob Frank. This “lineage”, or rather “esoteric transmission”, continues to this day through the Golden Dawn!
    […] Our Order has evidence in its archives which shows that many concepts and practices within the Golden Dawn have a strikingly Sabbatian resemblance, inherited from the German Rosicrucian movement of the 18th Century, as for example some Golden Dawn wand designs, which according to Mr. Jean-Pascal Ruggiu, was inspired by a Gold- und Rosenkreutz document which, interestingly enough – and I quote – “contains strong Polish Jewish Qabalistic influences, and especially those coming from the school of Sabbatai Zevi”.
    …and delivers.
    He does spill the beans, so to speak, but stays away from precisely identifying – in operative terms – exactly what was transmitted to the Golden Dawn in regard to the controversial antinomian Sabbatian/Frankist sex rituals.

    The work of Gershom Scholem and Jacob Katz has established beyond doubt that Jacob Frank’s nephew and intended successor, Moses Dobruska, was a conduit for authentic Sabbatian/Lurianic Kabbalah via the Asiatic Brethren. Yet in Du Frankisme au Jacobinisme, Scholem writes that before 1780 Dobruska had also become a regular Freemason, as had other members of various Frankist families (p. 28). And on p. 29, he mentions the Golden and Rosy Cross by name – that the Frankists, extravagant Catholic monks (who had much sympathy for the Sabbatians through extensive travel in the Orient), and the adventurers from the Golden and Rosy Cross, got along well because of their shared syncretistic tendencies.

    Since we know that Frankists joined Freemasonry proper and belonged to dedicated occult groups such as the Asiatic Brethren, they probably had been initiated into the Golden and Rosy Cross as well. And if you were seriously interested in alchemy during the 18th Century, affiliation with the Rosicrucians was almost required. It is for this reason that I think it’s possible that Jacob Frank himself might have been a member of the Golden and Rosy Cross.

    First, some tantalizing clues are found in Kraushar’s Jacob Frank: The End to the Sabbataian Heresy (University Press of America, 2001). Krausar’s book uses standard chronological methodology, and when he discusses Frank’s activities in Brunn (or Brno), Moravia, for the first time in the text we read such things as: “Franks activities involved … alchemy: successfully persuading his followers that there were certain herbs that, when spread over iron, transmuted that metal into gold; also that there was a ‘certain substance’ giving eternal life…” “Before the element of magic was used by Frank in an attempt to practice alchemy for the purpose of creating gold, the master passed for a doctor, restoring health to the sick by the use of means known only to him” (296); “…when he was feeling better, he began to think about ways to locate new sources of income, to create gold through alchemy. He reminded himself how he had toiled over alchemy with Rabbis Issachar and Mordechai…” (303); “he gathered his brothers, and encouraged them to pursue the knowledge of how to make gold … At Frank’s court, there began the preparation of ‘gold drops’ as a medication ‘for all diseases’” (304).

    All this takes place while in Brno from the mid-1770s to about 1786. There’s no mention of alchemy or gold-making, before or after. And there was a Golden and Rosy Cross circle in Brno at the time, founded by Count Karl Josef von Salm-Reifferscheidt (1750-1838) at his chateau. Count von Salm was Master of the Lodge Zur aufgehenden Sonne im Orient [The Rising Sun in the Orient] of the Templar Strict Observance, and had been a representative for Austria at the Wilhelmsbad Masonic Congress in 1782.

    I have not been able to uncover whether Jacob Frank had been acquainted with either Count von Salm or his circle of Rosicrucians, but the fact that Frank started speaking of alchemy and gold-making during his stay at Brno is significant and worthy of further investigation. That Frank had mentioned toiling over alchemy with Rabbis, does not discount (on the basis that he received this knowledge from them) a connection with the Golden and Rosy. After all, Scholem had specifically mentioned the Frankists and Rosicrucians as getting along well; and though Jews at the time weren’t exactly welcomed into regular Freemasonry, the Rosicrucians can be expected to have actively sought Jewish initiates, Kabbalistic Rabbis, Baal Shem and the like.

    In any case, the Sabbatian elements detected in the Golden Dawn teachings probably descend from both the Golden and Rosy Cross and its Dobruska-influenced offshoot, the Asiatic Brethren. Until someone compiles a substantial and authoritative list of definite members of the Golden and Rosy Cross, the precise degree of contact between the Frankists and the Rosicrucians remains a mystery.

    [Author’s note: My initial speculation was warranted, it seems; additional corroboration in the following post (and comments): “Was Jacob Frank a Rosicrucian?“]

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    Default Re: The Rosicrucian Order

    Quote Posted by ExomatrixTV (here)
    The Golden Dawn – of Mathers, Westcott, Crowley fame – has gone Web 2.0.
    None of this history has to do with the modern Rosicrucian Order (AMORC).

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    Default Re: The Rosicrucian Order

    There is a branch in Dovedsle road Liverpool - been there 30 years or more.

    Might nock when passing and ask what gives !

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    Default Re: The Rosicrucian Order

    I believe I downloaded a book from the Avalon Library by Clymer Swinburne. (I saved it as a pdf on my computer.) "The Son of God and the The Mystical Teachings of the Masters, 1916."
    Reading it, I realized that he had established a Rosicrucian order near where I grew up, in Bucks County, Pa. In fact, I had rode past the rather dilapidated place in my early years, and always had wondered what it was? It appeared abandoned back then, and I'm not sure if it the place is still there or not.
    (here is an image of how it looked at one time)
    Click image for larger version

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    and here is a link to that organization, and it's history in the US: Fraternitas Rosæ Crucis

    When I was a child and teen, I used to love looking at all the small intriguing ads in the backs of magazines, newspapers, and comic books. In fact, they were often the first thing I looked at. haha I sent for a slew of crazy things from those little ads.
    But I was really fascinated by the ads for the Rosicrucians, and I think I was 15 when I sent my baby-sitting $$ in and joined, and I, too, received those manuscripts. I believe they were sent every two weeks, and I was to study the lesson and practice it daily until the next came. I really couldn't wait to have it appear in the mail.

    I probably didn't pursue it that long... I really don't remember, but I was a kid, and moved on to other pursuits as teens do. But I do remember one of the first lessons, which taught that generally people are "like a rolling snowball" - just rolling along, gathering snow and bumping into trees and obstacles without conscious direction. The lessons taught about consciousness, meditation, and accessing the subconscious; not unlike many other systems of creative consciousness, ie Silva, Scientology, Jonathan Parker, and so many other esoteric studies. I actually think I still have the stack of pale green manuscripts stashed somewhere.

    I remember my dad talking to me one night, fascinated by my interest in joining the Rosicrucian lesson studies with my limited funds. (Guess it was rather odd for a teen girl back then.) But he, too, had recently joined the Masons, although he never ever told the family anything about the organization. It made my mom angry, that he would tell her nothing. But anyway, he said to me that actually, my Rosicrucian studies were very similar to his Masonic studies. I still wonder why he was quite devoted to the Masons, and worked his way up in it diligently for about 10 years or so, only to drop out and sever all connections to the group quite suddenly. I wonder what happened? He never spoke of it, and refused to discuss anything about it.

    Oh - One more thing I remember about those small Rosicrucian ads, was being quite intrigued when a slew of ads started appearing from them in the late 80's, saying, "Are you prepared for the Photon Belt?" The ads were illustrated with small pictures of our solar system, moving into an area of space full of sparkles.

    In my view, most of the mystery schools have a similar underlying theme, just with variations as to methods, rules, dogma, etc. Just like religions.
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    Default Re: The Rosicrucian Order

    I joined because there was no blood curdling oaths and they also allowed women to join, so it couldn't be that bad.

    I was intrigued with what they claimed they could offer.
    After receiving many monographs I was disappointed at how simplistic a lot of it was and that all of the information is already widely posted elsewhere on the internet that is not connected with the rosicrucians.

    I stopped getting the mongraphs because I started to get uneasy feelings about the organisation.
    My membership was postal only.
    I never wanted to join any of their lodges.

    Also I was beginning to feel uneasy about it all and there could be sinister things yet to be revealed.
    At a later date (after I left) I found out about the illuminati degrees.
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