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Thread: Mark Zuckerberg Wants Senate To Allow Tracking Your Location At All Times!

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    Exclamation Mark Zuckerberg Wants Senate To Allow Tracking Your Location At All Times!

    Mark Zuckerberg Tries To Convince Senate That He Needs To Track Your Location At All Times:

    Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook recently responded to a request from 2 senators, asking why his social network needs to track users’ locations, even if they have that service turned off. Zuckerberg tried to argue that he needs that data to sell targeted ads, but that argument will likely not fly as it is a massive violation of privacy and security. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

    More info here
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    Default Re: Mark Zuckerberg Wants Senate To Allow Tracking Your Location At All Times!

    If anyone is interested, in listening to where he's at right now, when he's talking to a fan/tech geek, google this line;

    waveform the mkbhd podcast mark zuckerberg

    to get several search results for a fresh podcast interview with him. You'll have to choose a podcasting platform according your setup and device.

    I'm listening to it myself ( less than half an hour ). He's obsessed with full immersion fake reality, for one thing.

    Interestingly, he started off saying "I guess I started the company".
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