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Thread: The best misdirection of the year - so far...

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    Default The best misdirection of the year - so far...

    Smegan and Harry - ooh shock horror, headlines, videos, views, social media gone mental

    Talks. Debates. What if Scenarios, the lot...

    Is this just what andrew (and the palace needs and wants)...? after his ridiculous BBC interview over his involvement with epsteinJust as organisations and charities teardown plaques, and disassociate their involvement with him, remove all reference to his patronage or being associated with so many charities and organisations.

    What will, could or should happen to PRINCE ANDREW?

    What do you think of all the recent hoo ha with harry and megan? A welltimed distraction? Or do they just think they are the next kerdashians even after someone has trademarked their name in the USA.

    Eeeeee me, what a drama. What do you think of it all? A sham, a shambles or both?

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    Default Re: The best misdirection of the year - so far...

    It's a massive distraction the media are full of Megan and Harry and not a word about the massive cover up of child abuse in the North West of England
    and lots of other places.
    The Police admitted to turning a blind eye to what was going on because of race relations.
    Muslim grooming gangs or pedophiles raping girls as young as 11 and have been allowed to carry on doing that for at least 10 years probably a lot longer.
    Police claimed it was an informed choice by the children also they had orders from a lot higher up to keep quiet about it.

    Gordon Brown was prime minister at the time so he and many others have a lot of questions to answer
    There are a lot more than just Muslim men doing this its people from all backgrounds but they have purposefully tried to hide this for the sake of
    but with those grooming gangs alone never mind anyone else the amount of young kids lives being ruined runs into the thousands
    I don't know how anyone can trust the Police, the Courts or any one in power after this
    so in my opinion Harry and Megan are being used for a lot more than Prince Andrew

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    Default Re: The best misdirection of the year - so far...

    Andrew who?

    I find it amazing how quickly this has overwhelmed the whole Andrew\Epstein saga, there maybe the occasional blurb on Epstein on MSM but very much overshadowed by the Megexit saga, easily dominating the home page of a populist news site - even more than the Trump impeachment saga.

    We all might be entitled to 15 mins of fame, but we all seemed to be blessed with 15 second attention spans.

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    Default Re: The best misdirection of the year - so far...


    In times such as these, it's always worth a wee gander at what is not being talked about I'd bet a pound-to-a-penny that ol' Randy Andy will be heaving a huge sigh of relief over these past couple of weeks.

    There is a disgusting thread of paedophilia that runs through the royal family, and has done for a long, long time.

    For the 'modern' era start with Louis Mountbatten, who, funnily enough, was a surrogate father-figure for the young prince Charles and took him "under his wing" somewhat. Indeed, FBI files that were released last year, 2019, suggest that Mountbatten was a rampant paedophile. The 75-year-old intelligence files describe Louis Mountbatten, the 1st Earl of Burma, and his wife Edwina as "persons of extremely low morals" and contain information suggesting that Lord Mountbatten was a pedophile with "a perversion for young boys."

    Then we have Charles, who's very close friendship with the disgraced Bishop Peter Ball, raised eyebrows amongst the general public when Ball's decades of abuse of young boys came to light. Ball, who tried to build a ring of protection by cultivating friendships with Prince Charles and other senior establishment figures who later rushed to support him when he was accused of sexual abuse, the former bishop of both Lewes and Gloucester who died last year, boasted of his role as “counsellor to royalty”. He cultivated friendships with Margaret Thatcher, peers of the realm, senior judges and headmasters of leading public schools.

    Which leads us to another close friend of Charles's and self-titled "counsellor to royalty"........ Jimmy Saville. I don't think there is any need to write about the horrific catalogue of abuse that was caused by Saville's perversion, one only has to type his name into a search engine to see the breadth of this mans abuse. How Saville was able to ingratiate himself so deeply into the royal family remains to be answered. What was it about Saville, what was it he could do for them (Charles) that made him so indispensable? I don't think you need to possess a PhD to work that one out.

    One could be forgiven for having one friendship with someone who, at a later date, turns out to be a paedophile........ But, ongoing friendships, remaining close when the s**t hits the fan, knowing several of these people and indeed, trying to use your influence to silence victims and polish the reputations of the guilty............

    If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck........

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    Default Re: The best misdirection of the year - so far...

    ~no need2follow anyone only consider to broaden (y)our horizon of possibilities
    ~new: Stop5G.net & FB Groups/Stop5G

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