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Thread: The Third Annual Real Fake News Awards!

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    Default The Third Annual Real Fake News Awards!

    Corbett Report
    353K subscribers
    SHOW NOTES: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=33803

    "And now, from the palatial Corbett Report studios in western Japan, it's time for The 3rd Annual REAL Fake News Awards. Which media organization will take home the most Dinos for their dishonest reporting? Who will bear the shame of the biggest fake news story of the year? Find out in this year's exciting gala broadcast!!"

    Reviewed by Alexandra Bruce of Forbidden Knowledge

    "Winners include CNN, NBC, ABC, The Washington Post and Time Magazine for reporting outright lies about the Covington Catholic High School boys, the fake Syrian gas attacks in Douma, the use of Kentucky gun show footage to propagate the fake slaughter of Kurds by the Turkish military and to all the corporations participating in the systematic childhood abuse of Greta Thunberg.

    There are some very funny moments here and others that leave you so disgusted, you want to shoot at your TV screen like you were Elvis Presley."
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: The Third Annual Real Fake News Awards!

    great stuff...this topic on my mind right now.

    I was on a chat room full of anti trump, over a year they keep slamming FOX and totally believe in CNN-NBC-Washingtonpost..ect but another day for what CNN did to Sanders they **** on CNN...that moment i just laugh. Anti Trump and Pro Trump talked about media and they pick sides over trump comment Fake News not agreed that all media are fake news.

    I have heard and read all kind of stuff about Media how they concluded with each other or as a tools to programming..blah blah blah but now i can feel it in my heart what have been said especially what CONSPIRACY(WHAT MAINSTREAM CALLED IT) have said...

    there's so much crap on the news right now not focus on real issue...

    just saw this video where he talking about anti trump fall into false sense of security (you can ignore or filter part about trump)which is so true just how i really feel..

    From my personal experience with case of mueller investigation reading both sides and participate on a chat room. As i research and throw these stuff out from Pro Trump side and Anti Trump totally ignore alot of important information and keep saying what CNN-NBC said how this event gonna destroy Trump and in the end Mueller do nothing to trump which turn out to be correct but Anti Trump insist something gonna happen.

    Tim Pool from that video is so right...remind me so much during period of Mueller investigation, day in day out hearing Trump scared, collapse..destroy,bombshell...ect and turn out nothing as i said to the chat room of my native language(non-english).
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    Default Re: The Third Annual Real Fake News Awards!


    Yes, the grand prize really does belong to ABC for it's serving as the pedophile protection work and going overboard to bury the case of Jeffrey Epstein. I find it especially ironic that it's parent company is Disney, a park know for being the place to take your children. I don't have children, but I would not want to support a corporation that aides and abets child traffickers by taking my children to see their "attractions."

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