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Thread: Covid-19 (and flu!) Treatment and Prevention

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    Default Re: Covid-19 (and flu!) Treatment and Prevention

    A great summary of work on the medical use of vitamin C for respiratory infections:

    Published Research and Articles on Vitamin C as a Consideration for Pneumonia, Lung Infections, and the Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19)

    Here's part of the text:

    Published Research and Articles on Vitamin C as a Consideration for Pneumonia, Lung Infections, and the Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19)

    by Graham Player, PhD, Andrew W. Saul, Damien Downing, MBBS, MRSB and Gert Schuitemaker, PhD

    In 1936 Gander and Niederberger found that vitamin C lowered fever and reduced pain in pneumonia patients. Also in 1936, Hochwald independently reported similar results. In 1946 Slotkin further reported that "Vitamin C has been used routinely by the general surgeons in the Millard Fillmore Hospital, Buffalo, as a prophylactic against pneumonia, with complete disappearance of this complication."

    It is one thing to be sick from a virus and another thing entirely to die from a viral-instigated disease. A 1994 randomised double-blind trial involving vitamin C/placebo supplementation was conducted on 57 elderly patients admitted to hospital with acute respiratory infections (bronchitis and bronchopneumonia). Using a clinical scoring system based on major symptoms of the respiratory condition, patients supplemented with the vitamin fared significantly better than those on placebo. This was particularly the case for those commencing the trial most severely ill, many of whom had very low plasma and white cell vitamin C concentrations on admission.

    Vitamin C supports your immune system. Vitamin C helps to kill viruses and reduces the symptoms of infection. It's not a COVID-19 "cure," but nothing is. It might just save your life, though, and will definitely reduce the severity of the infection. If someone tells you it's not proven, consider two things:
    • Nothing is proven to work against COVID-19, because it is a new virus.
    • Vitamin C has worked against every single virus including influenzas, pneumonia, and even poliomyelitis.
    In the medical literature, there are more than 64,000 published articles and studies on Vitamin C available at The U.S. National Library of Medicine National Center for Biotechnology Information. Vitamin C is arguably one of the most researched substances in existence. Much of the research is very positive. Ignorance of the research, benefits and use of Vitamin C is not a valid excuse for it not to be used as a therapy, particularly when there are no other known medications available, and it is not likely to cause damage, and the published research is readily accessible for everybody.

    Comment: Speaking as one who has been in scientific research for many years (since the 1970s), I note that one of the reasons modern medical researchers are not aware of work done in earlier years (prior to the ascendence of the Medical-Industrial Complex!) is quite simply the fact you cannot get hold of these early papers, because:

    (1) The rights to access have been acquired by the big publishing houses and their ilk.
    (2) You have to find out which of them has the papers you want!
    (3) It's then necessary to sign up and pay exorbitant fees to read each one.

    Many people (even conspiracy theorists) like to believe the internet gives you untramelled access to information, but in reality access to vital research prior to 1995 is often exceedingly difficult. Prior to the internet era, you had massive databases of data (Compendex, Metadex and so on), so all you had to do was to chose your database, enter in the key words and obtain literally thousands of references!

    That's one reason why so many young researchers are rapidly coralled into accepting the current narrow paradigms, and often end up re-discovering something that was reported many years previously.
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    Default Re: Covid-19 (and flu!) Treatment and Prevention

    Fascism in action

    Report coronavirus 'quack cures' immediately, says UK government


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    Default Re: Covid-19 (and flu!) Treatment and Prevention

    This is an older video long before Covid19 was a thing but it supports all of the above 100%.
    It may be a bit hard to follow for none experts in biology or med but anyone can get the gist of it.

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    Default Re: Covid-19 (and flu!) Treatment and Prevention

    FYI and update on how the virus works https://www.facebook.com/matthewwood...15547875391461
    Quote Herbalist Christine Dennis, Fort BUrwell, Canada, sends the following crispy clear analysis of how this thing kills. Quote:

    This virus attacks the surfactant cells in the alveoli and enter through the ACE2 receptors found there. The immune system in response stimulates fibroblasts to repair this thin membrane. There is an over production by the fibroblasts which now causes fibrosis. This is why the ventilators are needed to push gases back and forth across this membrane. 5% of people end up in critical care at this stage. Of those 5%, over 85% died from the merciful cytokine storm that ensues causing multi organ failure in a matter of just a few hours. I wondering about the severity of the damage left behind from the fibrosis.

    People are not drowning in fluid in the lungs like we see going around the internet. [I don 't agree with this. If the alveoli are closed off, the blood cannot dump the water from cellular waste into the alveoli for removal --- vapor on the breath--- and it backs up in the pleura, on the kidneys, the skin, and the intestines. Keep the skin open----MW]

    Blood test show that muscle tissue is being broken down so quickly, hence the severe aches and pains that people are experiencing and the liver enzymes are 5X the normal upper limits as it tries to deal with this.
    The world is changed... I feel it in the water... I feel it in the earth... I smell it in the air...
    Much that once was is lost, for none now live who remember it.

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    Talking Re: Covid-19 (and flu!) Treatment and Prevention

    Paul Levy has always emphasized waking in the dream....

    Quote A Surreal World Gone Viral Is Waking Us UP
    Paul levy

    Living through a global pandemic can feel so surreal, as though we are living in a dream-world. Though it can feel like we are living through a collective nightmare, there are precious gifts encoded within the experience that would be truly tragic if overlooked. Though it is imperative to deal with the physical outbreak of the virus by every means at our disposal, it would be a tragedy beyond measure if we focus our attention merely on its external manifestation while marginalizing what the pandemic is touching—and revealing—within us about ourselves.

    The coronavirus has two vectors of transmission – one within our physical bodies, another within our minds. If we become entranced—as if enchanted or under a spell—by the forms of the outer world such that we forget their interconnection to the world within us, our mind then splits in two. We become dissociated within—and from—ourselves, a state which forecloses on our being able to be of help to anyone, including ourselves. We have then unwittingly fallen under the thrall of the psychological aspect of the virus.

    The coronavirus feeds off of and literally engenders fear - within us, all around us and everywhere in-between. Fear is contagious – when it develops enough collective momentum, it feeds on itself, driving a downward spiral into the darkness of the underworld. As fear propagates itself throughout the field, it unleashes the terrifying and fearsome powers of darkness, which then inspire more fear in a never-ending, crazy-making feedback loop. When fear becomes rampant, we become more susceptible to being controlled by external forces.

    And yet, recently our day to day lives have changed and become so surreal that if we manage to step out of and not be caught by our fear, it has actually become way easier to recognize the dreamlike nature of reality—and hence, become lucid in the waking dream of life—than before the pandemic’s arrival. It is as if we are living in a dystopian Sci-Fi novel or movie in which our world has turned upside-down and inside-out – what could be more dreamlike than that?

    Living in such an uncertain topsy-turvy world gone mad naturally creates extreme stress, anxiety and creative tension. And yet, there is an opportunity of a lifetime that now becomes available to us hidden within this very challenging internal process. Rather than distancing ourselves from what has been triggered within us—social distancing from ourselves—if we are able to bear, carry and utilize the uncomfortable, and sometimes excruciating tension in a conscious way, we can potentially ignite the creative spirit within us to be set aflame with the light of divinely-inspired inspiration. Creativity is one of the greatest medicines at our disposal during times such as this.

    It is noteworthy that recognizing the dreamlike nature of our shared reality is a realization which dispels fear. Realizing the dreamlike nature is to recognize that we are dream characters—embodied reflective aspects—of each other. This realization carries within it an implicit intuition that “otherness” and “separation” are ultimately illusory mental constructs. Being interconnected dream characters, none of us exists as a separate entity, an island in and of ourselves, but rather, we only exist in relation to others, who likewise don’t exist as objective, independently existing entities, but only exist relative to others, ad infinitum. We all exist relative to—are related to—each other in a seamless interdependent web of mutual connectivity. There is in reality no separate self anywhere, a realization which concurrently helps us to realize our interconnectedness with each other. This is one of the potential gifts being offered to us by the coronavirus. The expression of this realization is compassion, the transformative power of which should never be underestimated.

    When we get right down to it, the coronavirus simultaneously elicits fear as well as—by revealing reality’s dreamlike nature—also potentially dispells the very fear it triggers. It is up to each one of us which of these parallel universes—one riddled with fear; the other, dreamlike beyond belief—that we invest our attention in, and hence, create. If we choose the universe ridden by fear, we will undoubtedly be doomed to a tragic fate. If we recognize that the universe is in fact a collective dream, however, and choose to consciously step into the dream, we discover that the universe is malleable to our hands, which is to say that we have a hand (or two) in creating it. This is to begin to realize our intrinsic creative power, another one of the gifts offered us by the coronavirus outbreak.

    The coronavirus pandemic is a form of collectively shared trauma to which no one is immune. In a recent interview, Naomi Klein, author of The Shock Doctrine points out, “The shock really is the virus itself.” The virus is multidimensional—having a micro and macro aspect—in that it doesn’t just shock our system, it shocks “the system.” No one among us is untouched by its shattering impact both upon our lives and within our psyches. When we are shaken up by trauma, it can—potentially—be the impetus for a long-dreamed of transformation within our soul, as our inner constitution can be re-written in a way that helps us to become free.

    The coronavirus, by so shaking up our world, our ordinary routines as well as our psyches, is potentially “a lucidity stimulator” undreamed of until now, potentially catalyzing us to greater heights of lucidity. But being like a dream, how the coronavirus pandemic manifests within our minds—as nightmare or lucidity stimulator—depends upon what we do with what it has activated within us. The coronavirus can help us to remember that it is within ourselves where our true power and agency lies – another of its many gifts.

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    Default Re: Covid-19 (and flu!) Treatment and Prevention

    Nutrition and Natural Strategies Offer Hope Against COVID-19
    by Dr. Joseph Mercola
    March 29, 2020

    The only real defense against COVID-19 is your own immune system, which works best when fed right. While changing your diet is a commonsense solution for the long term, a rapid-response strategy would be to use vitamin C
    Vitamin C strengthens your immune system and kills pathogens, including viruses, when taken in high doses
    Other important immune boosting nutrients are vitamin D, magnesium and zinc
    A Korean doctor who’s giving patients and hospital staff 100,000 IUs of vitamin D and 20 to 24 grams of vitamin C by IV reports virus-infected patients are getting well in a matter of days
    If you own a sauna, now’s the time to put it to regular use. By increasing your core body temperature, which is what happens when you have a fever, your body becomes more efficient at killing pathogens
    In this interview, repeat guest Dr. Andrew Saul, editor-in-chief of the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, reviews what we currently know about vitamin C (ascorbic acid) for the prevention and treatment of novel coronavirus COVID-19.

    As noted by Saul, much of the information about vitamin C for the coronavirus is currently coming out of China. Meanwhile, in the U.S., a lot of nutritional advice is being censored and tagged as “fake news.”

    Mortality Rate Is Likely Vastly Overestimated
    At the time of this interview, March 17, 2020, COVID-19 has triggered mass hysteria — in the United States at least. Countries around the world, including the U.S., are also quarantining, closing down borders, implementing curfews and generally recommending or enforcing isolation of the populace.

    But this is all for the most part a preventive strategy. Are people infected? Yes. Are people dying? Yes. But we’re talking about deaths in the thousands, not hundreds of thousands or millions, as in pandemics of the past (think the 1918 flu pandemic, for example, which killed tens of millions around the world).

    I've spent hours each day for the past few weeks reading articles and listening to podcasts about the pandemic, and what hardly is ever mentioned — other than a tiny blurb — is that a massive part of the equation is the need for testing. Testing is the central core of a strategy aimed at flattening the curve, i.e., preventing or slowing the spread of the virus.

    Why? Because testing would give you a more accurate account of how many are actually infected. At present, mortality rates simply aren’t accurate, and may appear far more severe than they are. We’re being told what the mortality rate is based only on confirmed or suspected cases.

    When I interviewed Francis Boyle — whose background includes an undergraduate degree from the University of Chicago, a juris doctor (lawyer) degree from Harvard and a Ph.D. in political science — he said the mortality rate could be as high as 17%, whereas conventional estimates now say it’s between 2% and 3%.

    I believe all of these are wrong, and probably wrong by two or three orders of magnitude. The reason I say this is because there are a limited number of tests and very few people have been tested.

    Hundreds of millions of tests are needed to get a real idea of how many people are infected, which would then give us a better understanding of the mortality rate, meaning how many of those who get infected actually die. At present, they’re only testing those who present symptoms, which automatically skews the mortality statistics, giving us a falsely elevated mortality rate.

    As noted by Saul, “We may have a very large number of people … that are carrying the COVID-19 virus and having no symptoms whatsoever. And I would argue that if they eat right and take their vitamins, that's going to stop it from spreading.”

    There is not even a micro doubt in my mind that, by the time everything is said and done, more people will have died from car accidents than will die from COVID-19 in the U.S. this year.
    Natural Immunity Is Lifelong; Artificial Immunity Is Not
    In my view, the media have presented a shockingly distorted view of this pandemic, creating unnecessary fear. The entire world is now rapidly heading toward economic collapse, and the question is why, seeing how the death toll doesn’t seem to warrant it.

    More than likely, we’ll end up with a COVID-19 vaccine that will be added to the list of mandated annual inoculations. The problem with that is that even if the vaccine works well, it will only confer limited immunity to a virus that's going to mutate anyway. Developing natural immunity is far more ideal. As noted by Saul:

    “When you have natural exposure, whether you get sick or you don’t, you have not only immunity to that [viral strain], but you have an applicable broad immunity to more viruses in general. There's nothing like being sick to keep you from getting sick, which sounds a little bit weird but that's the way the human body works.

    When we were children we got measles, mumps, chicken pox — you name it, we got it. We were home for two weeks, we watched daytime TV, we went back to school and we have lifetime immunity …

    The fact of the matter is that natural immunity really does protect you very well, and your own immune system is the only way you fight any virus. And, the way to make your immune system strong is not, unfortunately, by vaccinating or taking a drug.”

    The reason for why recovering from infection confers lifelong immunity while vaccination does not has to do with the fact that your immune system has two branches — the cellular (T-cells) and the humoral (B-cells) — and both need to be activated for long-term immunity to be secured.

    When you get a vaccine, you only stimulate your humoral immunity, the B-cells. The T-cells are not stimulated. So, scary as it may sound, the best thing is to get the infection, and have a strong immune system to defend against it so you won’t even display any symptoms.

    While COVID-19 is a very nasty virus that can do a lot of damage, most people, and I’m thinking probably more than 98% of infected people, will not die or suffer long-term damage from it.

    “I agree with that,” Saul says, “because we're automatically going to be exposed to it and a lot of people aren't going to show symptoms. Some people will have a light case; in fact quite a few people who get it will have a very light case … The danger is the escalation to SARS and pneumonia, and this is the biggest threat for immune-compromised people and the elderly. This is where we have the fatalities; this is the biggest concern.”

    A Simple Technique to Quell Fear

    With everything that’s currently happening, and media increasing readership and profits by blowing things out of proportion, it’s very easy, even rational, to be afraid and anxious, which will dysregulate your autonomic nervous system.

    A simple technique that can help activate your parasympathetic nervous system, thus calming you down, is the Neuro-Emotional Technique’s First Aid Stress Tool, or NET FAST, demonstrated in the video above. Firstaidstresstool.com also provides an excellent printable summary with visuals of the technique,1 which even a young child can do. Here is a summary of the FAST procedure:

    While thinking about an issue that is bothering you, place your right wrist, palm up, into your left hand. Place three fingers of your left hand onto the area of your right wrist where you can feel your pulse.
    Place your open right hand on your forehead. Gently breathe in and out several times while concentrating on feeling the issue that bothers you.
    Switch hands and repeat Steps 1 and 2.
    Saul offers another free and simple stress-reducing technique he learned from a Native American. Simply go out, sit on the ground and lean against a pine tree.

    Vitamin C Boosts Immunity and Reverses Viral Pneumonia
    For now, the only real defense against COVID-19 is your own immune system. There’s no vaccine, and even if one is fast-tracked, there would be cause for caution, as we’d have no proof of effectiveness or safety.

    “Your immune system is infinitely adaptable. This is how nature made us,” Saul notes. “However, your immune system works better when it's fed right.” While changing your diet is a more long-term solution, a rapid-response strategy would be to use vitamin C.

    “Vitamin C is going to strengthen your immune system. This is in every nutrition textbook ever written, so we start with that,” Saul says. “The RDA in the United States is about 90 milligrams; in Korea and China it's 100 mg; in the United Kingdom it's a miserable 40 mg a day and we are sometimes not even getting that.

    Studies have shown that even 200 mg of vitamin C a day will reduce the death rate in elderly people with severe pneumonia by 80%. Studies have shown babies with pneumonia, when they get 200 milligrams of vitamin C — the adult equivalent of about 2,000 to 3,000 mg — they have an improvement in their oxygen levels in less than a day. The mortality goes down and the duration and severity of the illness is less.

    Now, it is not coronavirus per se that actually kills people, it is the pneumonia and the SARS, the severe acute respiratory syndrome, that can follow it. Most people that get coronavirus will have a mild case; some will have the virus and not have any symptoms at all. We don't even know how many those people are because they have no symptoms.

    Those who get COVID-19 that actually are sick are going to have the flu and it's going to be a nasty flu — it's going to be miserable. People will be sick for a week or two. The people at risk of dying tend to be the elderly and those that are immune-compromised.

    The media sort of skirts around this but this is where we have to start because the fear is based on dying. And when we have even a small amount of vitamin C, our risk of dying — even in the most severe cases — goes down.

    It is pneumonia and SARS that kills people and vitamin C has been known to be effective against viral pneumonia since the 1940s when Dr. Frederick Robert Klenner published a series of papers and was able to reverse viral pneumonia in 72 hours. Now, Klenner was a board-certified chest physician. He was a specialist and he published over 20 papers on this. The media has been silent on this therapy.”

    On Vitamin C Dosing
    More recently, Dr. Paul Marik has shown a protocol of intravenous (IV) vitamin C with hydrocortisone and thiamine (vitamin B1) dramatically improves survival rates in patients with sepsis. Since sepsis is one of the reasons people die from COVID-19 infection, Marik’s vitamin C protocol may go a long way toward saving people’s lives in this pandemic.

    That protocol calls for 1,500 mg of ascorbic acid every six hours, and appears radically effective. However, I would recommend taking even higher doses using liposomal vitamin C if you’re taking it orally. Liposomal vitamin C will allow you to take much higher dosages without getting loose stools.

    You can take up to 100 grams of liposomal vitamin C without problems and get really high blood levels, equivalent to or higher than intravenous vitamin C. I view that as an acute treatment, however.

    I discourage people from taking mega doses of vitamin C on a regular basis if they’re not actually sick, because it is essentially a drug — or at least it works like one. Saul adds:

    “What I suggest, and have for some 44 years of professional life, is to take enough vitamin C to be symptom free, and when you're well, that isn't very much. I knew one lady who would take 500 mg of vitamin C a day and she was just fine. [Another person] with multiple chemical sensitivity, she needed 35,000 mg a day. Any less and she wasn't fine …

    And, while we're [on this topic], a nice little charitable uplifting note is that Dutch State Mines or DSM of the Netherlands has donated 50 tons of vitamin C to [the city of] Wuhan [in China] — 106 million vitamin C tablets. And in China they are running three studies on using high-dose vitamin C as therapy, focusing primarily on people in intensive care.

    I'm in contact with Dr. Richard Chang. Chang is a Chinese American physician … He was in Shanghai for Chinese New Year visiting his family when all of this exploded.

    So, Chang has stayed in China and has been talking to hospitals and Chinese physicians who are showing tremendous interest in using vitamin C as prevention and cure. He’s been so effective that the government of Shanghai has issued official recommendations that vitamin C should be used for treating COVID-19.

    They are testing up to 24,000 mg a day by IV. Some of us think that's a little on the low side for people that are in the ICU. I would like to see 50,000 mg a day and there is a doctor … who has used 50,000 mg [on] quite a few people and we're getting more reports as we go.

    The updates will be at my Facebook page, The MegaVitamin Man. As they come in I put them up there. We can't get this into the mainstream media quite yet, but it's probably going to break and possibly by the time this report airs, it'll be all over the U.S media. Editor’s note: The New York Post, the fourth-largest newspaper2 in the U.S., broke this news March 24, 2020.3

    I would like to see that, but real doctors are using vitamin C right now. They're also doing it in Korea. Right in the center of the outbreak in Korea we're in contact with a doctor who has a small hospital and he has given a single shot of vitamin D — a big shot of about 100,000 units to each patient and every staff member — and also about 20 to 24 grams (24,000 mg) of vitamin C by IV. And he's reporting that these people are getting well in a matter of days.”

    Valuable Research Resources
    The Chinese researchers are also using other traditional Chinese medicines in addition to vitamin C, as well as conventional treatments you would expect to be done for anyone having breathing issues or pneumonia.

    For more information, Saul suggests perusing the Shanghai government's website using an online translator (as the website is in Chinese). You can find pertinent web links on the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service website,4 which has published 12 reports on various research findings in the past six weeks.

    “We're constantly updating and we have references to the literature and also links to the studies in China, and the names of the doctors doing this. If you go to my website, doctoryourself.com, you can click over and sign up for a free subscription to the peer-reviewed, noncommercial Orthomolecular Medicine News Service ...

    We even have the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service releases on this available now in French and Italian … and German, and some are now available in Korean and Chinese and Japanese. It’s also available in Spanish. So, this information is worldwide and it's been everywhere except on the United States television set,” Saul says.

    High-Dose Vitamin C Kills Viruses
    According to Saul, vitamin C at extremely high doses is an antiviral, it actually kills viruses, but to get that amount, you typically need an IV. So, just how does it kill viruses? Some believe vitamin C’s antiviral potential is the result of its anti-inflammatory activity.

    Inflammation contributes to the massive cytokine cascade that can ultimately be lethal. However, that’s not the whole story. Saul explains:

    “Dr. Robert Fulton Cathcart, a physician in California, is much more knowledgeable about this than I ever will be, so I always go to him. And Cathcart wrote in his papers — a number of which I have at doctoryourself.com so people can read them — [that] vitamin C is a non-rate-limited free radical scavenger …

    He and Dr. Thomas E. Levy also emphasize … that vitamin C is donating electrons and reducing free radicals, and this is primarily what's going on. Now, there are exceptions to that. When vitamin C gets into a cancer cell, it actually acts as if it were a pro-oxidant and that's because of the Fenton reaction. Checked; it is.

    And vitamin C will kill a cancer cell because cancer cells are different. They absorb vitamin C because it's very similar to glucose, it's almost the same size … With viruses, it's the same idea. Cathcart’s view is that you simply push in vitamin C to provide the electrons to reduce the free radicals, and this is the way Cathcart and Levy look at vitamin C's function (at very high doses) as an antiviral.

    At modest doses, normal supplemental doses … vitamin C strengthens the immune system because the white blood cells need it to work. White blood cells carry around in them a lot of vitamin C … So, vitamin C is very well-known to directly beef up the immune system through the white blood cells.”

    Boosting NADPH Is Also Important
    Personally, I don’t think this is the whole story, either, as vitamin C is a relatively weak electron donor. I’ll be interviewing Levy about this shortly. But, in my view, the top electron donor of the body is NADPH.

    So, boosting your NAD+ and NADPH levels is really important for health, as is inhibiting NADH oxidase (known as NOX). You can learn more about this in “Glycine Quells Oxidative Damage by Inhibiting NOX and Boosting NADPH.”

    NOX is what the enzyme in your lysosomes inside your white blood cells use to generate chemicals that actually kill viruses and bacteria. In the process, NADPH is being used up, so while inhibiting NOX is useful, increasing NADPH is key.

    If you have a genetic disorder known as G6PD deficiency, it means the pathway your body uses to make NADPH is impaired and, in this case, you have to be careful taking high-dose vitamin C.

    “At the Riordan Clinic, founded by Dr. Hugh Riordan, one of my mentors some years ago, they do screen for this,” Saul says.

    “And the Riordan clinic has actually said in their protocol — which I have in its entirely as a free download at doctoryourself.com, that People who have G6PD [deficiency syndrome] can take some vitamin C, and they have had safe success at around 15,000 mg a day. Dr. Suzanne Humphries, a nephrologist and internist, has also said that for short periods of time it's not an issue.”

    The Importance of Vitamin D

    Another crucial nutrient that may be even more important than vitamin C is vitamin D. The required dosage will vary from person to person here as well, and largely has to do with how much sun exposure you get on a regular basis.

    I’ve not taken oral vitamin D for over a decade, yet my level is right around 70 nanograms per milliliter, thanks to daily walks in the sun wearing nothing but a hat and shorts. So, the best way to determine your personal dosage is to get tested and to take whatever dosage you need to maintain a vitamin D level between 60 ng/mL and 80 ng/mL year-round.

    In the video above, pulmonologist Dr. Roger Seheult discusses the importance of vitamin D for the prevention of COVID-19. While there are no clinical trials investigating vitamin D for coronavirus specifically, there’s plenty of data showing it’s an important component in the prevention and treatment of influenza5 and upper respiratory tract infections.6

    As noted by Seheult, while vitamin D does not appear to have a direct effect on the virus itself, it strengthens immune function, thus allowing the host body to combat the virus more effectively.7 It also suppresses inflammatory processes. Taken together, this might make vitamin D quite useful against COVID-19.

    As explained by Seheult, robust immune function is required for your body to combat the virus, but an overactivated immune system is also responsible for the cytokine storm we see in COVID-19 infection that can lead to death.

    “What we want is a smart immune system — an immune system that takes care of the virus but doesn’t put us into an inflammatory condition that could put us on a ventilator,” Seheult says.

    He goes on to cite research8 published in 2017 — a meta-analysis of 25 randomized controlled trials — which confirmed that vitamin D supplementation helps protect against acute respiratory infections.

    Studies have also shown there’s an apparent association between low vitamin D levels and susceptibility to viral infections such as influenza. In one GrassrootsHealth analysis,9 those with a vitamin D level of at least 40 ng/mL reduced their risk of colds by 15% and flu by 41%, compared to those with a level below 20 ng/mL.

    Magnesium Calms Nerves and Boosts Immune Function
    Magnesium is another important immune booster. In addition to taking oral magnesium or eating lots of vegetables that contain it, another way to increase your magnesium level is to take Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) baths.

    “This is a wonderful way to relax,” Saul says. “At the end of the day, have a nice hot Epsom salts bath. You do get absorption through the skin. Plus, it feels good, calms you down, it's inexpensive, and no one can tell you that you're going to overdose on Epsom salt [through bathing] … So, an Epsom salts bath is a very pleasant way to get some magnesium.”

    Yet another little-known way to get magnesium is through molecular hydrogen tablets. The tablets contain metallic magnesium and when you put them in water, they dissociate into ionic elemental magnesium and form molecular hydrogen gas (which you then drink).

    You can get about 80 mg of ionic elemental magnesium from each tablet, which is a considerable amount. For comparison, taking 400 mg of an oral magnesium supplement might only give you 40 mg due to their poor absorption. Magnesium oxide has the lowest absorption rate at only 5% or so, which is why Saul recommends avoiding this form of magnesium.

    Zinc Lozenges to Treat Sore Throat and Colds
    Chances are, you know zinc lozenges are recommended when you have a cold or sore throat.

    “Just last night — again, this is the 17th of March — CBS Evening News in Chicago, Illinois, had a short segment on nutritional prevention of coronavirus, recommending you take vitamin D, vitamin C and zinc. So, we have finally, after seven weeks, gotten past the accusation of false information and fake news, and now it is on CBS.”

    Remarkably, prominent physicians have been paraded in the media saying it's impossible to strengthen your immune system to beat this virus. It’s hard to fathom this kind of ignorance still pervades our medical system — and that they can get away with criticizing people who offer proof to the contrary.

    Simulating Fever Can Help Kill Viruses
    Aside from nutrients, if you own a sauna, now’s the time to put it to regular use. By increasing your core body temperature, which is what happens when you have a fever, your body becomes more efficient at killing pathogens.

    So, by taking a daily sauna, you can preventatively treat any lingering pathogens in your system. That’s a very useful strategy and something I do pretty much every day I am home. Saul agrees, saying:

    “Nearly 100 years ago, Jethro Kloss, who wrote ‘Back to Eden,’ one of the early health nut books, recommended artificial fevers. They would bundle people up and put them in a hot bath … because fever can be that beneficial.

    Or you can do what the native Americans did and do … a sweat lodge, kind of the genuine American version of a sauna. Just one suggestion. When you pick the rocks that you're going to superheat, make sure they are all igneous rocks and not sedimentary rocks, because if they have the layered sediment, they will explode, and that is bad!

    So, make sure you have volcanic rocks, igneous rocks … they glow a nice red. It takes a long time to get the glow going, but then it lasts a long time as well. And while they are heating, you can build the lodge. This is a group activity. You're going to need help to build the lodge.”

    If you’re in the market for an electric sauna, do your research, as many (if not most) emit very high electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Unfortunately, many advertised as low-EMF saunas still have high magnetic fields, which are just as bad.

    More Information
    I agree with Saul when he says “We have to get the word out to people that prevention is working; vitamin C is working and we haven't heard about it.” For example, in Korea, where the death rate for the COVID-19 virus is below 1%, they’ve disseminated information about vitamin C.

    So, part of your preventive measures is to educate yourself about simple measures you can take from the comfort of your own home. Resources where you can find more information include Saul’s website, doctoryourself.com, which is free, noncommercial and peer-reviewed.

    “It's been up for 21 years now,” Saul says. “Doctoryourself.com has a very good search engine and it is not a Google search engine. You can use it as a site search and find whatever you're looking for. Without even scrolling down, the screen will show you a series of articles on COVID-19 — nutritional protocols with references to the doctors and the parts of the world where this is being used successfully right now.

    You can also go to Andrewsaul.com which is my commercial site. That's where I have my tuition-based courses that I offer, called the Megavitamin Formula Course. And you can go to the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service … and sign up free of charge.

    This is peer-reviewed, and I'm happy to say that Dr. Mercola is a member of our 42-member editorial review board. So, when I say peer-reviewed, we really mean it and I love having association with doctors who use, recommend and live good nutrition.

    For the most up-to-date information on the COVID-19 situation and nutritional therapies, see my Facebook page. But that will not come to you because it's restricted by Facebook, so you have to go to The Megavitamin Man or my name on Facebook. We have updates several times a day.”
    - Sources and References
    1 Firstaidstresstool.com
    2 24/7 Wall Street January 24, 2017
    3 New York Post March 24, 2020
    4 Orthomolecular Medicine News Service
    5 Can Fam Physician. 2015 Jun; 61(6): 50
    6 Endocr Pract. 2009 Jul–Aug; 15(5): 438–449
    7 Clinical Therapeutics 2017; 39(5): 930-945 (PDF)
    8 The BMJ 2017;356:i6583
    9 GrassrootsHealth.net, Vitamin D Reduces Colds and Flu
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Covid-19 (and flu!) Treatment and Prevention

    Someone put together a Google Drive Folder with over 40 free mental health resources (books, worksheets, workbooks, guides) to help others cope with anxiety/fear, addiction, depression, suicidal ideation and stress.


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    This is long, but good information:

    Matthew Wood Institute of Herbalism
    My updated report. Very long.
    Holistic View of CORONAVIRUS (COVID 19) Symptoms

    Matthew Wood Herbalist
    © copyright MMXX Matthew Wood
    but my permission to share
    I don't want Facebook to copyright it.

    Almost everyone agrees that dampness is at the core of this disease. All of the cases we have encountered so far display a thick, white, sticky tongue coating (Liu Lihong; translated by Heiner Fruehauf)

    It is now clear, if it wasn’t before, every case is different, there are different herbs in every household, and different skills. Use what you can--- hot water drinks if nothing else, and sometimes cold. Do what feels right to the person. Don’t “believe in the experts” like myself, but observe carefully with your own eyes (Matthew Wood)

    Thanks to Jen Ciccolella, Phyllis Light, Judy Leiblin, Sebastian Liew, Christine Dennis, and others.

    Introduction. The emphasis in this paper is on the symptoms and their interpretation and treatment from a holistic standpoint. That means energetic (hot, cold, damp, dry, tense, relaxed). This differs from the perspective taken by Stephen Buhner, who places more emphasis on the science of viruses and not on energetics, symptomology (as much) or personal clinical experience (mine is over 35 years). I recommend his writings as well as my own. Also, a blog on Covid and heat and cold by Leslie Tierra.
    I have been reporting on the symptoms of coronavirus from the holistic or energetic perspective since late January. Daily I have been modifying information based on increased data and understanding. The following relate mostly to the pulmonary symptoms. I am still catching up with the intestinal and other considerations. I believe I have had it, although I have not been tested – a mild case so don’t worry. I have never had a cough and the inflammation never went beyond the trachea, and has receded now to the head (glands, occipital congestion, which were already chronic with me due to Bartonella – which I consider worse than Covid for myself.) I very definitely had the fall/winter virus, so I know the difference.
    The first detailed paper from Chinese herbal/acupuncturist practitioners in China I had was, “Diagnosis and Treatment of Pneumonitis with a New Coronavirus Infection,” provided by Mayway herbs, forwarded to me by Jen Ciccolella. To this I added information from “Report from the Front Line in Wuhan,” by Liu Lihong, Institute for the Research and Preservation of Classical Chinese Medicine, Guanxi University of TCM, translated by Heiner Fruehauf, faculty, National University of Natural Medicine, College of Classical Chinese Medicine, Portland, OR (classicalchinesemedicine.org/report-from-front-line-wuhan).
    Finally, we have pictures of tongues and a good roundup of symptoms from John K. Chen, Ph.D., Pharm. D., O.M.D., L.Ac., “Medical Records from a Young and Brave Female Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor on Fighting the COVID-19, Part III,” (elotus.org, 11 March 2020). This is a pdf so I can’t reproduce here.
    At this point I have given advice in several cases of possible coronavirus; one serious case that was atypical (green bile instead of stool!—she’s okay), and one confirmed case. I have not taken a full case history as one really should because I have not had the time – literally.

    What is happening
    Herbalist Christine Dennis, NIMH, Port Burwell, Ontario, reports:
    “This virus attacks the surfactant cells in the alveoli and enter through the ACE2 receptors found there. The immune system in response stimulates fibroblasts to repair this thin membrane. There is an over production by the fibroblasts which now causes fibrosis. This is why the ventilators are needed to push gases back and forth across this membrane. 5% of people end up in critical care at this stage. Of those 5%, over 85% died from the merciful cytokine storm that ensues causing multi organ failure in a matter of just a few hours.” The cytokines are a necessary part of the immune process and are in an accelerated state from the beginning of the inflammatory response so they are not be feared.
    The alveoli are the little terminal air sacs in the “end of pipes” of the lungs. They exchange water and oxygen/CO2 from inside to outside the body. Blockage of the alveoli and fluids backs up water and blood in the pleural lining around the lungs and in the lungs themselves. David Laughing-Crow Gamble noted on my timeline: “We actually are seeing people die from what looks like drowning in their own blood and/or fluids at one of my local hospitals according to nurses and doctors I’m in touch with there.
    I think this is from (1) tension caused by the attack on the ACE 2 recepters, which disorder blood pressure, (2) erosion of the cilia (hairs of the lungs) which Covid virus attacks and destroys, (3) closure of the alveoli and backup of blood and fluids in the lungs, pleura, and elsewhere. The cilia are like a fine carpet of little brushy hairs that move the fluids upwards, or at least stop them from coming downwards. The drowning, comments herbalist Dawn Lacska-Tommerdahl, RN, “is part of the inflammatory response (pus, dead tissue, fluids to wash it out) not the cytokine storm, which is a different systematic process.”
    Also, if blood pressure does up more difficulty breathing from tension, and if it goes down, atonic flaccidity weakens respiration?
    Christine: “Blood test show that muscle tissue is being broken down so quickly, hence the severe aches and pains that people are experiencing and the liver enzymes” are somewhat high. So, we need to support the liver and cell metabolism here (what we herbalists call “liver remedies”) and the kidneys (processing protein wastes). I have definitely since the liver area in the tongue red in cases reaching the crisis or climax and experienced the diminished, dark urine of hard-working kidneys myself. More about that later.
    The virus has morphed genetically over a half dozen times (referring only to the major genome changes) and there are significant different presentations.

    The front line of the immune system is the “intrinsic epithelial barrier,” in other words the mucosal and dermal lining inside and out the body. Since I am searching quickly, I just gathered information on strengthening the epithelium of the intestines from a an article published in China. Positive agents include fatty acids, especially linoleic acid and oleanolic acid, fruits including citrus, several rosaceae (raspberry, apple, strawberries), herbs including Citrus peel, Astragalus, Sage (Chinese, probably also Western), Magnolia officinalis, Moringa, Coptis (similar to Goldenseal), Mango, butter, and other substances (Vargas-Robies, et al. “Beneficial effects of nutritional supplements on intestinal epithelial barrier functions in experimental colitis models in vivo,” World J Gastroenterol, 2019; wjgnet.com/1007-9327/full/v25/i30/4181.htm). Also supplement N-acetycholine, the substance from which cell membranes are made. Contained in lecithin and eggs.
    The layer under the epithelium should also be strengthened – this includes the mesothelium or connective tissue layer. The polymers of this layer provide the “tight junctions” between the cells and need to be healthy. Immune functions are also found in this level. This layer is strengthened by mucilages and the junctions tightened by flavonoids (rose family, for instance). Here I repeat from experience: the mucilages, Marshmallow Root, Fenugreek (especially because it is also warming and contains fatty acids), Opuntia, and Gotu Kola. Horsetail, though not mucilaginous, is excellent for strengthening the connective tissue.
    The endothelium is the layer beneath the epi- and mesothelium; it has been shown to be strengthened by Vitamin C (for example: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3869438/). CAM recommends the complete vitamin C, biomedicine just uses the ascorbic acid component. Complete vitamin C includes bioflavonoids.
    Therapeuticaly, modern medicine completely ignores the importance of the thermoregulatory system that opens and closes the pores of the skin, mucosa, and internal or serous membranes. This, however, is the basis of old-time and herbal medicine. The theory is: warm the center, thin the fluids, keep the pores of the surface open to discharge healthy secretions onto the epithelial surface--- not, as one would suppose, to close them. Warming, thinning/expectorating, and opening remedies: Lomatium, Angelica, Fenugreek, Elecampane, Hyssop, Pleurisy Root (not too warming but mild heart acitivty), and others. There is hardly anything in modern herbalism on this so I have to self-advertise: see my class on this on Matthew Wood Institute of Herbalism, Facebook).
    Elderberry is the most famous herbal antiviral but has come under fire for possibly creating a “cytokine storm,” which “might” be a factor in severe cases of coronavirus, according to experts. I think this theory is facetious (see Stephen Buhner, Donald Yance on the unscientific nature of the claims) but I feel elderberry should not be used when in stages that need heating unless combined with spices.
    Helichrysum or Rabbit Tobacco (Gnapalium obtusifolium) is another traditional antiviral. This is good throughout, for various reasons. For one thing, it prevents and (I believe) lessens established scar tissue. H and R Tobacco are cousins with identical or similar actions.
    Nigella sativa (Black Seed, Black Cumin) is about the most well-rounded, exhaustively studied immune tonic with the most ancient pedigree (see Mohamed Saleh. “Immunomodulatry and therapeutic properties of the Nigella saliva L. seed, Review,” International Immunopharmacology, 2005, 5: 1749-1770.) Also see traditional medicine account at greekmedicine.net
    There are many other herbs too numerous too recount.
    Supplements: Vitamins A, the Bs, C, and D. Not my area of expertise.
    General Philosophy: keep the skin and the bowels open---skin brushing, hydrotherapy, sauna. Keep the fluids from thickening.

    Clinical Observation Stage
    (This may be just an ordinary flu, not Covid 19).
    Symptoms: Typical flu symptoms, fatigue with gastrointestinal discomfort, fatigue with fever.
    Treatments: Contain as per above. Lomatium, Yarrow, Boneset, Angelica.

    Stage 1. “Early Stage:”
    Symptoms: Cold, dampness and functional depression. Fever or no fever, dry cough, itchy throat, chest tightness, nausea, fatigue. The tongue is pale or red, the fur is white, thick, and sticky.
    Liu Lihong writes, “Almost everyone agrees that dampness is at the core of this disease. All of the cases we have encountered so far display a thick, white, sticky tongue coating. Since our arrival in Wuhan, every one of us has observed an increase in sticky coating on our own tongues, as well as the onset of incomplete bowel movements.” Confirmation from the pulse: “Virtually everyone exhibits a slippery pulse” in the lung position confirming that “turbid damp obstructing the Lung is the main characteristic of this epidemic.” A distinctive feature is also the absence of expectoration of the phlegm. This causes “turbid phlegm to congeal into a rubbery and glue-like material that severely interferes with proper airway function and has no way out.” Liu Lihong concludes, “This is the most important reason for the lingering ‘stalemate’ quality of the disease, as well as the tendency to take a sudden turn for the worse.” My scientific niece comments, “the cytokines necessary in the immune response need heat to increase” and that is why heat treatments and symptoms are GOOD up to the point where the system breaks down and the cytokines are out of control.

    Treatment: At this stage warming remedies are indicated. Sore throat: Nigella, White Hoarhound, Helichrysum, Rabbit Tobacco. Thick white, adhesive coating and (sometimes) a pale tongue indicates a cold condition. Note the incomplete bowel movements. Strategies: thin and disperse the fluids, warm the interior and increase circulation (Lomatium, Angelica, Yarrow, Thyme, Fenugreek, Nigella), keep the skin open (Yarrow, Hyssop, Pleurisy Root), and bowels open (Fenugreek, Yellow Dock Root—though it is cooling it sometimes closes the tight junctions in the gut). Formula for sticky phlegm, thickened fluids: Pleurisy Root, Yerba Mansa, Red Root. Not the curative effects of Garlic and Onions listed below and the severe aggravation from taking strawberries).
    Warming resins are probably the most specific category and actually match the original Chinese description of the herbs indicated most clearly. Lomatium, Angelica, Osha, Garlic, Onion, Pine bark, needles, Spruce needles, conifer resins, etc.
    Coronavirus attacks the cilia (hairs) in the lungs: two remedies to protect, Mullein and Comfrey, probably also Fenugreek. The latter is an excellent expectorant.
    Compress on the chest: heat vodka, wet towel, place on chest, cover with blankets, sweat it out. Or, mustard plaster (careful; know how to do this).

    Holly. This is one thing I personally would not be without. I have used it myself. Ilex acquifolium (English Holly), the leaves and the flower essence (Bach) for severe exhaustion from Lyme co-infections and have found it a wonderful remedy. Life-saving, really. The berries are toxic, not the leaves. It is the main ingredient in Gan Mao Ling, the strongest Chinese antiviral (alongside Isatis). Acupuncturist Elle Geary concurs with me, having removed Holly from Gan Mao Ling. She says it is for when the virus has penetrated to the deepest, or heart level. (American Holly – Ilex opaca – can also be used). This is the Bach remedy for feeling irrational hatred or irrationally hated--- that’s how it feels, I can say from persona experience, when a virus is attacking your brain or heart (or both) in a mere five days after a tick bite or a few days after Covid starts up. Also, hatred, fear, and anxiety are common to this disease.

    Stage 2: "Plague closes the Lungs."
    Symptoms: Persistent body heat or cold and fever, nasal congestion, sore throat, dry cough, cough with little sputum, or yellow sputum, bloody sputum, bloating and constipation, chest tightness, shortness of breath, coughing < relief, tongue body is red with a greasy, yellow coating, and the pulse is slippery.

    Treatment. Although the symptom pictures come from China, I feel better giving Western herbs, which I know about. We need to keep the bowels and skin open, keep the liver and metabolism processing, thin the phlegm. Yellow Dock Root is a cooling slow laxative. Yarrow is cooling (and stimulating/warming) and penetrating and ---- “tough” (a strong herb for strong needs). To remove water and thin the mucus, Yerba Mansa (removes water), Pleurisy Root (opens pores), Hyssop (opens pores), Grindelia (thins, detaches mucus). Elecampane, super-expectorant. Warming, Garlic, Onion, Cayenne, Chai spices, kitchen herbs, Oregano, dried Ginger. Supplements: glutathione or n-acetylcysteine to support the liver. Formula: St. John’s wort, Dandelion, and Milk Thistle to support liver. Nettles: to help the protein wastes pass (if urine scanty and dark or clear and copious). We have one specific herb in Western herbalism that I know of for phlegm with no cough reflex: Boneset (Eupatorium perfoliatum). This is also a famous remedy for influenza, specifically with sharp chills or a chilly feeling like one is going to have a sharp chill, but nothing happens.
    Aimee Dewar writes, “Hyssop is one I often turn to in tea blends for tight coughs with thick, stuck mucus. I use it as a minor player with things like mullein, plantain, violet, etc., to blance it our energetically.

    CASE HISTORY, better from warmth. (Italy, confirmed Covid 19). This illustrates the importance of hot remedies thoroughout, in some cases. Notice the severe aggravation from cooling remedy. An heroic wife writes (slightly edited, she other stuff to do than correct punctuation):
    The symptoms began but were not noticed for a few days. I noticed on the 19th The tips of his hands were becoming blue like there was no blood flow to that part. Slight fever (I didn't measure it) but he felt mildly hot on touch. But the most challenging symptom was difficulty breathing — which took him to the ER. Chest congestion; he progressed from lying down and feeling relief to lying down and feeling no relief at all. Talking was a struggle. He says the pain made him angry to even talk to me. [Note: Camomille]

    Treatment: Common to all days
    I made the room constantly hot and got an extra electric heater which was turned to his chest region. And he was laying under an electric blanket. Substituted drinking water to teas where I just put like 3 bags of cinnamon tea, green tea and indian black tea together. Changed clothes and beddings every day and gave hot baths. I didn't practice isolation (we slept in same bed, I was constantly with him) but ensured daily we both changed clothing and I also took everything I gave him in smaller quantities. Sanitized my hands and door handles, bathroom after every bath.

    Day 1.
    I had just few items around me like onions and garlic so I started him on a fresh garlic clove. He felt relief after about 4 minutes after eating (I counted this) but the pain and congestion came back within 30 mins. I thought to add something more so I made a garlic, ginge,r and strawberry finely cut in honey (he didn't like and only took this on the first day this so I dont think this worked for him). Had to rush him to the ER because he could not breathe, was very anxious and panicking. He spent all day there and all tests were conducted where a potential diagnosis of covid 19 was made and a lung xray showed" an inflamed bronchi. At the end of the day, ER nothing could be done and was asked to go home and stay indoors isolating self for 14 days and call a particular number if the chest congestion continued the next day. An official diagnosis of "cough and chest congestion was made." covid 19 tests was done and the results was not given to him but to be communicated to him later the next day.
    He was never coughing and did not cough at all except during steam sessions. We knew he had the virus because over the next days the chest congestion continued but we didn't call the number because we wanted to try with garlic for one week to see if it goes away and if not then we call the emergency number. Meals were soups and green veggie broths with a lot of hot spices and chilli peppers (cant remember the exact spice ingredient in the hot spice mix as I got them grounded from a friend a long time ago). I had just few items around me like onions and garlic so I started him on a fresh garlic clove. He felt breathing relief after about 4 minutes but it persisted. I gradually increased the garlic and added in practically everything. This episodes usually began during the evenings and lasted up until 3 am before falling asleep. Within this time I am either given him hot teas to drink,massages with teas extract and more garlic. Teas and steam coverings with garlic, ginger, onions and garlic peels, citrus peels induced sweating and after this a hot bath followed by more tea and garlic.

    Day 8. Yesterday he sat in the sun for 2 hours (not directly in the sun but just by the window) and he felt so much better with no symptoms and was so excited. This is the 8th day and he feels so much better, but noticed slight breathing difficulty and slight pain at the lower sides of the ribs. Just got mullien tea today. He drank the first cup and I want to continue with this plus the garlic. I noticed after teas etc he had frequent bowel movements and urination and lots of white sputum.
    My symptoms currently: a slight dull pain In the chest which upon eating garlic gets very hot. I drink as much tea and hope to continue this. Sorry the write up is not properly arranged. Had to rush through this.

    Peter Main-Jackson, NIMH, herbal teacher at naturopathic college in London: “the Sherpas in Nepal apparently use garlic to enable oxygen absorption at high altitude.”

    CASE HISTORY, better from cooling. Note the almost deadly aggravation from strawberries (high in histamine and very cold in the preceeding) but here is a case of apparent Covid 19 where the woman ("E") was worse from warmth and better from cold. Note: both she and I had the earlier fall-early winter flu and can differentiate that one from what she has now. We both got over that one with elecampane, which she came up with.
    E: experimenting with rosa damascena essential oil in jojoba on the chest for the lungs/pnemonia symptoms as I think lomatium is too hot for me and I do not have nigella. Decided to approach covid-19 from its angry center and see if this could energetically help as I am looking for another herb in the cabinet to help.
    Matthew: I suggested adding cinquefoil, since I saw a remedy from someone in No Ca. with rose/cinquefoil called "heart opener.” When I find the label again I will attribute to her.
    E: Absolutely- I am finding the rose oil is working and I will head into my cupboard for cinquefoil. I did apply just a small amount to my sternum and it has lightened the coughing and the heaviness in my chest. The rose has removed the grimness that came with the heavy chest and cough. Just the first day with the cinquefoil added so who knows. The main point is: rose is cooling; she needed cooling.

    CASE HISTORY, initially better from warmth, but it was too much. M A writes, “I finally tested positive after waiting several days, and about 10 days in since symptoms slowly came on. It was so suppressed and dry that it felt like a tickle almost until it moved deeper into my lungs, never once becoming wet or depressed except in my throat.”
    The opposite of myself – MW. Dry itch in throat.
    I made the major mistake of overheating my center and drying myself out, which aggravated and atrophied my lungs and chest to an ongoing painful experience.
    I’ve since moved to a combo of lemon balm, rose, and borage [mucilageinous, cooling], with mallow and mullein. Pleurisy root very small drop doses when I feel any airway wheezing or dry constriction. Mostly because all of these are in my garden and y apoethcary wasn’t bvery well stocked for this.
    I’ve kept up with a nitric oxide supplement and heavy A and D vitamins, occasionally adding reishi back into the mix in moderate doses.

    Stage 3: "Severe Period:"
    “Closed in and out."
    Indications: “Dyspnea or asthmatic ventilation, unconsciousness, irritability, cold sweaty limbs, dark purple tongue, thick greasy or dry fur, large pulses without roots.”
    Interpretation: These people should be in the hospital. I have never seen a client with a dark purple tongue in thirty-five years of practice. If possible, keep open the skin so the water doesn't flow into the chest. Keep the blood circulating, blood stasis (purple tongue), cold, sweaty limbs.

    Remedies: warming, stimulating, resinous: still Yarrow, Hyssop, Angelica, Lomatium, Cayenne, conifers, etc.

    My friend Dawn Lacska-Tommerdahl, herbalist, writes, “I am an RN and herbalist and I have talked to an RN and Cardiologist in NY and they are seeing people “drowning” in the fluids in in their lungs. Many of them are on the Stryker Prone bed, meaning the way they are able to drain the lungs is by making people lay face dwon. The ‘cytokine storm’ is happening in about 50% of those patients and is ‘normally’ a rare type of hyper inflammable condition. Not much to do herbally once intubated and in this storm.” Autopsies of SARS victims from the old epidemic show saturation of the lower lungs with water, pleura filled with water, some pleuritis, slight hemorrhaging (Lost reference).

    Maya Shetreat writes, “huge additional issue I’m seeing discussed among my medical colleagues across the country that is taking many lives of the young: cardiac arrhythmias. This virus is thought to cause a viral myocarditis that leads to an arrhythmia and sudden death. Usually patients with syncope without severe respiratory symptoms, person gets evaluated and sent home, and then within a day or even a week or more has another such event leading to sudden death by way of cardiac arrest.” David Laughing Crow-Gamble adds, “We have a problem here – if a person doesn’t meet the qualifications to be tested they’re not, and it’s hard to get the test.” And in that area they aren’t tested because “they’re all too young.” So they are not getting reported as part of the epidemic either.
    Herbal treatment for the heart: I have personally used Wild Cherry bark for irregular, weak pulse. Small doses; it will cause this in as little as one cup of the tea. Also, Sweet cherry brandy or vodka, similar properties. Hildegard von Bingen’s Parsley Honey Wine (on the net) is excellent for a weak heart – I’ve taken that too; saved my life I believe and I have talked to two Covid (self diagnosed) who used that with good result. Also, Linden flowers for autoimmune disease such as an autoimmune myocarditis. These people may be the ones who would respond to the Honeysuckle, Scutellaria, Forsythia cooling formula of Chinese herbalism.

    Scar tissue: Helichrysum or Rabbit Tobacco; the other symptoms.

    Stage 4: Recovery period.
    They lived, they made it, but they are exhausted and depleted. “Deficiency of lung and spleen Qi.” Symptoms: shortness of breath (but now more from exhaustion than from closure), fatigue, anorexia, nausea, fullness, “weak stools,” unpleasant irrigation [evacuation?], pale tongue, and greasy fur. Astragalus and Codonopsis are in the Chinese formula. Gruel. Oatmeal. Slippery Elm bark.

    The better the elimination the better the interior. The better the circulation, the better elimination. The better the metabolism, the better the breakdown of waste products.

    Symptom not observed in the clinical reports. Many people feel the “heart opening up;” a feeling of expansion in the upper chest, maybe even a short tachycardia. Phyllis Light suggests this may be due to the thymus expanding to make T cells. It seems the virus “attacks the heart.” Death is usually by heart attack or lungs closing up.

    Contraindications. Some people cannot take immune tonics, blood-thinners, or St. John’s wort, so check for contra-indications. There is a concern that Elder is dangerous because it might increase a cytokine storm. All evidence indicates there is no such thing going on with Covid 19 and this is, anyway, a theoretical opposition not founded on good research and not ever observed in case histories.

    Kidney Support
    Remedies to increase inhalation. In Chinese herbalism the kidneys are responsible for "grasping the qi in the lungs," or increasing the strength of inhalation. Many can testify that this is true. So, we may need the remedies used here. The type remedy in TCM is Gecko lizard. No idea if you can get that or if appropriate. For asthma. More subtle: Schizandra, for asthma and sleep apnea, strengthens the kidneys. Nettles, for sleep apnea, increases iron, hemoglobin, so the lungs can grasp more oxygen and of course strengthens the kidneys---but is therefore drying to some. That's all I know from experience. Phyllis Light and I had a fun time speculating that climbing vines grasp the air---wild yam, sarsparilla, crossvine, perhaps even grapevine. Please give feedback if this idea works or does not.

    Note the addition by Pierluigi Campidoglio, in Italy: "Matthew I report here some little excerpts from the recently bought "Western herbs in Chinese Medicine" [by Thomas Avary Garran] (Passiflora Press):

    "Stinging Nettle seed is used for kidney qi vacuity and depleted essence leading to lethargy, fatigue, loss of appetite, weight loss, muddled thinking, low sex drive, etc. Stinging Nettle seed is sweet and slightly bitter. This is a common combination of flavors for medicinals that supplement such as renshen. Sweetness nourishes, while the slight bitterness gently drains in order to prevent stagnation from the supplementing action."
    "Dioscorides (2000, trans.) states, “A decoction of the seed (taken as a drink with passum [raisin wine]) is an aphrodisiac and opens the womb. Mixed in with honey it helps asthma, pleurisy and pneumonia, and fetches up stuff out of the chest."
    "Gerard continues his discussion on Stinging Nettle seed’s use for lung complaints with: “It is good for them that cannot breathe unless they hold their necks upright, and for those that have the pleurisy, and for such as be sick of the inflammation of the lungs...” What is interesting about this statement is that he is very specific in the condition necessary for the patient to breathe, which suggest evidence of a kidney qi vacuity. If the patient must sit up straight in order to breathe, this suggests that the kidney qi is too weak to draw the breath in and down." EXCELLENT Observation and indication.
    This fits my knowledge of nettle (weak in the heart, lung and kidney pulses; weak feet).

    Schizandra is well-established as a lung remedy; it strengthens respiration, deepens the breath, and reduces coughing (which we don't need in Covid). As an adaptogen it has been used to improve stamina and resistance to acute diseases or to reduce the length of the sickness. Note: the fluid symptoms don't match a lot of Covid cases.
    Huang Huang, 50 Medicinals (2008), is an empiricist who prefers “specific indications” derived from historical and personal experience and therefore attempts to define the action of medicinal agents according to their most characteristic symptomology. Schizandra is indicated in cough, “counterflow” where qi ascends in the lungs, and difficulty breathing. The patient has difficulty breathing when lying flat, and is better from breathing while propped up. There may be chest distention, “frog-like rales” or “wheezing sound in the throat, breathing with an open mouth and raised shoulders.” There is no trouble when sitting quietly, but panting may occur upon starting activity. In severe cases there will be fluid loss with sweating, restless sleep, excessive dreaming, confused dreams, flusteredness, palpitations, seminal emissions, aching of the lumbar vertebra and knees, and diarrhea. A symptom called “veiling” may occur, as if something were veiling the eyes and head, with foggy brain and “flower vision” (Huang, 2008, 465-7).

    Seán Pádraig Donahue " think of Matthew Wood's indication of Solidago for tired kidneys and wonder if that translates to its treating kidney failing to grasp the lung Qi, which is one of the traditional indications for Schizandra . . as for lung moistening I go with the Asparagaceae family plant roots (Shatavari, Solomon's Seal, and the very underrated roots of garden Asparagus), Mullein, Pleurisy Root, and Marshmallow. Cinnamon as a tea in a pinch."

    Case History. Jessie Belden, a young but very skillful herbalist in Minneapolis (The Medicine Tree herb store), writes, “The kidneys have been huge for me in this illness. Week one my kidneys were constantly aching – like they were being attacked! I started Nettle infusions with a pinch of mashmallow and licorice root and they were all better . . . still though, the trouble with inhalation persisted. I have been on Cordyceps since the beginning, but I have recently upped the dose and it seems to be supporting the breath more.

    Steve Kippax, “the other to help the kidneys grasp the qi is walnuts. . . which most folk find more acceptable than geckos.” Prominent UK herbalist.

    “Tortured to capture the breath,” a friend of Dr. Bach (lost reference). Also, Cinquefoil (see case history above).

    St. John’s Wort, Dandelion Rt, Milk Thistle.
    Agrimony, Cinquefoil
    Blessed Thistle

    Gravel root--- not a well known indication.

    Helichrysum, Rabbit Tobacco, Teasel.
    The world is changed... I feel it in the water... I feel it in the earth... I smell it in the air...
    Much that once was is lost, for none now live who remember it.

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    Default Re: Covid-19 (and flu!) Treatment and Prevention

    I can possibly help someone who actually is in FEAR of this covid19. Things like this have occurred previously in time. I have mental/spiritual tech to help if anyone reaches for it. If not that is fine. I am just offering. No guarantees, cures or promises.

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    Default Re: Covid-19 (and flu!) Treatment and Prevention

    If true that the virus does not like hot weather, I wonder if putting clothing or masks that may have been exposed into a clothes dryer would help. Has anyone read any discussion about this? Time in the clothes dryer?

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    Default Re: Covid-19 (and flu!) Treatment and Prevention

    Quote Posted by Ron Mauer Sr (here)
    If true that the virus does not like hot weather, I wonder if putting clothing or masks that may have been exposed into a clothes dryer would help. Has anyone read any discussion about this? Time in the clothes dryer?
    It may be worth a try! But that hope may be in question. Most of Ecuador's 2,300 cases are in Guayaquil, which is on the coast just south of the equator. The weather there right now is 80ºF with 76% humidity.

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    Default Re: Covid-19 (and flu!) Treatment and Prevention

    Quote Posted by Bill Ryan (here)
    Quote Posted by Ron Mauer Sr (here)
    If true that the virus does not like hot weather, I wonder if putting clothing or masks that may have been exposed into a clothes dryer would help. Has anyone read any discussion about this? Time in the clothes dryer?
    It may be worth a try! But that hope may be in question. Most of Ecuador's 2,300 cases are in Guayaquil, which is on the coast just south of the equator. The weather there right now is 80ºF with 76% humidity.
    Michael Osterholm is asked this question (about heat) at 15:20 in his 10 March interview with Joe Rogan, here. In short, Osterholm says it won't help.


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    Default Re: Covid-19 (and flu!) Treatment and Prevention

    Ozone REVERSES Critically Ill COVID Patients in China, and VERY RAPIDLY
    Dr. Rowen Vaccine Impact News

    "Just Received: Ozone REVERSES Critically Ill COVID Patients in China, and VERY RAPIDLY

    If I were given a chance, I strongly believe we could end this nightmare in a few weeks and restore the economy.

    My comments are in brackets [ ]

    Ozone Autohemotherapy—-A new trial for Novel coronavirus pneumonia
    Patient gender: male, 56 years old. He was sent to hospital due to the fever symptom. The nucleic acid testing for the Novel coronavirus was positive, PaO2 74.8mmHg, [Rowen note- this number, 74.8 indicates gravely diseased lungs. The number should be near 100] oxygenation index 80.43, SaO2 95%, Chest CT: ground—glass opacity [really really bad]. The patient was a critical patient.

    Specialist consultation team decided to use Ozone Autohemotherapy as follows: ozone concentration 30ug/ml, draw 100ml blood from the patient and mix the blood with the ozone, then transfuse the blood into the body.

    The index after 3 hours, PaO2 99.2mmHg [outstanding improvement, only in 3 hours], oxygenation index 132.3, SaO2 98% [this is saturation of blood. 98% is just fine].

    The patient felt good, and had a relieved symptom. [Not bad for a critical patient]

    After 10 pass of the Ozone Autohemotherapy, PaO2 134mmHg, oxygenation index 462, SaO2 100% (2LPM oxygen flow Nasal Tube in Oxygen Treatment)


    1. Ozone inactivates virus and bacteria.
    2. Improve the body hypoxia
    3. Stimulation and regulation of the immune system

    All patients with Ozone Autohemotherapy treatment:

    1 critical patient, received 10 pass Ozone Autohemotherapy treatment. He felt very good, the index improved and recovered.

    1 critical patient, received 2 pass Ozone Autohemotherapy treatment, and improved to normal patient. Fully recovered.

    1 normal patient, received 1 pass Ozone Autohemotherapy treatment. Fully recovered.

    1 normal patient, received 1 pass Ozone Autohemotherapy treatment. Fully recovered.

    The above information was provided by Dr. Shi Kemei from the second hospital of Tianjin medical university, Tianjin, China.

    [Rowen note: In my opinion it is beyond malevolent that our system, the disease maintenance system, and the mass media, has totally blacked out the most incredible therapy in the world. Our Rulers are bought out. (My personal opinion.)

    To me we are dealing with a pack of ruthless thugs who have hijacked American medicine generating blood money at YOUR risk and expense or your lives and wallets, and now, livelihoods.

    Please stuff this information to your local media, the mass media, talk show hosts, and more.

    Today I heard Mark Levine, a conservative talk show host beat up on Bernie Sanders for Bernie’s hitting on Pharma.

    I detest socialistic policies. But Pharma is evil, and Sanders certainly has a point on this matter. Levine was ignorantly touting the wonders of Pharma coming to our aid and saving countless lives with vaccination and that we should be supporting Pharma and praising the industry.

    I could not believe my ears. I can forgive him. He just doesn’t know. But he should know better before mouthing off about vaccination to a public audience.

    He has a duty. Perhaps some of you can get to him about this. Perhaps some of you can get to other major talk show or radio hosts. Please try. Your life might hang in the balance.

    There is a cure out there for COVID. Fast, simple, Essentially 100% safe. And depending on method used, can be quite cheap. So far, every patient I have heard about who has received ozone therapy for this disease has recovered, including the two critically ill patients here.

    This preliminary report exactly mirrors my YouTube Video of a month ago telling you what would happen when ozone therapy would meet COVID.]
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Covid-19 (and flu!) Treatment and Prevention

    More hopeful treatment stories.

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    Default Re: Covid-19 (and flu!) Treatment and Prevention

    Hate to sound so trite,, but there is so much info coming every hour and these hour long vids are very hard to take in.

    is there any way for these vids to be edited for the pertinent content? or at least the important time sections noted?



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    Default Re: Covid-19 (and flu!) Treatment and Prevention


    The novel coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic is rapidly advancing despite public health measures. Pharmaceutical prophylaxis is an established approach to potentially control infectious diseases and is one solution to the urgent public health challenge posed by COVID-19. Screening and development of new vaccines and antivirals is expensive and time consuming while the repositioning of available drugs should receive priority attention as well as international government and agency support. Here we propose an old drug chloroquine (CQ) to be urgently repositioned as an ideal antiviral prophylactic against COVID-19. CQ has ability to block viral attachment and entry to host cells. Its proven clinical efficacy against a variety of viruses including COVID-19 and its current deployment in COVID-19 therapeutic trials strengthens its potential candidacy as a prophylactic. Furthermore, CQ has a long safety record, is inexpensive and widely available. Here we reviewed CQ's antiviral mechanisms, its laboratory efficacy activity against COVID-19, as well as CQ's pharmacokinetics in its established use against malaria and autoimmune diseases to recommend safe and potentially efficacious dose regimens for protection against COVID-19: a pre-exposure prophylaxis of 250-500mg daily and post-exposure prophylaxis at 8mg/kg/day for 3 days. We recommend further urgent research on CQ for COVID-19 prevention and urge that the above regimens be investigated in parallel with mass deployment by relevant agencies in attempts to contain the pandemic without unnecessary regulatory delays as benefits far outweigh risks or costs.

    The medical professionals referred to a recent medical paper written by Dr. Raymond Chang of the Institute of East-West Medicine in New York and the National Taiwan University Hospital in Taiwan which concluded that Hydroxychloroquine was the best available treatment for COVID-19. Chang wrote: “Here we propose an old drug chloroquine (CQ) to be urgently repositioned as an ideal antiviral prophylactic against COVID-19. CQ has ability to block viral attachment and entry to host cells. Its proven clinical efficacy against a variety of viruses including COVID-19 and its current deployment in COVID-19 therapeutic trials strengthens its potential candidacy as a prophylactic. Furthermore, CQ has a long safety record, is inexpensive and widely available.”

    The medical professionals continued, “HCQ has the ability to prevent the virus from entering the cell, as well as to prevent the virus from replicating. HCQ has the unique factor of being able to accumulate high concentrations in the lungs (specifically where it is needed). What is also appealing is the long duration (22-day half-life) of HCQ in the body. These factors make it promising for early treatment if ingested days before the virus is introduced.

    More: “A nationwide program of early treatment with HCQ, along with concurrent isolation may reap exponential benefits. The existing record of HCQ, its promise of efficacy in the treatment of COVID-19 and low costs make the risk to benefit ratio well worth the effort.”

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    Default Re: Covid-19 (and flu!) Treatment and Prevention

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    Default Re: Covid-19 (and flu!) Treatment and Prevention

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    Default Re: Covid-19 (and flu!) Treatment and Prevention

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    Default Re: Covid-19 (and flu!) Treatment and Prevention

    Truth and Fiction Coronavirus | Gregg Braden
    Disclaimer: Gregg Braden is not a doctor and is in no way providing medical advice or suggestions of any kind whatsoever. Please contact your heath care provider regarding adding any supplements or changes to your diet, exercises or life choices.
    We're living a new reality--a new and evolving normal that has been triggered by the world-wide pandemic of 2020. I've built this brief and concise presentation for you, to help you understand the catalyst for this global event: what it is; what it means for you and your family; why you are "wired" for times like these; and what you can expect in the weeks to come.
    Check out this amazing Facebook Live interview with London Reel https://www.facebook.com/LondonReal/v...

    I found this presentation very helpful and it has changed my viewpoint in part.
    The virus is more dangerous than some previous ones particularly to the elderly but the immune system can deal with this assuming a healthy system.
    Gregg has explained very clearly what this virus is and what to do about it.

    Be well
    Be kind to all life, including your own, no matter what!!

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