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Thread: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    “Hey! Mr. Tambourine Man, play a song for me
    I’m not sleepy and there is no place I’m going to
    Hey! Mr. Tambourine Man, play a song for me
    In the jingle jangle morning I’ll come followin’ you”

    A Life for a lifetime( Ch 3.)

    Life after survival determines our historical role as a race on this territory called earth, and after prominent epochs of survival that forced man to live in the background of facts and events, life has fulfilled history in a kind of narrative of a story, and now the definition of inhabitant of the planet also implies progress in the nature of facts and events in our condition of hunters and warriors, in the conquest of outer space, where everything becomes truly cosmic for any gram of science. So, we may have to think more.

    And some would ask, "So how did we get here?" If, I would avoid ignorance, I would answer only for myself in a succinctly sad irony: "favoritism" while others would say: "we drowned in our own destiny", but also, nothing is not necessarily true.
    Perhaps a small piece of truth would be that between the instinct to fight or revenge, regardless of reward, and to bring justice to the catalytic and revolutionary world of our being, docility in the supremacy of decency to honor wisdom should bring by design, justice through every thread of life.

    The danger or reward offered in the field of a fight or travel is divided in two as far as we are concerned: what we have and what we can.
    The people of a planet should be the ones who submit to meet the true needs of others in a healthy and harmonious way, for an ideal that can exceed the basic requirements of just survival, but in accordance with the contribution of all in the absence of a leader.
    In my opinion, being random on both sides of it-leadership does not save, it divides; and from this we learn nothing more from it than to separate from one another.
    The feeling of belonging to life should not be on a list of choices, the civilization of a planet should be a simple term, not a false or pretentiously divided one.

    We have learned to be territorial, whole epochs of turmoil and sacrifice; maybe the time will come when our territory will be protected by the very consecration of our existence here peaceful.
    We can admire more other con-foreign civilizations with the greatest respect, but in ourselves imitation can be useless and even wrong placed.
    The functionality of human nature is so natural and possible in all ways, but the real and hard work in favor of the true evolution satisfactory for all, can only be done through solidarity and common effort, maybe that's why we are here now.
    No snowflake in an avalanche ever feel responsible(Voltaire) because no snowflake ever falls in the wrong place.

    When we ask a child, "What do you want to do when you grow up?" the answer differs, the options come later and destiny varies.
    In our world of children, the answer still resonates with change, maturation or awakening, and this is a kind of goal that supports the evolution over time, so courage is always in our nature in the circuit of survival.

    To the question, "What is life to us?" Something will always answer before we choose the answer. Apart from the debt we have, apart from all the answers we have conquered and deserved, we are protected in the same way as the grass is for the earth, the birds for the sky and the fish for the water.
    “What is life in the role of life?” The reflection helps us to get out of the role of life in its contemplation seen from outside it, in the implication of the inner content.
    You cannot explain the phenomenon of life by anti-words or even by definitions.
    The definitions rushed from an unknown position, distort our energy content of truth.

    Life is still the only fortune of all, the translators of everyone's feelings are still us and the meaning lives somewhere in its title.
    As for my duty, I can say that the art of the word, it is the most insignificant part of my profession as a human being, while we should maybe not walk after and for the coronation of the mind hidden in the world but after the opening of the heart destined for the sun, form is the soulful case of feeling the heart, a perfection that will always attract the wonderful, mysterious and revealed content in the very form of life for a whole infinite life.

    Between two lines, in front of events, or billions of silence in front of facts, the idea of life is a very simple state in fact. We waste all our energy on a single sheet of paper, in a geometric plane of manifestations, but in fact the energy is written in another space. Therefore, I personally prefer metaphorical transcendence from a periodicity of predominantly clear continuous relational flow.
    It puts my me to work in favor of opening my heart to a whole world. Despite the realities, not as a preference, but as experience, I always say freely that spatiality cannot be drawn on a paper, it is as if I were drawing an atomic particle still calling it an atom, while it exists everywhere.
    The energies are life, they are alive, they are everywhere, they are between me and you, they are inscribed in the cosmo-spatial receptivity of what we now call so beautiful the universe, and even if it is said that perfection has nothing to do with art, however, somewhere in the soul base, we know the language of life 20 times and we always perfect it 7 times from a perpetual reflex.

    We must, by choice, learn how to take from life only as much as we need to propagate it in the vitality of its importance further, the quantum offers, awaken, postpones, certifies but does not forgive.
    Unfortunately, among many others, perfection does not attract attention, except in known procedural allure.
    The talents to understand life are extremely many, and each epoch assures them as if its specific kind of affective talent itself, we are always behind with the opinion about life, because we are busy with its transit, we are not even at its end of where we can take it from the beginning, but also not at the beginning of the phase in which we have the option to make some commitments. It's possibly terrifying, but overall beautiful.
    When we say that it is not good to look at the past, we look then at the future, in the middle it is always too complicated and simple, because it involves a certain responsibility.
    Apart from the idea of life, however, human beings are face to face with the material subject itself; the phenomenon of life exists in absolutely everything we can know or not; self-discovery is an occasion for celebration but must always be born for the benefit of propagation because at the birth of awakening, we must not confuse the assistance of birth, with the event of the miracle of life which is fundamentally different revealed.

    The labyrinth of life can sometimes turn obstacles into opportunities and positive communication, so, we can, make a difference, we still have emotional freedom and a good opportunity to live authentically.
    We have self-esteem through respect for others, not as a theory of daily challenge, but as a dance of connection in the natural attitude of love, we are aware of the spiritual bridge, and even if apparently the world seems to sell thoughts , images, words and a life, human potential is an education of a dream that once became a harmonious reality in the chance of an eternal beginning of the future.

    I am just a human being who plants trees, the synchronicity in the Cartesian-Newtonian world workshop, offers us the fantastic cinematic occurrence interconnected by the world far from it, of the play generically called Life.

    By day illuminating my darkness in a shadow on earth and by night darkening my light supporting the idea of life in the cosmos,

    Take care!

    Cu dragoste si dedicatie,
    semnez cu aceeasi Anca
    Every human is a question asked to the Spirit of the Universe,again and again,because every human is an endless row of humans and in all humans together dwelling the Great Human Spirit.

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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    The world sings!!

    Can you imagine what your life would look like without music? For most of us, living without all those wonderful songs and compositions is simply unimaginable. In fact, to almost all of us, music is a central element of life. Just like a good soundtrack accompanies a wonderful movie, music accompanies you throughout your entire life. During the ups and downs of life, there will always be those masterpieces that fully describe what you’re feeling at the present moment. There is music that lifts you up when you’re sad and music that keeps you going despite all the difficulties.

    Celebrate the power of music, it’s therapy for the soul, experience the wonderful and beautiful articulate life-changing benefits of music.
    Sing your song for all of us!

    “Where words leave off, music begins.” Heinrich Heine

    “Music is the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the heart..”Pablo Casals

    (A personal note)

    (I say hello music!
    I dedicate the moment of the presence of the spirit in sublime treasures of truth in the power of love of life and source of blessing from the grace of light and word of fulfillment, fulfilling our dreams in everything about this Earth and Universe for the prosperity of the human species on this Earth and implicitly through Universe!

    In the sphere of the influence of being one of the living beings of this planet, and I have all the vital functions in order and the human senses unaffected, given the world situation of all those people who have one least suffering, I dedicate all my care today, from my human spirit grains, to the millions of people who can't speak or hear, for their future to show how much they can feel in return!

    These days have been stormy for me, but I understand that any sandstorm must be strongly experienced, and by virtue of my responsibility to exist, I think given the fact that almost everything comes down to experience in variable living conditions, as I get older, I will become maybe a very good manager of this experience.
    I am writing in the source of this flow, because this is one of my ways of praying for people's conscience, and for their health. I know that my prayer is far too small, infinitely microscopic in proportion to all problems, but maybe sometimes I can "catch" a wider wave of good intentions, where the spark of life from my intention to go on.

    I wrote for a while, and I will continue to write in the quantum of the notion of life, until I make it harder or easier as a notion, deeper or more external than ever or both simultaneously or not at all.
    I've often heard, "I can't smile when my soul is bleeding," I'd add that I can't write out of a fog either.

    It is my responsibility, so I will deal more deeply with the idea of somehow finally capitalizing on this experience.
    A friend said yesterday that Life it is just an experience, nothing more, so maybe we should make it count in a value directly proportional to the reason of the heart always.)

    Eurhythmy of life

    If all feelings were sound, we could certainly manage sound and harmonize life differently so that it sounds in accordance with the priority of the largest space in the core of the heart of the Universe.
    Listen to the music of life when life listens to you.
    Wandering through the clouds of a mind, maybe I miss my wings.
    I am post writing after experimenting, the epistle of a character to a time connected with links, liquid memories and a dream of naming Life in written "burning" fireflies.

    An eternity in three miracles, one smile and one sign, shows our face here of earthlings born to inherit this planet with honor.
    In four verses from four corners of the universe, we are with roots rooted in the sky, while our leaves that fall to the ground leave traces of the most precious minerals.
    Above nature, above the sacred, is music, a galaxy in the ethereal quake, a song in the chorus of the universe, a whole musical plea sings for life, do you hear it?

    We, in the offing, and so often, in these times that change a panorama with an abstract landscape and draw new paths, knowing or not knowing, loving the route, the eternal meets us in a unique wonder in a kind of ever same new Life refrain.
    The light is the Mountain, salvation is the call, listen to the divine sweetness, the gentle answer, choose your star that grows in everything, from the depths of the being that you are All.
    I feel as if lyrically, “I am” an infinite little drop born in the prayer of awakening the consciousness of the human race, which I put in the next wave to prevent, when time passes, in the wisdom of the flight of pigeons, they will show the step-less ladder of the nectar of peace.

    Immaculate crystal columns keep the petal of the world bright open in the sun-receiving flower of a corner of the solarium field in this Universe, every pure ray of sunshine reserves optimism in the window of our heart everywhere, put your left hand on your heart, feel the music that opens the door to the sun's rays, you are born of them.
    There, where we will know that the sky is at home and when we have a heart in the chest that beats hard in deep knowledge, when the labyrinth is the space in the infinite columns, bathed in the golden sun and we spent one night in the blue sky of one day, we are solemn great human hearts in force and strength, no one can take our growth!

    A map-less sand time, seeps through a harp that sings its scales. We are oaks with archangel wings and a chest full of grace naked in blind bullets, maybe there is no difference between life and death that matters in the face of true bullets, we can weigh every bullet in the edge of consciousness.
    With mystical eyes like an eagle, with a heart in full song inheritance and with the thought in love, let us never forget in the future now, that what descends from heaven to heaven rises back.
    Keep the roots, release the flight, center the harmony in the song of the race you live, strongly support the enchantment of life in the gravity of love.
    Like music, we can be absolutely anything, the manifestation in the alphabet of the soul is music and color. You don't have to sculpt it to see that you can hear it, or to feel that you can develop it. Keep the memory of the step by the very wish to stopping on your planet, reflect in the shard of the universe that was left in your palm, listen to the music of all the planets and learn in the symphony of the choices that guided you here.

    You can't run from the eternity of love, you can build an ash city against it, you can burn all your resistance from the bricks of your soul in galaxy-heated furnaces, but you won't get rid of the key to the eternity of love tied around your neck with strings of pearls of time.
    You will stay here, in the virginity of life, with the soles clinging to your city, white teardrop flowers will bloom in your eyes while a rain of kisses of shining stars will fall over the built temple of your multiple souls.

    In the morning of a series of mornings, when the night forgets the time in a frugal sunrise, you will be just you and with hot tea of fresh plants and chocolate cakes, you will remain motionless in an untouched love, you will gather storms of thoughts in heart stone, in seconds of tea steam, the future will guess the past in a readjustment, you will be reborn in the clothing of a white lily of eternity.
    Maybe we will learn to fall while praying in the emotion of the melody, the rhythm of life, the enchantment and the miracle of your one soul from many, before we look for it, we may listen to its song, touching our heart with a drop of eternity ... we all deserve it!
    Listen to the ballad that opens the way in a clean drop of retrieval, wandering in the wave of musical notes, relativity in the phonetics of life that identifies the timbre of your own song.

    Contemplate and touch the spirit by touching the beyond that sings constantly, whenever it is needed, reach out and touch the self. Maybe Life serves the flow, opens the amplitude in multiples of the soul, receives the individuality in many living hypotheses simultaneously, relates to the light recognizing the perception of the settled, unmistakable and fundamental original sound of the interval.
    In the future of late evenings, when the star within us opens a gate of white light, we join as beings with one gram of fates in the earthly race, when we join in the unchained dance between mystery, moment zero, and creation, when the candor of our souls it will appear as a bouquet of vibrations in the cosmic splendor of the sublime universe within us, then the music of the spheres will primarily sow the metaphor of the universe, for us, to be everywhere.

    When your heart hums a single song, sometimes, often, or ... all the time, when you listen to the song of the universe, extremely loud and strong harmonious, when you begin to coordinate the beginning of your movement in connections from deep and motionless seduction of infinity,
    … feel your magnetosphere identity, occupy the ineffable in the universe, feel the proportion with the vicinity of your axis path, dislocate time, transpose the remnant radiation of sound, participate in the orchestra of a galaxy choir, listen to the great birth of the universe in billions of simultaneously multiplied choruses with billions of "here's" over the multitude of geocentric relationships and volitional concentric “logi-times”.

    There are several badges on the stand of the musical alphabet of the soul, giving a single song in the “sono-morphy” of the similarity of creation,
    a single orbit in the unbroken ancestral diagram, a single soul, loads the weight of a single entire fraction into the sensitive note of the melodic vibration of balance in multiple universes.
    In the vibration of the music of light, that harmonizes in the pendulum of the passage of space, the voice of our soul has the same intensity and is preceding the undulating beauty of the vision of the audible interval.

    In the sphere of space between us and the octave of the field we occupy, we ourselves are the music that germinates in the subtle and profound symphony of life. We can manifest the higher consciousness by awakening a song, in us for us, this meaning everything.

    The suffering written on empty sands washed by water and the joy shouted on the mountain tops, will give birth to the innocence of the most beautiful song, which we hear but we must listen to it more deeply.
    Life, her rhythm teaches us to sing with her, her will, go by itself on the keys of virtue destinations in truth.
    Resonate with the deepest paradise of your soul, prepare the fascination in the rhyme of life, an instrument at hand, hum the song of your spiritual freedom, and even if you miss the wings, and you have crossed too many paths that the longing for love has lost, arouse the instinct in one thought of the heart as wisely as possible and you will discover that the poetic speech of the soul is in fact a song!

    In the semitone of the musical piece of life, frequency locates, but can also transcend, its musical expressiveness always amplifies, never decreases, intervals do not separate, do not border the nature of the human interior, only the quality of haste with which we fail to harmonize always.
    An emotional song ends or begins many times in the quarter of life. In the most famous epic sound is the vocation for love that encompasses everything, we being witnesses of the search for truth, we become maybe a little like saints in an attempt to interpret the innovation of life, but life beyond life with life from life walking, is a specially price and an entrance ticket almost hardly paid.

    When music counts, life presupposes, when life calculates, music is a miraculous chaos.
    If you cultivate expressiveness in human innocence, in joy and hope as ever a status, in passion through becoming in Life-love again, if you are the wonderful example of the symbol of life in all the hearts of the worlds, if your secret is the mission itself everywhere, if you can make a gift from the song of your soul smile, listen, I, a grain of soul, I have been singing with you for a long time in the middle of the natural range beyond the beautiful Coma of life design.


    If dedicating the "event of life" in favor of a better future seems somehow too complicated to be able to encompass Everything, you can buy me a coffee and we can talk about it until the future never ends!
    Because I hear people singing from all over the world ... listen to them, it sounds cool!
    Come on! kick the rhythm of the song. Love! Sing!
    I love you human being wherever you are, you are in my small and capacious heart!

    Just One
    Every human is a question asked to the Spirit of the Universe,again and again,because every human is an endless row of humans and in all humans together dwelling the Great Human Spirit.

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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    "I was right here today, just far away"
    My dedication today to all living things is a prayer: "Stay here!"

    Stringing the daisies of the heart on a secular ray up to the stars, I would like our good intentions to replace time, to measure life, to write by hand in the dream of deep waters and in the shadow of gray cliffs, the wisest teachings for these times!
    I would like our gaze to look through the light of two white sea lighthouses, to see the glitter of silver that reigns without limits in the ocean dream of our soul mirrored in the luster of the starry universe.

    On our shoulders of human beings press the sweet, gentle, tender, slow eternity, on her enchanted golden throne, "we".., we wear the tiara of stars of all times, on our necks hangs the ancestral pendant of our being, our homeland is a spark of the word, our faith is itself. The smile of mankind - the seed of truth, our single eye - the icon of the white universe, our soul - wings in the sphere of light, our heart - weighs and costs one pound of our awakening - an encoded exchange value

    Speech in these times, for mankind must be a treasure, in the depths of the soul as an inheritance poured over a rare stone.
    It should be a continual fire burning in the good spirit of mankind, it should have the courage to tread with the bright sleep of life over the candlestick of death.

    Our speech to other people should have the taste of warm bread, the pleasant breeze of the wind, the swaying of the eternal forests in the moonlight, consciousness waves lost in the voyages of knowledge gained in seaports of lost time.
    Our speech must spring wisely from the history of celestial single sign words, when, speech itself it will have founded the vibration of truth, eternity should speak in grace through the warmth of our voice, when we speak, we must raise the good manners to keep the intensity of virtue at the level to the holy song of life, we should weigh our words over, through and beyond the hearth of the planet that blesses us.

    We should be careful at all times how we release the clairvoyance of speech.
    Maybe we should prepare it somehow before it happens as a good foray into the near future, because there are no re-viewable security measures in the face of good vital information.
    Despite all the global turmoil, we should still remain animated in the light of an extra effort to communicate openly, honestly, in a tone of loving vibration.
    We should have the colors of Nature on our skin, the voice of springs and wind, to fall asleep in the balance of life just to be able to reborn the planet further and further.

    When you go through all the seasons of other states or locations, you, the incurable realistic dreamer, make a permanence, and in the clarity of your human heart, grab the others by the hand, building the genius of the permanent connection at the race level.

    Words that burn beautifully in you, let them make room for future revelations, turn on the light from you in others soul, value, cherish, sustain and always unconditionally accommodate the quality of your senses together with others.

    The future century "quadripartite" should be release through the voice of the people in prime born unison life, the sign of the field of connection that inspires the culmination of a different history horizon. Do not wait for change, come forward, you have the courage to face change, change will face you anyway ...don't make it a question, fill it as an answer.

    The most precious value is what we gather in our hearts, what we give in the hearts of others, what we build for those around us.
    Giving, our presence as attentive human beings in activating life through the supreme human spirit we have, we will have to watch carefully not to lose sight of becoming.

    On our planet, the stones speak, the springs sing, the flowers color the mystical call, the forests whisper eternity, the ocean caresses all energy, and we human beings should have an untainted heart for the love of nature, the source of not any information always descends into a pure heart.
    The unique and living seed, from the garden of the golden scriptural days, among the waterfalls of galaxies, carols a sea of ​​sweet and serene dreams in which endless oceans of stars, will pass over our foreheads like a mountain with three seals of light, we will build secular words from the clouds long before first last "Eres", only to bathe us all in deciphering the song of eternity, the prophecy of the awakening and the destiny of cosmic love.

    The self-portrait of man in time, began where we sowed forests with Nature, where we measured with steps the edges of many roads, where we crossed many blizzards and built many walls in the rain, where we burned all the chains and counted all the grains of sand of the earth...maybe, we all know each other

    The journey of each of us should go with the shadow of every citizen of this planet, cherishing the freedom of life as a kind of epitome of the course of life in the face of death and death in the face of birth, but always keep the human soul evidence close to you.

    We live in difficult times in which, in the twilight of thoughts, we all carry from birth, the mourning of this world.
    If you say "man" you mean "wandering", if you say human spirit, time is suspended when the looks at the sky are recorded but not dated.
    At the edge of the vast and arid desert of consciousness we will always remember sooner or later what is written on the badge to the right of our heart.

    In the whole tavern artificially created by a wrong evolution, silence is placed on the antipodes of life, when life inside it is less localize than the nothingness of great infinity. We must move away consciousness from time that always serves us as a temporal prototype of an incessant active suspension.
    In the longing for the absolute there is the purity of a vague, which must cure us of the comments of a mind in vogue active finality, and if the perplexity of the universe speaks the vital imperceptible to us, then with our life as key we must define the indescribable today because tomorrow is already written.
    Remain in solidarity with the unseen soul of an entire race of human beings, tell the story of the world as part of it, rent this experience, make it matter everywhere where Humanity really is our universe.


    Steve Jablonsky - Tessa/ 5:43
    Every human is a question asked to the Spirit of the Universe,again and again,because every human is an endless row of humans and in all humans together dwelling the Great Human Spirit.

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    Default Re: Dedicate your positive thinking today, for tomorrow's future

    I dedicate the moment today to all the communities around the world that bring a drop of good flow in this world.
    For me and I think for others, an extremely simple good gesture, at the right time generates the sum of all human goodness, in the presence of a complete sense of security.

    I heard this today: "Don't take life lightly, make it easy before you take it."..I say nothing.
    On the flag of this planet is written Union, the melody of the colors of nature sings a single hymn in every cell of our body, any community is made of people, some we know well, some we trust, some, we value, some we doubt, some we love, some come to light in difficult times taking their duty so seriously that they become completely invisible, others fail to emerge from the shadows.

    But in the end we are all people, not color, not robots, not religion, not passports, people.
    In an imperfect, unfinished, unpredictable, dangerous world we must maybe discover the people who are bound only by heart to this earthly civilization.
    Even if we are always in a reorganization, and we are always busy with something in which society confuses us, somehow we will always manage to relate, to fix many mistakes, to realign the spirit. We are always someone's "someone", and if not, we are a cell away from the rest of the world, we breathe with billions of hearts, some are present others are absent, but we are, here with us all, human.

    We can't look for love, since love grows spontaneously looking for our souls alone through emotion, color, effort, dedication and discipline she grow on its own.
    It is unfortunate that we do not have a more precise word than "love" to describe the experience of the sacred. The term probably has a long history in the universe and the meaning goes beyond its very culture.
    Coincidentally, the quality of his wonderfully overwhelming chaotic flow, in its real very rich strong significant role it refers to the experience of the sacred and is therefore related to the ideas of being, meaning and truth.

    In front of two time limits, in the foreground, it is heard full of steam, always going, the locomotive of life to the destination of an inner time, broken from the 12th hour of strength in the life heritage of the last station.

    Before reaching the station without a destination, tell me the secret of the world, because I cry anyway in the happiness of the meaning of love in the form of friendship.
    The meaning of love begins late because it must be true in the talent of giving, the first kiss of life is clumsy and almost without consequences the second should be a culture, and the rest a memory.

    I prefer to look ahead, predestined is the shadow of the one who walks without heavy traces; in the elegy of the beauty of interior stylistics we can always realize the vocation of the step of life. Contemplation is needed in a crisis of time in the ideal beginning of inner awakening anchored in the text of the exterior of manifestation as a portrait in this world, we and our shadows will meet someday rejuvenated in the age of beginnings and ends and we will be happy.

    I state post a prior the right to time to dissolve. A small conclusion in the absence of time would be that we obviously draw from the tradition of making light to seem like a tireless interview with life. Our originality and message call us, humans in the light that surrounds us, we, humans, have the right to say something authentic from the heart through the heart even about ourselves.

    At the end of our feelings, a hand under the ground and a look above the sky, we can take nothing with us, but we can leave the imprint of love on Nature that does not know how to forget and of humanity that will learn someday from nature of its origin.
    Nature in us together with our soul is protected, we are the voice of pure snow in the power of the sun's rays, the ocean molecules endure the flames of Nature's creation, under the sky united with the sea, dandelion symbols in great flight, they shine through the snow of star dust , we might confuse the terrestrial with an endless cosmos of the “soul-sphere”

    As for human nature in all the metaphor of the creation of life, I had many and quite rare examples in this almost personal living picture, but my only homage is to remember them always as an ephemeral presence. In the world of worlds of inner gestures, there really is , many benevolent gestures that can never be paid.
    The writer is almost like a soldier, he has no project in his personal life, the profession is endowed, and because it is very difficult to translate into concept something that has no notional character, as if the writing already projected cannot be achieved otherwise except by the sense of reading, the whole field of creation cannot be fully reached.
    So here I am in a world without a whole vocabulary, divided into floors of language and gestures, syllabifying the monotony of a beautiful life, speaking in to, as we all, a kind of soul nature of language, the visionary metaphorical meaning is almost unmistakable if we can differentiate between matter and its meaning .

    In the myth of life everything is remediable, values appear gradually, we all have five fingers to greet this wonderful odyssey that happens to us because it must be written in the idea of continuity of generations.

    They are special people in all parts of the world, an academy of good souls should be established, I write in the language of many who write, on the occasion of the exchange of ideas, I write because I care because others care and write, it would be nice to we gather a single spiritual emulation for the benefit of mankind, values always communicate.

    An eternal world voice with an human aura is shown to us in the homeland of the garden of our heart, sings in the rhythm of silence between the clouds, because clouds are not keys and stars are only windows enlightened but the round air lives in us all.

    We are suspended in the air, the curtain of stars is beautiful, we are here, alive, whole in miracle and wonder of beauty.
    A truth of green and blue, descends from the world's altar of fish and birds, waters and mountain rocks shine in the longing of the universe, a rainbow of auroras forms entire galaxies in a single cell,
    from the falling leaf to its shadow with the earth, we count a double life in snow flowers in the snow of our soul when big birds flying in steel above a sky that counts no time, will open the cycle of eternal life.

    Test your ability to love; strengthens, ennobles and enriches the soul.
    Love is patient, it is full of goodness; love does not envy, love does not boast,
    love has no anger, love rejoices in the truth, it hopes everything,
    she suffers everything.

    Nothing can be killed from a stone, the inscription remains wordless before its formation, just as a man cannot be killed more than supplements in the realities he knew, the rest of life breaks the record of eternal youth.

    Peder B. Helland - Autumn Colors (Official Audio)5:51

    Every human is a question asked to the Spirit of the Universe,again and again,because every human is an endless row of humans and in all humans together dwelling the Great Human Spirit.

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