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Thread: UK Police: You Committed No Crime but ''I need to check your thinking''

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    Exclamation UK Police: You Committed No Crime but ''I need to check your thinking''

    UK Police: You Committed No Crime but ''I need to check your thinking''

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    So the TRUTH causes DISTRESS! got it...

    Trans peeps: "We demand to be treated like everyone else".

    Also trans peeps: Demands police and court investigations when someone gives a honest criticism like every person ever.

    Kenn Dunn [quote]: "Trans women aren't women" is a statement of biological fact, not opinion. [unquote].

    Me: All women can not relate how it really is to be transgender and visa versa is that "hate crime" too?

    N.Pepe.C [quote]: A "non crime" recorded as a CRIME report, on your record forever... imagine if any employer read "hate incident trans" you'd NEVER get a job again! regardless of it being a crime or not and the left KNOW this fact, it's supposed to scare yo. [unquote].

    Me: I predict this (in the near future) can also happen with Criticizing Climate Hysteria & Stop5G Activism & Anti-Vaxxers

    John Kuhles

    In fact, the Courts aren't there "to protect trans-people". They're there to protect all people.

    Homicide Detectives "checking your thinking" on a non-crime. Then documenting it on a crime report... Let that sink in.

    When the (far) left says "hate" always replace it with the word "disagreement" for a more accurate depiction works 99% of the time!
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