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Thread: 'The Space Apart' - Trailer 2020

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    Exclamation 'The Space Apart' - Trailer 2020

    'The Space Apart' - Trailer 2020

    The Space Apart | First Trailer | 2020 Stream for FREE at thespaceapart.com


    Edward and his brother William find a flying saucer that crashed here on earth, back in 1947. This discovery will change their lives forever. This is the first chapter of The Space Apart - series. If you love movies from the 80-90s this is a must-see, for you! Written and directed by Richard Tomson. INCLUDES - Practical FX animatronic ALIEN. - Miniature UFO model. - Lifesize UFO model. - Props, clothes, cars from the 1940s. - Original music from Burning Planet. - 4K resolution with a professional film crew. - A great dramatic sci-fi story. GET INVOLVED Support the series to be a part of the creation. Get nice props and merchandise. We need your help to make the series come to life.

    FACEBOOK: facebook.com/thespaceapart
    INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/thespaceapart
    HASHTAGs: #thespaceapart #bobmovie

    Produced by Film i Markaryd Jerry Gladh Medieproduktion Fixas -

    Lifelike Creations Burning Planet "Have you ever wished upon a falling star, maybe it wasn't a star at all..."

    Practical FX #BOBMOVIE Video
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