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Thread: Barry Littleton: contactee

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    Default Barry Littleton: contactee

    Doorways to Other Realities and the Extraterrestrial Agenda Revealed
    (1:06:08 hrs.)

    "The incredible experiences of contactee Barry Littleton started at a young age and developed into more perplexing phenomena as the years past which gave him a glimps of another reality that is utilized by extraterrestrial entities.
    Presented by Barry Littleton
    Filmed by Lost Art Media"

    and his youtube channel


    and web site
    "Your planet is forbidden for an open visit - extremely aggressive social environment,despite almost perfect climatic conditions.Almost 4 billion violent deaths for the last 5000 years and about 15000 major military conflicts in the same period."

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    Default Re: Barry Littleton: contactee

    Barry's the real deal .... seen a few of his interviews & discussions , but this by far is his best presentation , great post EFO

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    Default Re: Barry Littleton: contactee

    The thing I found surprising is that Barry felt an energy that Corey Goode has experienced some off world type event(s). Is it possible that Goode is an abductee programmed to disseminate disinfo?

    Another interesting point Barry was his recounting of the 'Women in Black' who were harassing lecherous black men. I thought that was amusing.

    Barry described aliens that were largely non humanoid, and some of these types I had never heard of before, like grasshopper headed guy.

    Interesting also to hear that many of his contactors communicated that our planet is too defense and/or toxic for them.

    Barry's description of the tech involved with these ufo craft is interesting, although most of it, other than perhaps the rotation tesla coil anti-gravity motor would be of much help to humanity.

    Interesting that Barry emphasizes the importance of love. This show that he's likely genuine.

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