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Thread: If only........

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    Default Re: If only........

    What if the whole life could be a "different" vacation?

    What if I developed my creativity, having plenty of time at my disposal?
    Because I am open to seeing things from a different perspective, I can find unexpectedly good solutions. I trust my way of acting in the good sense of understanding people and things

    What if I could express myself freely, feel good, and charge my "batteries" in a new energy to fully understand my existence?
    Because it is extremely important to be able to detach myself from time to time from everything I have learned so far and thus have a new vision. And more than that, it is necessary for me to feel good and to have enough time to have patience and wisdom in what I am learning new.
    What if I step out of comfort, if that brings major benefits to me?
    Because satisfaction is the product of constant attempts to overcome myself, especially when I succeed in helping others. Because the road to reaching the goal is the most important, and I am ready to always see things in a new light, because I volunteer to be vulnerable, because the game to be present and to be careful when walking it actually means the whole readiness to try.
    Then it would be a different kind of comfort...

    What if I had the courage to put aside the noise, to be cheerful, to have the time and ability to become an observer of the whole scene and not necessarily a participant, if I had the courage to ask myself every day the question:
    "What has fulfilled me today?" maybe over time, the answer to the question,"what I did today to reach out to others" that in time, by magic it will be surprisingly revealing in my evolution !?
    What if all the magic of being happy is exactly being able to be inspired to see what's good around me?
    I would say then that "at least" we have Nature, and that "at least" we have each other together, here.

    Our "home" world has been here for a long time, if we could all be as present as our very existence in shining a single moment of truth in which to share the same thing:
    unconditional love, maybe the infinity will forever hold us and we will gain the peace of the soul in the full joy of experiencing our life together.
    Values ​​such as friendship, respect, gratitude, would become our permanent guide in an interactive event of wonderful emotion to offer simple love to all.
    What would it be, if today I was reconciled in consciousness and spirit, does it mean to have the courage to assume my life, any experience of my love and perfection in relation to others and Nature?
    What if the prosperity of my freedom of awakening would depend solely on the love I share to others? It would be a harmonious contribution of positive construction in perfecting our soul through the quality of implication by authentically individually assuming our own will to simply give love?


    As our soul is, so we will mirror ourselves in our relationships with others. What we mirror outside through thoughts, mental dialogue, words and deeds, will always be reflected back in effect, both in our soul, and in the quality and fruits of the family or interpersonal relationships we build and in the midst of our great family of the human race.
    On any emotional frequency we express our states of mind, character, way of being, doing, asking, giving, involving, supporting and encouraging - what we give out and express by words, beliefs, choices, attitude or deeds - it will be reflected back to us as an effect, as fruit or as responses of consciousness.
    What if the whole world were a big "forum"? we give a thought even in our mental dialogue, it is already a request addressed to the whole of humanity. We will receive answers and solutions every time, even to the most intimate anxieties, expectations and thoughts.
    We deserve to be loved. And, even if you don't find someone who will value you for what you are - choose to be the only one who loves you and loves everyone else.It is greater job

    Release your heart from the constraints - and choose to be great, providing the light of joy and the value of the billions of good things from the abundance of your heart and soul that you value only and only through the good energy you give to others.
    When the radiance of our soul recognizes the miracles around us, the most important thing is to find the importance of simply waiting in our existence - an original work of art.

    What if we captured the beauty of life in a few minutes of deep thinking, in the connection of the colorful rainbow of joy, in the composition of the magnificent image of the Earth, in the cinematography of our only engine of existence, our soul.

    We are alive.
    Every human is a question asked to the Spirit of the Universe,again and again,because every human is an endless row of humans and in all humans together dwelling the Great Human Spirit.

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