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Thread: Life Beyond (our planet)

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    Default Life Beyond (our planet)

    (Even though most people here are much further than this, I find it a nice presentation of the basic principles)

    I guess that in theory the universe is infinite by nature, in the sense that it borns and dies and reborns out of its ashes indefinitely, but each ot its lives is finite, and apparently we're at the very beginning of this life of the universe.

    Ultimately I guess that the universe ends up in a gigantic black hole that ends up getting smaller and smaller when it has absorbed all that there is, until it reaches its smallest size, and then it starts all over again, big bang, and so on for ever (theoretically it was never born for a first time, and it will never die for a last time, it has always been there, and it will always be there, theoretically the only impossible thing, is to grasp, to understand, the nature of the universe).

    I guess it's like a never ending book, the book must always be the same, stars, matter, water, life, and so on (but maybe the cover of the book in itself changes each time as well), but I guess there's an infinity of possibilities with it, the story is each time different, each time the book closes and opens again, all pages go blank.

    Einstein thought that the universe doesn't play dices, I think that it is exactly what the universe does, in essence (it's logical, it would be pointless to open a book if you had written all the story beforehand, I guess it's like opening the book, letting the dices roll, and look at the story writing itself).

    What's the use of it ? Everything or nothing. I guess we can see the half full glass or the half empty glass, we can see the Ying or the Yang, or both.
    I guess we can do everything out of it, or nothing out of it, we can be constructive, or we can be destructive, or both.

    It might not matter in the end, but in the present, it surely does matter !
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