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Thread: Momentum Management Maneuver #37 Today

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    Default Momentum Management Maneuver #37 Today

    SDO will execute Momentum Management Maneuver #37 today at 1838 UTC (2:38 p.m. ET). From 1830 to 1930 (UTC) science data may be missing or blurred.


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    Default Re: Momentum Management Maneuver #37 Today

    Can someone knowledgeable about the sun and what the above represents please tell us how they could possibly present the sun's activity as normal when something has obviously either been added to it or subtracted from it after which the sun I knew changed from a yellow ball to an outrageously dangerous-looking orb coming to get us. Talk is the NWO Secret Space Program plotters wish to heat up Earth's atmosphere in order to MELT Antarctic Ice so they can get at the high tech items buried under it. The Chem trails also keep in the radiated heat of the Earth making us warmer. Since they never do anything without making us pay for it, they blame us for heating up the Earth so they can charge us for CARBON UNITS! What CRAP! WAKE UP YOU SHEARED SHEEP!

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