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Thread: Tactics and Navigation

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    Default Tactics and Navigation

    Control of the world is not a new idea but some of the tools have changed. The intended purpose of the virus is to herd us into global government.

    So how might the dark side play their cards?

    * Fear, stress and pain must be created for citizens of all countries to give up their freedom for false promises made by the parasitic, manipulative control freaks.

    * The globalists need to destroy wealth in the richest countries to create a level economic balance within the countries to be merged.

    * Major tactics used include debt creation, war, sickness, confiscate the guns and depopulation.

    * Create a virus > create fear > create an expensive mandatory vaccine > go to the bank.

    * Collapse the U.S. economy and blame it on President Trump.

    * Create "must pass" legislation to fight the virus of stimulate the economy. Attach a gun confiscation rider to the "must pass" legislation. If the 2nd fails the 1st will be next.

    I am encouraged to think that plans of the dark side may backfire. It is up to us to be aware and make good choices. We have friends in high places but they are not the cavalry. They are our cheerleaders. We must do the work. It will be freedom or slavery.

    I support freedom, well being, joy, love, truth and harmony.

    My wish is for humans to become so smart, so clever, so intuitive that humans can no longer be manipulated.

    Sometimes I hear "Love is the only answer."

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