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Thread: Epsilon Protocol Remote Viewing Data 2019

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    Default Epsilon Protocol Remote Viewing Data 2019

    The data for 2019 will be shared continuously rather than the high level summary provided for the 2017-2018 data.

    The previous data was partially incomplete but now it seems that enough data was retrieved to paint a crystal clear picture.

    Some discussion of this new data was shared in replies made in the other thread.
    But in this thread, the best attempt to explain the new data can be made as the starting point.


    The 2019 sessions sought to answer remaining questions from the previous sessions, namely a much more detailed explanation of the nature of this universe, the one above it (insofar as we can actually comprehend from here), and the relationship between them.

    It is clear now that this universe is a simulation with a very specific purpose - to make tweaks to the reprogrammable quantum substrate in order to achieve a type of universe based on symbiosis, a universe where parasitic forms of energy exchanges do not proliferate.

    And so this is why we, humankind, seem to be thrust into the middle of an ongoing story that has to do with this. We are relatively latecomers to the story but we can ultimately use this newness to help achieve the purpose described above.

    To do that, we seemingly need to first show that we can undo the forms of our pre-programming (i.e. the aspects that were programmed from the level of the demiurge which is also within our universe).

    Despite the fact that we are always being led to blame one another for the problems with the world, and despite the fact that we have been programmed to believe we only have ourselves to blame for the seemingly looming downfall of our civilization, when we realize the truth, instead of that leading to just another form of conflict between humanity and the demiurge, we instead use this knowledge to fulfill our reason for being here in the first place.

    To show beyond all doubt that we naturally gravitate towards interpreting our own nature as being symbiotic, despite all of the pre-programming to be taught that living parasitically is normal and that parasitic hierarchies are a natural part of human society.

    The truth is that we have had so little control over our own destiny, living in one sense out the narrative of the demiurges to advance that plotline, and in another as counterparts to our own selves outside of the universe, who sent ourselves into this universe to advance the narrative all the way to a place where they could no longer see their own parasitic nature as being logical.

    When intelligent life can consciously choose symbiosis over surviving/gathering energy in a parasitic manner, and the universe optimizes itself to reflect this conscious choice, the purpose of the universe is complete. The desired information can be extracted from how things played out to lead to that outcome.


    As a last message to demiurgical non-humans potentially reading this - our counterparts outside of the universe are willing to send the universe through another long cycle if necessary - to wait as long as it takes - progress is clearly being made otherwise the interface would not be getting breached as it is, right here, right now.

    It is worth giving these words careful consideration rather than rejecting them outright.

    It will most likely not be humanity's words that will convince, of course. It will be their surprising shift of actions upon reaching spontaneous consensus after no longer being blocked from reaching that source of information in its totality, rather than the isolated fragments that were reachable up until then..

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