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Thread: Old Tech

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    Default Old Tech

    Do you like old tech?

    I have a few very cool history objects/things lying around, here a couple pics

    I don't know much about this camera, only it is a video camera from way back, it's missing parts that's as far as i know, but otherwise, internally it's in perfect state

    That's a Butterfly miners head lamp, from the 1920's

    Very much like this one:

    I also have a very old RCA and one GE tv, bulb ones, but i can't get to them right now, too far away...

    It's amazing how those TVs work, you can see the bulbs heating up on the back and just a small white dot on the screen, then the bulbs turn completely orange/red and the dot grows and fills the entire screen and you see the full tv picture, so cool

    I also have an old turntable, very much this one

    Too bad i can't get access to them since years ago, but some day lol, some day...

    Anyways, do you like tech like this? I find it so magical and cool, i did not expect to but i inherited a lot of it and to me is like a link to a life i did not get to live, but still makes me feel i have a connection to it. It's a magical thing to go through all that stuff, thinking about how many things happened around them and who were previous owners and what they did with that camera, how many videos were taken and so on

    LOL, i guess i'm a bit crazy, but i really think it is crazy cool to daydream about the history of this objects like that
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    Default Re: Old Tech

    I remember them well from my childhood days. Technology has sure advanced since those days.

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    Default Re: Old Tech

    I have a pocket gold plated watch,a Zorki 6 photo camera,a WW II military compass and other non technological stuff (High school manuals from Germany from around 1800something,old coins and banknotes and other stuff).What's interesting is that the students from High schools from those times were learning what today's students from Universities are learning."They" dumbed us down in 200 years...
    "Your planet is forbidden for an open visit - extremely aggressive social environment,despite almost perfect climatic conditions.Almost 4 billion violent deaths for the last 5000 years and about 15000 major military conflicts in the same period."

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    Default Re: Old Tech

    I had one of those old GE tv sets in my room growing up, and it actually caught fire one night

    I like old tech too. Of course "old" is relative. My old might be your ancient, and your old might be my new, or sorta new.

    I just bought one of those retro Nintendo knock off units with the built in games. Over 600 of them. I played Burger Time for hours on end for several days and then lost interest in the thing as quickly and mysteriously as it arrived. It's sort of a shame. I love the idea of playing all those old games from my childhood but I didn't actually like playing them that much.

    When my grandparents passed I went foraging thru their attic with great curiosity. There was my Grampa's old train set; unlike the hobby trains from my youth this thing was weighty and well put together. It was considerably larger in dimension and elaborately designed. It brought back great memories of the Christmas' he set it all up. And it all still worked, despite being more than 40 years old. There were some other cool things too, like a camera and an old-timey waffle maker. On the waffle maker there was a small note in my Nana's hand writing attached to the settings switch that read "don't touch". I guess she liked her waffles crispy

    For a long time I had my Dad's old stereo components - the receiver and the cassette deck and the turn table. The brand was "Technics". It was all impeccably maintained when my Dad was using them in the 70's and 80's and early 90's. Much like the Nintendo, I loved the idea of owning it much more than actually using it. I'm spartan at heart, and it pains me to have stuff sitting around and taking up space. Still, I kept those components for almost 20 years before finally selling them. Sometimes I wish I still had it all.

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