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Thread: Retired French astrophysicist : close links between the UFO phenomenon and science

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    Default Retired French astrophysicist : close links between the UFO phenomenon and science

    In this latest fascinating video (50.000 views in 2 days), scientist Jean-Pierre PETIT explains how magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) can account for both the UFO phenomenon and the latest Russian supersonic weaponry operating at up to Mach 30.

    A call is made to Lou Elizondo, Christopher Mellon, Robert Bigelow, Tom Delonge, Jacques Vallée, Leslie Kean, Steven Spielberg and James Cameron.

    Jean-Pierre also summarizes his 30 years work at setting up the JANUS bi-metric cosmological model with the hypothesis of the existence for both positive AND negative masses which would account for speed limits 10 times higher the speed of light and traveling times 1000 times shorter. With technologies mastering mass inversion, cosmic travels could be made a reality.

    Jean-Pierre Petit is a well known French retired scientist specialized in fluid mechanics, plasma physics, astrophysics and cosmology. At the age of 83, Jean-Pierre is sharper and more persistent than ever to help move forward with these breakthrough concepts which face considerable resistance – and absence of willingness to even discuss the matter – from “conventional” physicists.

    With numerous peer reviewed papers, books, free educational cartoons – Jean-Pierre is also a superb educator and teacher with great sense of humor – and videos (for instance his great series of 29 videos explaining in details the so-called JANUS bi-metric cosmological model), he is a unique source of knowledge and critical thinking. Quite a character!
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    Default Re: Retired French astrophysicist : close links between the UFO phenomenon and science

    Very interesting video, Jean-Luc. I believe that Dr. Petit corroborates the design specs of the TR-3B which was released by Edgar Fouche in the 1990s. As per the following Wikipedia quote, the tr-3b uses strong magnetic fields:

    "In 1999, Edgar Fouché, a self-proclaimed former Area 51 employee, described an exotic tactical reconnaissance aircraft called the TR-3B Astra in a BBC documentary. The TR-3B was claimed to be a successor or cover for the TR-3A built by Lockheed Martin Skunk Works, which would also be a spaceplane of a new kind using a top-secret gravitational shielding engine called the magnetic field disruptor (MFD).[23] Besides being an unconfirmed claim, the physical description of the MFD engine... "


    From what I recall, the tr-3b engines spin highly compressed mercury plasma using high voltage tesla coil electro-magnets. I believe the electricity is generated by a nuclear powered engine on the craft, similar to those used on submarines.

    So, the plasma and magnetic field usage are confirmed as per Dr. Petit. This also confirms that the military black ops has this tech.

    I have heard it said that during the 1950's there was a great deal of discussion in the scientific and msm press about anti-gravity, and then it dropped out of sight. This disappearance from public view was probably because they discovered how anti-gravity works and then classified it so all public discussion became illegal (in the US atleast).

    The use of anti-gravity by the US military in the 1950's is further corroborated by Bill Uhouse who worked on an anti-gravity flight simulator in that time period:

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