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Thread: HCQ deadly for patients with ancestors from malaria countries with G6PD deficiency?

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    Default HCQ deadly for patients with ancestors from malaria countries with G6PD deficiency?

    This is the latest article from Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg. Very interesting observations that could, by the way, explain the high death rate in Brazil where you have many dark-skinned people with a likely G6PD deficiency and where HCQ is widely used apparently.

    Excerpts are below, here is the full article: https://www.wodarg.com/covid-19-medi...tives-english/

    "On March 31 I received an important tip: New York intensive care physician Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell had alerted his colleagues with an astonishing observation. He reported:

    'The Patients I saw in my ICU, they were no Covid-19 patients. They didn't have any signs of pneumonia, but rather looked like passengers on a plane, that suddenly lost pressure at high altitude.'

    Therefore It had to be a disturbance of the oxygen transport in the blood. I researched and ticked off the various known causes of such symptoms one after the other, if they were out of the question because of the progression of the disease. The most probable cause seemed to be rapid hemolysis, a destruction of the erythrocytes (red blood cells) that exchange oxygen in the lungs for Co2 to exhale in order to transport the oxygen to every corner of our body. Patients then feel suffocated, breathe very quickly and under great effort.

    We know what to do in such a case because it is demonstrated to us in the aircraft before every take-off: Oxygen masks fall from the ceiling and bring relief until everything is back to normal. This is exactly what helped the patients in New York the best. Intubation and ventilation, on the other hand, were wrong and killed people in many places.

    I was aware of such a case with the same puzzling symptoms, which had been described in 2014 by Swedish pneumologists in a young patient from Nigeria who had died of the disease. At that time, an enzyme deficiency was suspected and actually found to be a possible cause after death, which occurs in many regions of Africa in 20 - 30% of the population.

    It is the so-called glucose-6-dehydrogenase deficiency, or 'G6PD deficiency,' one of the most common genetic peculiarities, which can lead to threatening haemolysis (dissolution of red blood cells), mainly in men, when certain drugs or chemicals are taken. […]

    Therefore the frightening result of my research is that typical severe courses with haemolysis, microthrombi and shortness of breath without typical signs of pneumonia occur more frequently where two factors come together:

    – Many patients with ancestors from malaria countries with G6PD deficiency
    – Prophylactic or therapeutic use of high-dose HCQ

    This is exactly what is to be expected in Africa, and this is already the case everywhere where migration is causing a large proportion of the population coming from malaria countries."

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    Default Re: HCQ deadly for patients with ancestors from malaria countries with G6PD deficiency?

    Good article and likely true

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    Default Re: HCQ deadly for patients with ancestors from malaria countries with G6PD deficiency?

    Another disinfo campaign perhaps? Highly doubt this article... HCQ has only just been approved for use in Brazil, so the high death rate are for those without - but they seem to have forgotten about the Zinc... which is equally important - just tired of all the disinformation.


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