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Thread: How to Deal with Facebook Trolls In Big Conspiracy Research Facebook Groups

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    Exclamation How to Deal with Facebook Trolls In Big Conspiracy Research Facebook Groups

    ⚠️ 🌐 Facing (a) "bait question(s)" to lure you in a mind-trap? ... So that you get framed on Facebook for ulterior purposes?

    He or she or it (A.I. web-bot?) could be a plant/shill to provoke "flaggable" reactions full of (assumed) "false news" and (alleged) "fake news" sources etc ... So that it can be flagged for or by the ALMIGHTY A.I. Censor System when enough are stupid enough to take the bait I guess

    ⚠️ Sometimes SOME people love to play: "The Devils Advocate" NOT because they agree what they say or claim ... but to learn/study how you (we) react.

    When this happens 99% chance that SOMEONE will accuse him or her being a "troll". But that is not always the case. As you become a target of a sincere study. Mostly they are the "intellectual" and/or "psychology" types. And if you did well, they truly could be become one of our best allies! ... (I have some examples in my own 30 years of being an researcher/activist) ... A great asset ... It is NOT my style ... using false pretenses BUT they have their uses for both sides.

    🌐 I dealt with (wannabe) trolls for over 25 years, even wrote an extensive article + follow up responses in Project Avalon Forum about "Trollogy" and made a list of tips to spot/detect different kinds of trolls fast and how to deal with them.

    One of many Tips/insights I gave, is:

    Ask a sincere question to a >> suspect troll << or "assumed troll" that when answered, you always win. Not meant as a "competition" but winning time winning not wasting your own time being distracted 24/7.

    "Neutral" people watch you study you HOW you respond. Yelling: "troll, shill, project mockingbird" etc.etc. will not impress anyone as it is just a mental defense reflex mechanism.

    Here is the question you realize you never can lose TESTING if some one is a troll or not:

    QUESTION: "Are you willing to learn something new, yes or no?"

    When the answer is: NO "you have nothing to offer that I can learn from" He or she just exposed his or her TRUE intentions!

    When the answer is: "YES" ... you need to use a follow up question to test if some one is capable of really listening & understanding WHY you come to a certain conclusion.

    🦋 Asking the follow-up question:

    I will explain to the best of my ability a (very) controversial issue in just 10 minutes that will NOT completely justify my case BUT it will be enough to test you if you are capable of making an honest summary what I just told you in 10 minutes.

    NOT because you have to agree with anything I claim but to use same logic as "Playing The Devils Advocate". Just make an honest representation without any exaggerations .. without inserts .. nor adding your opinions .. nor countless assumptions.

    When I see you actually did that ... the chance you being a troll has dropped drastically, as almost all trolls hate being told "what to do" or do not. And are allergic to fair & honest communications. (it spoils their "fun").

    As you will use his or her NEW learned understanding to build your case even further with same tactic: ... Always test if some one actually is capable of making an HONEST representation what you stand for ... If not, the chances him or her being a troll/shill/plant is extremely high!

    When the result of all of this is that the suspect troll refuses to accept your new (given) insights & knowledge NO WORRY ... most neutrals who are studying the both of you will be inspired by it. In that case you never lose

    John Kuhles 🦜🦋🌳
    Founder of Fb.com/groups/Stop5G
    Stop5G.net & Twitter.com/Stop5G
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    Default Re: How to Deal with Facebook Trolls In Big Conspiracy Research Facebook Groups

    A few things I've learned while debating with people on Facebook:
    • If they aren't open to other truth, it helps to show that you are. Ask questions. "How do you know about that? Where can I learn more". If they mention an 800 page book or a vast website (which they may have never read or understood, but it gives them comfort to know that is the basis of their truth), try and get them to give you specifics on the material or to summarize it. If you show that you are open minded, they might also become so.

    • Your way of thinking about things might seem like a foreign language to them. Learn to speak theirs, learn to understand their thought process that is getting them to the wrong place. You might do better showing them what is wrong within their way of thinking instead of what is so right about yours. Once they realize their construct of the world is based on insecure assumptions, they might finally decide to abandon it.

    • Don't feel you have to win an argument. If you are able to move them just a little bit, perhaps just a millimeter, you are doing phenomenally well. You are showing them that truth is not a rock upon a solid foundation that you can cling to, but a sea that we swim upon, that supports us, but if we stop swimming on this sea, stop seeking truth, we will drown. Once they realize this, they will start doing their own research and won't rely on others to try and force new ideas upon them.

    • No matter what you say, know that your words and ideas are affecting them somehow, perhaps not even at a conscious level. It is more important to make people question, than to get them to agree with a certain answer. I have a friend who is often giving people advice and frequently frustrated that people do not heed it. But then, she hears from another friend: "Years ago, you said something that that changed my life." When my friend is told what she said, she laughs, thinking those words weren't highly significant. Never the less, if you speak with sincerity and integrity, you can help other people in ways you never imagine.
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    Default Re: How to Deal with Facebook Trolls In Big Conspiracy Research Facebook Groups

    My trick. Don't use facebook. I can say that I have seen much improvement in my life after opting out of social media. I prefer an old school forum like this one This community is awesome. Social media sites are no place to find critical thinking. Kinda sad.

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    Default Re: How to Deal with Facebook Trolls In Big Conspiracy Research Facebook Groups

    If there is one site on the Web that epitomizes "a shadow of it's former self', it is Facebook.

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    Default Re: How to Deal with Facebook Trolls In Big Conspiracy Research Facebook Groups

    In my experience Facebook is the worst ever platform for debate, it well know as a rigged platform.
    If you are serious in your research you should have your own platform or use something else (this forum by the way is amazing) where free speech is allowed. Facebook was P'owned long time ago.
    My advice is Keep away from Facebook, they like to poison people's life with a lot of non sense BS.

    Why try to win against Facebook if you can just quit and make them lose, it remember me a Casino where the house always win, does not matter what.
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