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Thread: Anarkeden: The conscious human uprising ~ 2018-2023

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    Default Anarkeden: The conscious human uprising ~ 2018-2023

    Quote ANARKEDEN is the All-Inclusive, Decentralized Movement for a Free, Wealthy and Sustainable Life!

    The healthiest action we can take is to rise above the old paradigm and channel our energy towards the creation of a new world!!!

    Providing for everyone’s needs sustainably, Anarkeden is an automatic-wealth-generating ecosystem waiting to be embraced.

    Over the next few years we have the potential to transform the entire world and heal humanity’s collective disconnection.
    I like the hoped for breakthroughs throughout my decades in this world. The effective breakthrough will strike the emotionality of people when they see it as a way out of the various captivities which currently: hurts them, or impoverishes them, or offends them, or scares them, or even bores them, all of which captivate emotionality! As it can also be observed, emotion is the human drive to act, among it's other fictions.

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