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Thread: Brazil's President Bolsonaro's legacy and values

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    Default Re: Brazil's President Bolsonaro's legacy and values

    Studying the indigenous survivors of diseases brought to them by invading groups in the centuries past, I have become much more aware of how disconnected many native cultures are now from their native healing cures. These native tribes have been well known for successfully using curatives in plants, while at the same time engaging the frequency always needed and present in healing, methods often misnamed rituals. There is the highest probability of there being an Amazonian forest, plant-based cure and cures for this current pandemic. Until then the efforts of those to protect these tribes in imminent danger of great loss and extinction are the most important to support.

    During the pandemic of the last century there were few, if any, reported deaths in D'Neh/Navajo Country when millions died in other parts of the U.S., from the army created, vaccine developed, so-called spanish flu. The common herbal curative at that time, lomatium/desert parsley, was used as a preventative and a cure, since the times that they learned to treat the diseases brought to them by outsiders.

    This same herb, Lomatium, is known to this day by herbalists, naturopaths and an ever increasing number of individuals involved in their own health care, as an effective cure for many viral attacks upon the immune system. With the current pandemic in place the use of this herb, known for its anticoagulant properties, makes sense as this one strain of the virus debilitates by creating an overwhelming storm of blood clotting factors. How far from their indigenous roots has this tribe gone to have so many illnesses and deaths from the current outbreak, presently amongst the highest in the country, I can only study. Amongst the many historic imbalances present in most native communities, this one stands out to me.

    When we live in the awareness of the frequencies we cohabit, the solutions are immediate and self-evident to everyone. All of the words, even those attempting to honestly solve problems, fall short of the providing the solutions that are present when we choose to sense the world thru vibration and frequency. If you listen to a shaman, a healer, even a scientist who is connected to source explain the complete truth of healing, they always refer to the awareness of the field that finds the cure.

    Nods to many here for reminding me. Thank You for that!
    Funny that I hear the word as Naad, the frequency of sacred prayers, of Muntruh, meant only to open our awareness to the presence of limitless consciousness, quite unlike the lie that repetition of a prayer or a mantra is meant to desensitize those lost in the grasp, even as that is possible. Quite the opposite is true when these methods are used to liberate the left brain from its hold in time and awareness is found again. We shake off the hold of habit with vibration in order to engage the limitless, even the Unaahud Shubud, the Unstruck Song, that waits outside of the limits of conflict held in the truly unconscious consciousness.

    In my sons talks with me about the extremes of discrimination against the indigenous and black populations he met in his times in Brazil, from the countryside of Baru to the complexities of life in Sao Paulo and the separations within Rio, he notes how so much discrimination and prejudice would shock most Americans. He has friends there who he sees as having a support of Bolsinaro that he does not agree with at all. He explains why.

    It is good in some ways to experience the soulful disconnect that so many have, seemingly unable to bridge the gap of cultural exclusions. It is in finding the true causes of separation and suffering that we find the possibility of making a lasting peace, or resign ourselves to other works.
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