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Thread: Dr Eric Davis, and AATIP

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    Default Dr Eric Davis, and AATIP

    Credit to Steven Greenstreet at "The Basement Office".

    In this extended interview from Episode 7 of The Basement Office, astrophysicist Eric Davis, Ph.D. is asked about his time investigating UFOs for the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) at the Department of Defense. The Pentagon claims this program shut down in 2012. But Dr. Davis claims it never shut down, that it is still in operation today and that he is still doing contract work for this mysterious UFO program.

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    Default Re: Dr Eric Davis, and AATIP

    Interesting bit of information - the AATIP program is still operational, just under a different name, which we aren't being told, so we can not make FOIA requests, and possibly at a new location, not in the Pentagon.

    This is the first time that I know of that Eric Davis has spoken publically about UFOs. I was hoping the interviewer would ask him about his meeting with Admiral Wilson, as was detailed in the memo that surface about a year ago.

    See this thread: Termed "The UFO Leak Of The Century" by R. Dolan: The Notes between Dr. Eric Davis and Admiral Thomas Wilson
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    Default Re: Dr Eric Davis, and AATIP

    For the benefit of those reading this post above. I have been connecting the dots for years. The Space Program, which is fully developed and has been operational for many years, was funded by Hitler's stolen gold bars, which, through world bankers has financed the building of UFO's. These operations were supervised by Nazi scientists brought over during Operation Paperclip. By financing companies in space research, they have been able to keep their operations completely secret; and by virtue of Nazi Gold and dirty money, they have bought complicity of "our Government" which is really Their Government. Unknown to this Government, their intent is, through Global Genocide, to have Earth to themselves. Those of us who remain will do so in utter slavery, just as those who have been kidnapped by them to be slaves on other planets, working in mines, etc. The UFO's we see are their creation. In many cases the stories about Aliens are just that, hoping we will not suspect them as the culprits. I believe they control the Rockefeller's and the Rothschild's as well as their money systems. In my opinion, you may consider yourselves and your children as good as dead by their hand. Nobody is coming to save you. That is a convenient myth of their creation. The space stations will serve as a safety net for them when they incinerate the planet. Have you seen the SUN lately?

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    Default Re: Dr Eric Davis, and AATIP

    Amor, I think that there is some truth to what you say. The deep state is recognized as existing, even in parts of the msm, who like to pretend the deep state is composed of bureaucrats.

    However, we need to clarify that the true deep state is probably driven by non humans. This is evidenced by abduction witnesses, amongst whom I am one. Recall by abductees has shown that non humans have been brainwashing and mind-controlling us for thousands of years. The Nazis were mind controlled by the greys, as witnessed in past life recalls of PA's own Truman Cash.

    Another point that I want to make, is that non humans do appear to value planet Earth's biogenetics, even the evil aliens do. It is unlikely that they would allow the 'torching' of this planet.

    However, the evil offworlders appear to be eager to herd us into transhumanism that would rob us of our free will, and turn us into slaves as you assert. They also appear to want us to be reduced in numbers, also as you mention.

    The other part to remember in the dynamics of this situation is to remember that the spirit world has a lot invested in the 'school of hard knocks' that planet earth provides. Apparently every human has atleast one spirit guide. This energy should not be ignored when considering the potential outcome of the current quagmire we are in. Also should be mentioned that humans that recognize their own creative essence can collectively be a potent force as well.

    I am not sure that your predicted future is the true one for humanity.

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