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Thread: Creation of 5th State of Matter on The ISS Creating The Ultimate Detector?

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    Lightbulb Creation of 5th State of Matter on The ISS Creating The Ultimate Detector?

    Creation of "5th State of Matter" on The International Space Station Creating The Ultimate Detector?

    Frozen, Liquid, Gas, Plasma and ... ?

    Where does "The Ether" go? Or does it not have a place on that list?

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    Default Re: Creation of 5th State of Matter on The ISS Creating The Ultimate Detector?

    It is a ruse.

    Bose-Einstein Condensate was predicted by math decades ago, and, has more or less been proven to work.

    It is a rather unnatural state of matter.

    The idea is that a material plunges to absolute zero.

    This means there is no molecular activity of any kind, no measurable vibration, and rather than any active state of matter, it is closer to Heat Death as predicted by Entropy.

    By using extensive means, materials science can drain energy away from a chamber until it is almost absolute zero, which causes the affected material to behave as if it were a single atom.

    Such condensates are already known to decelerate light to 37 miles per hour.

    I would not call that a Fifth state of matter, which would have something to do with an Ether more attenuated than Plasma, probably more related to the Nebulae.

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