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Thread: Does Anybody Else Have Clear Body Experiences?

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    Quote She has twenty Taras around her outside of the circle. You can tell because the upper left red one has the raised hands--Pravira or Fast Hero Tara. The second is Cunda with many hands.
    Arranged in Ford Circles. The mandala that I see at my dantian with the White One is also such, although in a circle. It is an Apollonian Disk, which by definition is circles all of which touch exactly three other circles (including the boundary as one, so you would include the rectangular boundary in the Ngor thangka as a "circle.

    I have somewhat decided that I see her from female and the circles forming taiji ("yin-yang symbols") from male, but I'm still not sure. Also, the colors I described previously are distinct kinds of bliss, I know this because sometimes I experience them in multiples and they are distinct and feel different. But I've only just begun to understand that.

    Quote The only one of them I "have" is Tara, which has only been empowered by Prajnaparamita Heart Sutra. This does not talk about the heart in some psychological way, it "is" the heart of Prajnaparamita. It has many versions, but here is a good Sanskrit one. It cuts a paragraph off the end after the mantra, which, again, if we recited it, this would tend to use Om one time, and then repeat:

    Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Svaha
    I have chanted the latter at the end of the Heart Sutra recitation when attending the Zen Dojo.

    The twenty-one Tara seems like there are things there I've seen before. The stupas in it are similar to the one I see, but it is in the desert. I do think you may be right that it is funerary, it is bright white so not an exact match but the scene around it resembles the ruins at Karakhoto.

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    Default Re: Does Anybody Else Have Clear Body Experiences?

    Quote Posted by Valerie Villars (here)

    The strange thing to me was that I didn't try to do this. It just happened and I was to understand the actions of my whole life had been to bring me to this point.
    I did not really try to do mine, either.

    I suppose I did from a young age with that kind of Zen that is present in the martial arts, which I have done many of, plus 36/108 of Long Form T'ai Chi.

    I was probably all of...seventeen? When a major catharsis took place. The difference is it became frequent and repetitive. To a dangerous degree. I would for example be driving down the highway and spontaneously blinded by Marici. That is not remotely safe.

    This lasted years so of course I pursued whatever could be learned about it. This included bits of Buddhism. Eventually I had to make the sort of dire decision to ditch Yoga practice and try to lead the average life of an ordinary debt slave.

    That was unsuccessful according to its own terms.

    And also why it is actually exciting to me now to have practically the whole Dharma online. If this kind of organized resource guide had been available to me when young as it is, now, it would have been extremely helpful compared to the default conditions of life.

    It cannot teach me the mechanics of Abhisambodhis, since I already know it to be true and am seeking the best explanation, Mrtyu Vacana, Explaining Death. What it tells me that is news is that it is crucial to have operational Buddha Families. The polar opposite is that an upsurge of any unpleasant emotion is a failure with respect to some Family or another. The intended meaning is forms of Wisdom with various Paramitas or moral perfections.

    You see why this does not mix with politics, We are only able to cast the Kingdom of Shamballa from within. All we do is welcome others into the Sangha or Spiritual Community. Has to be an independent philosophical commitment.

    Yes, it is like a big mandala or Universe Lotus and it does not go away. Omnipresent whenever I recall it.

    It is what I was looking for the words for when I was about three and learning to speak.

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